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  1. Just watch for output 1 inverting when you go into output test. It wont clear until you exit engineering
  2. Fit an external prox reader on the videofied and ur fobs to set and unset that Or fit a proper CCTV system and use forced door from Paxton or line detection etc onto the NVR Alarm input to generate the alarms
  3. The PIR going red is because it’s seen movement those have a red LED in them , some have BLUE leds. Contact a local alarm Co. for assistance
  4. Aye apparentley it’s the dogs ******** but I’ve never seen one in a decent working order for about 7/8 years now.
  5. Surely nobody is still fitting these? Didn’t think any of them would be on clients phones for remote viewing. The live images are shocking never mind trying to view one remotely...
  6. The metal pins inside the glass tube just doesn’t Spring back. Replace the contacts job done
  7. It's been in about a year I think.... maybe less can't have 0 in the code -Wife won't use system due to that and doesn't want a fob wont take 1k/1k EOLs without fitting extra resistors in the panel Redecorating throughout so fitting a more cosmetically friendly rkp
  8. Sounds like a plan to me Isnt locked but will need defaulting
  9. I'm ripping out a 1070 at the weekend if anyone want it otherwise it's going in the bin.
  10. Yea fit them day in day out and have no issues.
  11. False alarms mainly ripped a load out in a warehouse and went back to pyronix
  12. Had nothing but issues with those Honeywell detectors the older ones were better IMO.
  13. Guessing by your area i might know the alarm co in question. PM me if you get stuck.
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