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  1. reply with- "I'd guess the alarm is being used by a total fuckwit" PS this is a double dare...
  2. are you currently or formerly employed as an alarm man? or a hobbyist / collector ?
  3. with my skill level I'd had to the lead off an old drill battery charger ?
  4. 8 core with a purple wire ?? CSD Professional used to do something like that 2o yr ago ??
  5. I'd normally use metal banding or metal t&e clips & if lots of alarm cable metal tie it into a bunch
  6. cool, I've not seen anyone fixing alarm cables like this before
  7. cool, would you nail to metal studding too ?
  8. Yo view a Hik dvr/nvr in Chorme I run in IE mode + the Hik plug in When Hi-Connect is enabled the stream won't view with the above,
  9. if Hik-Connect is enabled the stream is encrypted If you use a browser you need a plug in for it work normally + a IE plug in
  10. sim provider or ISP may certain block ports...
  11. Its was back in those crazy days of NHS dentist's & Doctors doing home visits
  12. no, best make a video of how the cool kids at SIA do their stuff...
  13. post a pic of what your doing ?
  14. no, having google'd the cost I'd assume I'll never seen one...
  15. More like a breeze block you could butcher a webway nano into it or have dopey connect nailed onto the wall next to it... only does 4 wired zones
  16. I like the fact you put your name on the picture, you can't move for people stealing your picture of battered old tat in boxes...
  17. I'd rather be stabbed... I'd look to replace the EWD, however the £ would be better put towards something different
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