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  1. "around" is near enough none of this would be my problem..... as its skip fodder
  2. being blunt 1st link is US diy tat 2nd link is the UK agent of the above
  3. I see a veriats r8+ from around 15yrs ago with bits of tape on the global tamper circuit remote reset. line monitor & channels 1-8...
  4. they must have been too busy looking after you to reply to me...
  5. asolvi, pc data was dos based thing by alan norris in the days before I had a pc... IIRC Phil & Ken came along & a move to windows being bitchy, the company set up looked far from "flash", in similar manner that most of my clients have much better premises than I or my competitors have... I suspect bright young things don't want to do alarm software or databases ?
  6. since starting in alarm I have been followed by a cloud of despair...
  7. You unlikely to get an answer on here as we don't get to see vista's
  8. http://www.acasystems.co.uk/ https://www.stealthsys.co.uk/ I'm probably going towards Mentor, I just have to arrange the sale of my spare kindey 1st....
  9. with the level 3 code & the instruction book ?
  10. MrHappy

    Acorn Alarm Panel

    because RM had really fast sherpa vans & no tat from ebay....
  11. MrHappy

    Acorn Alarm Panel

    equality... If you was a one legged, lesbian, black, midget you'd get no different treatment from me assuming your an adult, you should have the ability to understand over the length of your life the world changes slowly significantly. eg in 1986 if I wanted an instruction book for alarm panel I'd have to telephone the manufacturer & they might have been kind enough to send one in the post.
  12. MrHappy

    Acorn Alarm Panel

    as normal, you got better advice for free on here than here where you spent £ There's loads of old crap out there, often the the alarm controls are decades older than everything else in the house. You can do what you want with it but are unlikely to find many people willing to work with it. Gosh who'd have thought stuff produced in PDF formats is readily available to anybody.... years ago solicitors where threatening to sue TSI over there manuals being on here, thats the main reason why we don't share 'em
  13. MrHappy

    Acorn Alarm Panel

    What tat have you purchased that does not have a cut off timer ?
  14. bloody buses..... Its the 1st pic in google, ex BT & showing 60k on the mot test
  15. I have a quick look in the van- oh hang on your 30 years too late.....
  16. buy some kit, place it on the bench play with it, learn what it does & doesn't do it the project is gonna not work or come into too dear, pop it al back the boxes & you'll get most of your £ on ebay
  17. this ↑, if you want to learn about the industry just get a job in it & you'll get paid too.... ain't that an amazing idea ?
  18. I'd assume the bell delay is when its full set ? You don't require a 3 mi bell delay, if the system is designed, installed & used correctly
  19. maint & mon invoiced in march, still open on the ledger subscriber is reluctantly willing to pay the mon but not the maint until we have do the visit I'm happy to do this today, they don't want anyone on site can not understand they are receiving the principal benefit which is service on demand the other issue is we invoice them in the due month, rather than waiting until we'd done the job, they sold their co. for a few million & like to moan at me about a couple of hundred quid people think I'm a bitter man, but to be honest I prefer a lager
  20. The other sunday, blokes ringing me cause his alarm is ringing outside, he got 2 x delta bells, the one at front is ringing.... I assume its the heat popped the tamper.....I can hear in in the back ground, it does sound kinda like the ewd. nope its his caravan alarm,
  21. the spec or drawings normally lists all the BS std's normally they state all former ones which are often over a decade out of date, yet they get paid quite a bit to design...
  22. how modern does a 17yr old car or computer look ?
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