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  1. "L" means lost, "delete the circuit off " aka remove the transmitter in the zex menu 91-98 or whatever +no ?
  2. The one way radio devices are rock solid Gardtec controls are quirky, but workable Wisdom / Agility, my life is too short...
  3. adjust spring (s) / the case is damaged to remove from system you need to program the circuits off
  4. appoint a competent sub contractor.... cooper /cooper (page 8 of book)
  5. bin it, they appear to become unstable with age & do weird stuff fully default it & start again however the weirdness comes back... (in my personal experience )
  6. type it into the internet..... 2nd result in google
  7. try & default it, if doesn't do the business you can bin it & by something less gash ?
  8. I might have posted it already, when there was mass riots in belarus the other week, I couldn't helping thinking how much nicer it looked than most of the UK ?
  9. "city of culture" strange accent, endless council estates, social deprivation, drug addicted prostitutes, bare foot illiterate children playing in the street, however unlike home, Glasgow does have a motorway.... so I can't really slag it off
  10. he's jockanese.... we don't want him putting the blue war paint on (again)
  11. PSTN ? how retro... I'll offer an opinion via PM Where is the incentive for Honeywell to fix it, the app provides no income ?
  12. well I guess that's me on the naughty step - If you want to be an alarm man get a job with an alarm company. You not going to get any much experience buying tat from ebay, reading books or asking on an alarm themed forum
  13. Apps - making life harder for alarm co's & providing little or no revenue. As for progress, will your app signal without power to the premises or the line cut ? App ain't really suited for security...
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