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  1. ADT bought modern 97 ish and a load of white hex with Adt modern were made(I’ve still got one somewhere)but not many were fitted, then thorn (tyco) bought Adt very soon after so the white hex got binned for a yellow hex with tam on it (thorn Adt modern) that never made it to press then it was decided to print the Adt logo on the yellow hex you could put an external siren in the original telecom panels but you needed to fit an external psu and use the trigger from the panel
  2. They were made by advantor ,they did sent fire ,med and pa which complied after changes to the programming fire and med were a call to site there were 2 versions the 680 and 685 the later one was progd from its own rkp as it had a 2 segment display sounders were internal you needed a separate psu f you wanted an external siren used sia signalling ,I've got th manuals I'll try to upload
  3. The pid connections are for connection to a pid(point interface device) bit like a galaxy rio ,used on very old ADT focus panels which were way ahead of their time back in the day
  4. A chip buttie in a burger bun,you dirty *******,it has to be in a stottie
  5. Did you not get an answer from your post 7 years ago...
  6. I think the Peckham spring is a direct replacement
  7. as long as it hasnt crashed engineer menu 44 will show the last set and activation entries id send it back to the maintainer or honeywell personally as any tom retrieving the data could be dragged into court as an expert witness
  8. He doesn't need too,that's like asking him to snap wire a door
  9. Agency? Forget it,if you haven't built up a rep in the industry and have plenty of contacts I'd stay where you are,subby rates are not that great so you will be up against plenty of lads who are quick and know the game
  10. 3 calls a week isnt bad,easy £500 on call allowance for the week
  11. An old sonic probably connected to a map 6
  12. He should have called his alarm co out to fix it,they would have been there and fixed it by now,but 5 hours later he still has no working system
  13. Many but the customer calls us out to fix it,
  14. From your oringnal post your 15 a month no ones talking to you either
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