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  1. Codes are saved in the main control but just as a caveat it's not totally uncommon for older panels to corrupt or lose programming when down powered. More than likely OK but worst case you would have to update/replace the control panel
  2. Codes will be saved in the NVM in the main control, assuming batteries are all OK.
  3. Yeah Lyntec in the nineties had issues, they sent fliers to every household in the UK iirc. Not great under the soffit or a thatched house..
  4. Why didn't the Tex employee leave it as you wanted? (wow BTW)
  5. No, that's because you live in the West Midlands, they are guns.
  6. Hello and welcome, There is a slightly more lively trade side with lots more information etc. Have a read of the rules and apply for trade membership
  7. It's an old Abacus panel, possibly in need of a service and upgrade.
  8. As above these have a habit of the NVM going faulty, needs to be reprogrammed from scratch, and fully testing to ensure it doesn't spaff the programming again on power loss.
  9. Yes, and also so they can't set the alarm with the doors open.
  10. Hi Ben you have an ADT powemax by the sounds of it. It will need some parameters re programming as you guessed and this can be done by any competent company. If you post your general location someone on here may be able to assist further. The system will have an engineers code unique to ADT but this can also be defaulted/changed. The devices are also unique to ADT so if you wanted to add later then your options are limited to second hand or ADT My suggestion would be to get a local, reputable and recommended company to have a look, I'd also advis
  11. Lol, I'm sure there'll be a blue plaque somewhere outside.
  12. Talking of vets I used to look after the James Heriot museum when I was @ Wares.
  13. Those were the days... RIP
  14. Same bend the ends over for a better grip then trim to size. Also worked really well with ceiling grid wire, used to get rolls from the skips and do metres at a time and cut to length for fish wires.
  15. I installed classic galaxy for years and always used the keypad, never had an issue just used to carry one on a flylead and find somewhere comfortable to do it. Even better doing it on the bench in the comfort of your office.
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