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  1. I blame my age, but I had my eyes tested a few weeks ago and they were fine.
  2. I live in Barnsley, this makes Hull look like Hampstead and they're a quid here.
  3. Tbf 65p for a bag of Doritos is a bargain. You can't have it both ways.
  4. It will also drop out of soak back into the system after the pre programmed time if no activations are recorded, iirc activations reset the timer but I may be wrong with that.
  5. Flipping the ethical view, it'd be unethical for a business not to protect itself and subsequently it's employees against claims. Also as mentioned the programing is the intellectual property of the company, not the client.
  6. Integra iirc with a choice of lens colours.
  7. Probably something like that, fucking parasites.
  8. Issue is a half decent brief would have him out of court before you sat down.
  9. I'd let them take mine before fitting bollards on the drive tbf. I've done contactless for years but rarely use them now, I have all my cards on the phone for nfc now for a few years. Only issue I had with contactless was for months I'd been using the company cc at the supermarket, both cards in my wallet and depending on which way I held the wallet to the machine it swiped one or the other. Only realised when I took an ironing board back for a refund and they couldn't put it on my card.
  10. Previous Volvo had it, just kept the key in the middle of the house. Quite a few now go inactive when not moved for a few minutes. Current car needs to be pressed for lock/unlock but can be left in my pocket. Obvious one is a Faraday pouch but they vary in quality and also deteriorate over time.
  11. You're from Hull, it's for those big noisy birds in the sky that you all throw rocks at when they pass over.
  12. Only suggestion I'd make would be to build them up at the back, this would benefit two fold imo, 1) allowing air to circulate and 2) of it's a breeze wall for instance (like a garage where I keep mine) you're not scratching the unit.
  13. Not very helpful David.
  14. norman


    Yeah, I just never fitted one because I didn't want to distress the dog if it fa'd, but tbf over the last 13 years he's probably only ever been left in the house a few times a year. We've only been setting it regularly for a few years (maybe 3-4) as well.
  15. norman


    I don't have any internal sounders either, never bothered because of the dog. Keypads only.
  16. norman


    Same as PJ, we do have a sounder on the front but it went faulty about 10 years ago and I have never bothered replacing it.
  17. Bargain and at least you now know its sorted.
  18. Good point, well put.
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