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    yes if you have posted your serial no for your bell box we could have located it on the internet, selected abba on your alexa & turn the central heating up to maximum...
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    My last post on this forum was nearly 5 years ago. I have came out of retirement to tell you this... I down-voted your last post.
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    Until someone invented something that puts our industry in jeopardy
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    If your looking for a security forum with no pisstaking.... you've made the wrong choice You'll need an eng code to make programming changes to your system, a 1/2 decent alarm monkey could probably move all your devices about with just a customer code
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    you do chat shit.... ADT employ the very best & sometimes the very worst engineers, However there the market leading co. why don't you try & get a job there & get some real world experience of alarms ?
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    Thanks for letting me know, but any way I wasn't looking for any answer here. Not sure if it's ok to reply to posts with unrelated messages but I will slow my self this time. I'm just very new in this forum and still trying to catch up with the local culture.
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    I'm growing to like the sound of a master blaster in an empty warehouse...
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    dont know it but even the micromax has an input. Id assume it was wired wrong. Once met someone that thought wiring the breakglass to the rte was better than breaking the power as it allowed for programming!!!
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    Frankie and Bennies urggh never tell them its your birthday unless you like Cliff Richard. I was in there for a quiet meal one evening with the missus unfortunately I picked a day that about 20 people had their birthday and they all decided to go to F&B to celebrate. Every 5 fooking minutes they played congratulations and came out with a cake with a sparkler in it. I wouldnt mind but cliff was played much louder than the ambient music which made me jump every fooking time it came on. Foods not that great for the money either
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    it appears "cooper security" have a new product range ?
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    We are in Storrington West sussex but we are not the cheapest company, (we are not the most expensive either) it depends on what you want but we only supply quality kit which we install professionally. Not that we will be available for any installation works for some time as our books were full before lockdown, and we have work coming in still everyday. Oops you said no sales pitches, forget what I said
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    I'm currently working on a virtual RIO module as part of something that I want for my own home automation. I'll sell this for the bigger panels like the FX100+ and GD96 upwards, as they have lots of links available. The virtual RIO sits on the RS485 bus and will consume 4 addresses, giving 16 outputs and 32 inputs in virtualised form. On my own system, I currently have lots of outputs programmed to switch lights, heating and garage door Etc, but I either control them from the app, or guard codes. I've been looking at OpenHab, so would like a way for linked zones with virtualised outputs to provide the OpenHab 'things' with status update calls over IP. There shouldn't be any reason that the virtualised RIO cannot send the calls to any other controller, it's just a matter of the appropriate protocol. This is basically what some of these other hardware vendors do for Vista, but instead of the compatible device, they physically hook into the existing zones and outputs wiring. This would cause an issue for the Galaxy, as it uses balanced circuits, so any external influence on the circuits would cause problems. The virtual RIO will only need connected to the bus and an Ethernet connection, so a simple addition. Since the inputs and outputs are programmable, it's entirely up to the person who configures the system as to the level of control allowed. An input call to the virtual RIO could set a zone as active and in turn fire another physical panel output, or set the system. Basically anything that the panel is capable of. For me, I think the timers and sequence based logic is limited on the Galaxy, and that's where the home automation excels.
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    Does not compute LOL just about sums the market up. £2k budget for HA £20 budget for security panel
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    From past experience I'd expect pricing within a month of model no. & the item by the time it takes slow boat to arrive from china. However, its rather different circumstances at the moment... Even when stock is meant to be the country ordering & taking delivery are 2 different thing's
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    Yeah but that's because it takes you an hour to walk there gramps Awwww.
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    I am glad you found the forum useful, forums are generally for discussion on topics which you were a part of over your 10 posts. Multiple people in the trade answered your initial question within 1 hour during the weekend, which you would do well to find anywhere else. If you would like some over-opinionated social media bull, lecturing, false information or useless memes, feel free to ask your questions on twitter or facebook in the future.
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    rip it out & stamp on it? its 1 way radio, wait for the device to sleep then wake the transmitter with a 12hr alarm or view the device strengh
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    All members are free to up or downvote
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    Ok have it your way I don't care about negs
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    yeah I'm more a Phillips observation kit, soft of guy......
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    Stop brown nosing the vetter.
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    Happy Christmas to all at TSI
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    I think you need to explain your circumstances when asking randoms for their old junk
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    Just sharing this little resource with you, I find it very helpful (Scroll Down) http://www.intercomsrus.com/intercom_handset_finder_tool.htm
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    so far I have watched 15min of the fuck witted porridge wog fit a data cabinet like a 1st week YTS...# Again my life is too short for this....
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    I didn't say I had £2k in my wallet I just said it would fit, as opposed to your idea of £2k filling a suitcase which it wouldnt (unless it was a very small suitcase) Your the only numb nut round here that's compensating for the lack of something.
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    Leave it in your freezer over night in a plastic bag and it defaults
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    Hi Paul Tom, any of those are better than a sterling 10
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    Looking at the picture, he must have a very understanding wife or lives alone....
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    Airitechs need to see a 4k7 EOL even if the circuit is programmed as unused.
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    For anyone finding this post in the future taking the alarm apart and pulling the battery out is not the best idea at 4 in the morning, your just making things worse even if it's in alarm already.
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    I am guessing that this is an abandoned building, I am surprised that the power is on. Logan I am sure that you already know this but you really should not be on top of a lift messing around in an abandoned building. There are so many things that could go wrong, I really wouldnt want to see you get hurt ,or worse, like us get into trouble because we knew you were doing this stuff and didnt say anything
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    Galaxy have always been behind the curve with aesthetics imo, the mk7 is my preferred one, the mk8 looks gash for a modern day bit of kit. 9600 was awesome by comparison but the recent Texe would be my choice.
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    I’d take a good guess on your code being 1995 or 1959 ??
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    Irrigation system covered Next, artificial lighting and electric meter by pass
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    Getting any eu compliant panel to talk to a non graded system isnt currently doable out of the box. You can obviously use relays and such like but not ideal. I use home assistant with my hkc system but there is no way id allow home assistant to control the set status only to view or for logic etc. You could probably get the events via 232 printer but ive not investigated that yet
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    There maybe a clause in the employers contract to waiver the work time regulations due to unforeseen circumstances where necessary by the company. Nationals would normally be flexible enough to allow at least part of the next day in lieu, smaller companies wouldn't normally have the resources. It shouldn't be us versus them when it comes to employers and employees, it's an unprecedented situation. Working together with everyone to find balance between making sure you all have a company to go back to and not breaking these regulations will benefit everyone.
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    lol. how lucky I am that I decided not to. I would have to listen to Dancing Queen now and keep all my windows open.
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    I need to down vote myself somehow, like a selfivote if you get me I Gona down vote everyone
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    Hi Logan , here is a pic of the ADE Concept RKP , lots of connections , the Concept 6 RKP is connected by a 4 core to the cpu , but best bet is to replace with a ADE G4 or similar.
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    You need to find out what detection there is on the system, at that age I wouldn't be surprised if it's a detector, a door contact and probably a (disconnected) pressure matt. Once you know this you can systematically work our what detection is in part set v full set. There may be a fused spur nearby, alternatively it can be done inside the panel but it hurt's if you get it wrong so personally I recommend you get someone over to check it out or even down-power it for you.
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    Well as your recommending stuff maybe know something about them? Also how do you rate the range and security of the pyronix 2 way option vs the hkc?
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    My favorite quote 'I hope it doesn't fall down'
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    I am considering it.
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    Paul the panel has failed, it cira 30 yrs old If it had been serviced properly it may have lived longer.... However I suspect its probably never got used, as the keypad would have probably given out some yrs ago. Alarms is very odd trade, people are happy to rip out 30yr old block paving but amazed I can't get them a keypad for 30 yrs old alarm...
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