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  1. Rename this forum?

    I reckon both would be pretty quiet
  2. ADT Zonal Tamper Alarm on Accord XPC keypad

    cable damage, sensor damage and lying tenants
  3. Rename this forum?

    ill go with the vote next one needs to be what to call it?
  4. Help guys

    yeah 13A fuses take some blowing id get it looked at urgently
  5. Veritas 8 unset light flashing

    There should be power at the keypad with the mains off, you either have a battery, fuse or main pcb problem. A factory reset wont help in these cases
  6. Honeywell Le Sucre

    yeah quite a few
  7. Honeywell Le Sucre

    judging from my end yes. Never actually fitted one tho
  8. Work extension and tech upgrade

    no buses to help out?
  9. Work extension and tech upgrade

    ok who is gonna push past 90?
  10. ts500 help required

    yeah whatever you got infected and legged it back?
  11. ts500 help required

    you went north?
  12. Work extension and tech upgrade

    on a track of course...
  13. Work extension and tech upgrade

    still wishing i had the bollocks of my younger self. Still can't hit the 155 limiter
  14. on a serious note I'm getting my boxers from Enterprise. Only to be told its on back order. Both are waiting on Debenhams to deliver
  15. Yeah must admit Debenhams is the goto place for decent security equipment