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  1. Thinking of Subbing?

    id say its too much of a commute..but I'm sure Pete will take your offer seriously
  2. Thinking of Subbing?

  3. Protec Security Engineers Code

    not obliged to, Op you should crash and program as you see fit to the clients requirements. Never take on old programming who knows what was the requirements then.
  4. Thinking of Subbing?

    elbows, is that a boom, and arse the fecking about with towers?
  5. Thinking of Subbing?

    iPaf is booms etc
  6. Hi all

    it could be anything, i can suggest 4 random numbers if that will help?
  7. So im a bit confused.

    as above check there is power at the keypad. Sounds like it probably does.
  8. So im a bit confused.

    It would appear to be power but you would need to check if the power is there on the cables
  9. So im a bit confused.

    Sounds like a failed keypad got a picture of it?
  10. Hi all

    Cant waive your statutory rights so would need to wait 12 months.
  11. Hi all

  12. Hello all

    Pete, dont bully your point
  13. Hello all

  14. Printer recommendations please

    cost of ownership
  15. Printer recommendations please

    id also say dell are Lexmark but with lower coo