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  1. It would be security risk if you could, just break in and press the A key the keypad is in my bedroom to break in and unset the system the intruder would have to enter the house through my bedroom window to unset with the A key with me in bed. The system is part set, there would be a activation from any other part of the house.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply the keypad is in the bedroom part set with me in bed break in downstairs alarm goes off need to climb to first floor and in my bedroom to unset.
  3. Hi just a quick question the Galaxy keypad in my bedroom has the B key Programmed to no code silent part, is there a way I can Program the A key to no code and to unset the part set I know it can be done with a fob but just want the A key. cheers bj
  4. Kikkerland - Dual Heart iPhone Charing Cable
  5. Hi thanks for your reply in the house I have a double socket in the kitchen area with 2 usb charging ports 1 port is used for a nest thermostat, the other a charger cable for two phones mine and wife's phone I am looking for 1 cable that splits in two, I saw one on the web in us but they do not ship to the uk, and could't find it anywhere else. thanks bj
  6. Hi I have 2 iphone 6s does anyone know of a usb charger lead to charge up 2 iphones at the same time. many thanks bj
  7. Thanks a lot lads I have enough info now to head over to Ebay and have a look round cheers.
  8. Hi can anyone please tell me what type of ethernet card and software version I would need for a galaxy 96 with v6.70 fitted. many thanks. bj
  9. thanks for the reply I have setup virgin media account all working ok but on the dvr in the section mailing service use authentication when i put in password 9 digits it comes up with 12 digits i've tried rebooting dvr just entering b (first letter of password ) but still ends up with 12 stars in box any ideas. thanks
  10. yes i could try using my virgin media account to see if that works
  11. thanks but not sure what you mean is this not possible or do i need to enter more settings for the SMTP.
  12. hi thanks for the reply i can connect through a local ip and remotely through Ipolis DDNS it's just the emails from the dvr not getting through to me
  13. Hi I have a Samsung 1673d dvr with a Galaxy 96 alarm system i have setup an intruder output from the galaxy to trigger the dvr which I have then selected 2 cams to email me with pics on alarm but for some reason is no longer sending any pics when in the dvr menu in mailing service it is all setup with my email address and server settings ok but when i do an email test it comes up, Failed to test. Unknown Error. everthing else works fin any suggestions please.
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