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  1. Hi thanks for the reply I have spi keys but I thought I could connect straight to the dump box or is this not so cheers
  2. I seem to remember a while back I was doing a copy site using the keypad I know you can copy with the buttons from the dump box but can't remember the menu option anyone please know thanks
  3. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Hi cheers for that I will try another Samsung first as I have 4 spare ones.
  4. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    When I put his o2 sim card into my phone it connects ok, when I put my talkmobile sim card into his phone it connects ok. When we swap the cards back mine connects in my phone, his does't. this does not make any sense to me at all.
  5. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Spoke to soon it's not working again so I spoke to cs at o2 they did't know what to do, so he came over to my house and we swapped sim cards in both phones and could connect straight away but when we swapped back his phone back to not connecting.
  6. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Hi all and thanks for all your help I have just had a phone call from my son and he says it's all working again now I pressed him on what he did to get it going again but he told me 100% he did nothing to his phone he was just reading the news and decided to have another go and he got straight in. This is a complete mystery, and he would have told me if he did anything to the phone. thanks again all. bj
  7. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Just found out the problem phone is on O2 but must stress he can connect to my dvr all ok through the same Samsung DDNS that he uses for his own dvr. and both sites have worked fine for over 3 years.
  8. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Thanks James will look into this when I find out who they use. cheers
  9. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Ok cheers for that but just trying to find out why it's stopped working after 3 years, but will find out more tomorrow when I know what networks they are both on. cheers
  10. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    I havn't got a problem please read the 1st post
  11. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    I m on talkmobile not talktalk it is part of vodaphone
  12. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Thanks, I am on talkmobile thats ok, wife is on 3 thats ok, don't know what my daughter or her husband is on yet. but as I said strange it's just stoped working it's been ok for over 3 years. cheers
  13. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    Thanks for that I will be on the case tomorrow, but I have just found out by my wife that our daughter is on a different mobile network than her husband, so that might be the answer just strange it has been working ok for over 3 years. thanks again.
  14. bjj

    samsung ipolis app

    O yes just figured out what you mean I don',t know who their mobile isp is I will find out if they are the same one tomorrow and will re post, when you think about it the only thing different could be their sim card provider. cheers
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