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  1. gate automation kills

    May not be enough room for a cantilever, they are approx. 1/3rd longer than the opening size
  2. Dedicated Micros DVR NetVu App iOS11

    Hik will still not be able to control down the coax domes
  3. We also use Camberford Law
  4. Texecom V4.00 Issues

    I much prefer the blue screen to the green screen, customers also like the clear display, wish it was included in the hard wired kits
  5. Texecom V4.00 Issues

    I installed a kit recently without problems at set up other than not having the latest version of monitor so the keypads showed up as isolated but worked fine. Thought the reading of fobs a bit slow on set/unset though
  6. laptop etc

    Dell for me
  7. Those with IP phone systems

    Is it easy to set up
  8. Those with IP phone systems

    We have an Avaya ip phone system, we have analogue and sip trunks into it with voicemail, call forwarding etc. I trialled Sipgate a few weeks ago and that worked really well but didn't quiet meet our needs. Whats involved with 3CX, is it difficult to set up etc, don't have much time at the moment to mess about
  9. Grade 3 Roller Door Contacts

    Ours are also cqr contacts and several times they have gone into tamper when they open the sectional doors, have replaced one three times, we have three other doors at the same site and not had any problems with them
  10. Freelance consultant (NSI)

    We had him for years, he could quote every regulation and go direct to it in the standards, was always fair and helpful
  11. Freelance consultant (NSI)

    Peter Blair
  12. Freelance consultant (NSI)

    Our old NSI inspector is now a consultant, he is from Leeds
  13. Grade 3 Roller Door Contacts

    We have had exactly the same problem on a few sites, Texecom panels
  14. URN Enquiry

    You also need to be NSI or SSAIB
  15. End Of Id