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  1. Ours are also cqr contacts and several times they have gone into tamper when they open the sectional doors, have replaced one three times, we have three other doors at the same site and not had any problems with them
  2. We had him for years, he could quote every regulation and go direct to it in the standards, was always fair and helpful
  3. Peter Blair
  4. Our old NSI inspector is now a consultant, he is from Leeds
  5. We have had exactly the same problem on a few sites, Texecom panels
  6. You also need to be NSI or SSAIB
  7. Yes
  8. All our monitoring kit belongs to us and is removed upon termination of contract, if you are SSAIB or NSI you can apply to have the URN transferred to your company subject to the fee
  9. CQR also did one that worked on a pendulum effect, binned the ones we had left a few years ago
  10. You do not need to speak to Paxton, just make a full backup export on the old PC, install the lite version on the new PC, import backup and away you go, just make sure the old pc is off the network when you fire up the new pc, you can download the doc of how to replace the pc which is in effect what you will be doing
  11. I have doc martins from arco, very comfortable but not cheap
  12. I know it works on the Paxton /AA universal readers but it doesn't work on the Paxton standard format
  13. But a G3 shutter contact hasn't got anti-tamper, am I missing something. I am sure I have a document somewhere from Optex stating beams at G3
  14. Where in the regs is that stated