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  1. Probably best they will be able to change setting at the server end which may be all thats required,
  2. Im not sure that we went off topic? You ask us stuff we ask why, just so that we can find out the best way to reply, we like to know full facts in order to give the best advice. If you asked whats the best detector for my lounge we would ask lots of questions about your lounge
  3. I get all my stuff from Maplin
  4. That's great so what about all the strange and wonderful things that we all know happen but are not in any of the engineers manuals? What about working out how to get a cable from A 2 B aesthetically invisible. There are so many things that I instantly know what the fault is just by the description of the symptoms that any novice would take a week to work out, which is all down to experience. In order to make enough money to survive in this industry you have to find and fix faults quickly and first time, because customers wont pay for you to keep changing stuff until you get it right, which means your boss is paying.
  5. Tricky one, at your age I think that you will find it hard, nobody in this industry seem to be interested in investing in training people, most of the adverts I see on the FB forums are for engineers with three years experience or more. None of them are interested in taking on apprentices, let alone a mature apprentice. The wages for trainees is circa £18K, some much less some a bit more, most mature trainees couldn't survive on the wage. No certificate will help you either, without experience you are an expensive asset, the cert shows you know and understand the rules, but experience shows you know all the things you cant learn in a classroom like the product for example.
  6. Are you going for a career change or are you already working in this industry?
  7. If your not going to use the telemetry and you want to do CCTV on the cheap just buy a blink, or one of Amazon/China's offerings, you will get ten times the resolution for very little money. The Vista kit was Norbains rebadged china tat, and the age of it its probably quite low res in comparison to most of the cheap rubbish on Ebay and Amazon. You will be very lucky to find anyone with any knowledge of a 25 year old unbranded dome, that hasnt forgotten everything they know about it.
  8. I hate G3 full stop, Insurance companies, architects, other related non technical mongs think that because its higher security, its whats needed for their old barn with doors hanging off and no windows.
  9. I wonder how easy it would be to change a few hundred engineer codes via udl?
  10. I heard that but, the whole point of meter readings is to spot if there is anything wrong with the installation, not just the cable. Testing with the resistors in-line will tell you there is something wrong in the same way that testing the cable will. Only it will also tell you; if you have a bad resistor, or if you have the resistors around the wrong way, or if a terminal is not done up tight enough. On top of that if you have a staple through the cable on the pair you have twisted together to meter you get a false reading. At the end of the day its about the working system imo, you trying to prevent having to come back the day after it was installed because its been going off all night.
  11. IIf iisnt used for monitoring then it could be listed as auxiliary items
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