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  1. dufjax


    Yes it does appear to be very good kit. I did ask why they only sell direct and never received a answer. Speaking to other contractors / wholesales it might be something to do with an anti competition clause from when the management were at Texecom, but that is just hearsay.
  2. dufjax

    Risky fitters

    Nope, never installed one and never been impressed with the one's I've worked on. Might try to compete with the Enforcer but it looks like it belongs behind the counter at CEF / Screwfix
  3. dufjax

    Changing H&S Regulations

    What sites do you do? I've never ever been asked for my ECS card and only hold on to it in case I want to go back sparking.
  4. dufjax

    Texecom Premier Elite - Cut Cable :(

    I wouldn't use wago levers! They're designed for mains rated cables and I'm pretty sure would chewup CCA
  5. dufjax


    Great, unless the owner brought the DVR and you have to get the to reset it..... Got that T-shirt!!
  6. dufjax

    We're in the WRONG trade guys!

    Looks like we picked the wrong trade. Electricians earn £156,000 a year....... Well according to the Daily Fail Mail... So it must be fact!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4874400/Electricians-earning-156-000-year.html
  7. dufjax


    Bells and PIR's seem good, not overly lovein' the panels, the RF stuff wasn't ready when we last tried the panels.
  8. Thanks for the replies, looking through our job system (pages of it!!) it looks like we've tried most things. My thoughts are that it isn't ONIVF compliant or uses a proprietary version of, as Foscam (in some listings) claim it has ONVIF capabilities. I don't think we can change the login string on the NVR, also it looks like we have tried various software based tools where you can specify a string and I assume that didn't work either. I'll look for a polite way to tell the customer he has been done, I get the feeling he paid a lot more than the £99 (still expensive for what you get!) price I've just googled. Thanks again for the replies.
  9. We've recently taken over a site that is mainly Wbox & Hik but with a Foscam dome. No matter what we try we can't get the Foscam FI8919W to work. Hik & Adata NVR's state Username or Password Error. We can access the camera via internet explorer and have tried copying and pasting the username and password from IR to the NVR but it still won't work. We've tried defaulting it a few times also also tried setting up different user accounts. Unfortunately the customer is unwilling to change the dome for a proper brand as less than a year ago he "paid a lot for it". We haven't got any experience with Foscam and have tried contacting their "support" who are as about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard and insist we are using incorrect login details. Anyone offer any ideas.... apart from the obvious of put it where it belongs... the bin!
  10. dufjax


    Fair point... OK it's beyond most sparks lol
  11. dufjax


    Alarm from TLC...... YUP tell them to get a sparks to install it!
  12. dufjax

    DVR's with free DDNS

    An add on for Bind!! I haven't the faintest how it works or even what Bind is lololol
  13. dufjax

    DVR's with free DDNS

    Has DDNS expired? I thought it still worked and is free as long as you renew every 30 days. You can (and we use our) own dynamic dns server, although not all DVR's support custom DDNS.
  14. dufjax

    PLAN (xPlan) Approved Contractor

    I've never heard of it.. but that doesn't mean anything lol Possibly this http://www.xplan.com/ ?
  15. dufjax

    Ansul suppression systems

    I assume he's used ebay message to buyer? If so I'd report him.

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