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  1. Sorry for the extremely slow reply. I forgot I asked this question. I found out what what the problem was. The cameras Profile wasn’t set to administrator so it would not let the Bosch Dvr connect even though it could see it.
  2. Hi has anyone had any experience adding Hik ip cameras to a hybrid Bosch divar 3000. They are both the same onvif profile, I’ve enabled onvif on the cameras but can’t get them to be seen on the Bosch Dvr. I’ve tried dhcp and I’ve tried assigning both ip addresses in the same range but I can’t get them on. Bosch have said they can’t help as they don’t offer support for adding non Bosch cameras.
  3. Thanks to those to helped. It’s a minefield but at the same time understandable from the governments point of view. It’s obviously been researched by them.
  4. Totally agree. Especially when it is potentially to do with national security. I will have to try and find the article I read that said about a way they can dial into a networked Dvr/nvr without passwords etc.
  5. Yeah. Dahua is another big one banned from the states. Although i did see that in a few casinos out there.
  6. I agree but unfortunately we are governed by our biggest customers. I think it's following a ban that's been put in place in the USA. There is Already hik stuff fitted in high security government buildings. We done a lot of work with huawei and they was stopped from doing the wifi on the underground due to security fears. So virgin got the contract. Now they are going to be providing the 5g network.
  7. The local councils we work for are not security experts. They are entrusting us to provide them with good equipment. It’s nothing to do with spec. Due to the Chinese government ownership of hik and the fact that they can dial in regardless of what security end users set up we have to come up with a alternative option.
  8. Evening guys. What brands of cctv for commercial properties do people use. The company i work for uses mostly hik(and very occasionally some unbranded tat). I need to find a hik alternative as most of our work is in NHS/ government buildings and your not allowed to use hikvision in those type of buildings. That’s government law. Cheers
  9. It does have its uses. I always use mine to see when my takeaway driver is pulling up so I can be ready and waiting at the door for him ( or her)
  10. I agree. That's why I don't do private work and pass it all over to someone else. Everyone wants Yale alarms and Swann cctv systems that they have seen in aldi or screwfix. When you tell them how much the kit alone will cost they always refer to these diy kits they have seen.
  11. I'm seeing a lot of people fitting these diy systems. Nest do cctv cameras now that iv seen popping up in a few places. They are not cheap either.
  12. So what’s everyone’s opinions on all of these diy systems popping up like hive and ring. And would any professional installers fit these on a domestic job.
  13. It does help. Sometimes struggle to tell the difference between staff and service users
  14. We deal a lot with mental health so they have a lot of incidents (a few a day)that need to be backed up onto DVD for tribunals police etc. It's not the occasional one or I wouldn't bother.
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