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  1. UPDATE. I have spoken with Texecom support (Whom were excellent) and with their assistance have returned the panel factory defaut settings. Zone 8 now works perfectly so it had to have been me whom disabled it, (As suggested) I can only think Isomehow managed it by accident. (Fat fingers) In any case, to those that replied, thank you, your help has been very much appreciated. Regards, Dave Walton.
  2. Thanks very much both of you for your advice / suggestions so far. I'm not as up to speed with all of the programming and options as I was some years ago when I was doing this on a quite regular basis. (And I'm Twenty odd years older !) First chance I get I'll have a look the programming options to see if any of your suggestions provide a solution. If I find myself in need of factory resetting the panel, do you have any suggestions on where would I find the relevant instructions / steps to follow ? I have in the past spoken to Texecom technical support but it was some years ago now and am not sure they would be willing to speak to me after so long with regard to this. Regards, Dave Walton.
  3. I'd thought about this, however when I set the panel and press "Omit" it shows me 12345678TP which if my memory serves me right means that all the zones are active ? Regards, Dave Walton.
  4. Afternoon all. Long time since I posted on here. Problem I'm having a with Texecom Veritas Excel panel is that zone 8 on the panel seems to be faulty in that I can set the alarm without anything connected across the zone. I've removed the wiring at the panel end and have checked for continuity with the door opened / closed and it's exactly as it should be but I can still set the alarm with the door opened. As stated, the alarm will even set without anything wired into the zone 8 tertminals at the panel. I installed the panel and wired it myself several years ago and until recently it has been fine, other than this issue the panel works perfectly. Everything I have tried leads me to believe that the panel is at fault, however........you never know, so I'm here asking just in case. Regards, Dave Walton.
  5. I would happily buy a second hand / used unit if anyone has one or knows someone who might have one lying around somewhere, so come on guys, I'm banking on you to come good for me here, surely someone connected with the good folk of The Security Installer might know someone who may possibly have an old / unused one lying around in the depths of their van / toolbox / storeroom or somewhere. Regards, Dave Walton.
  6. I honestly wouldn't know. I would happily buy a second hand / used unit if anyone has one or knows someone who might have one lying around somewhere.
  7. Does anyone have or know of someone who might have one of these Visonic Clip-4N detectors for sale ? (New or used)
  8. Thanks very much, I've just had a look at the install / spec PDF and it looks like it would be perfect. Next questions are, where might I get one and how much would it cost me ? Regards, Dave Walton.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Landing is not an issue as the stairs turn at the top onto an enclosed landing that is not in the view of the stairs. I can't / don't want to mount anything on the ceiling as the wiring has already been run and emerges from the newly plastered wall about half way up the stairs with approximately 1mt of spare cable. Regards, Dave Walton.
  10. Hello all. I'm hoping that you can help me with a choice of detector for a stairway. What I am looking for ideally is something that is quite small and that will vertically emit either a single or curtain beam across a standard (closed) domestic stairway. I have thought about using a standard PIR with a curtain beam lens but would ideally want something a bit smaller / neater with a flatter profile that would make it much less likely to come into contact with anyone (particularly children) when using the stairway. It has to be hard wired and its only purpose would be to trigger the entry / exit timer when coming downstairs (usually in the morning) to allow the keypad to be accessed as it is in the main living room at the bottom of the stairs which is protected by a ceiling mounted PIR programed as timer inhibited. I have used pressure pads in the past but they have proved to be a bit hit and miss after regular use and would much rather avoid them if possible. Thank you in advance, Dave Walton.
  11. I don't have a budget. At this moment in time I'm only contemplating using the cameras if I am able to at a reasonable cost. What I need to know off the good folk on here is, what is the cheapest way to set them up. How would they need to be wired / connected. Could I set them up using a PC video card and software, etc, etc. Your help and advice would be much appreciated.
  12. Hello all. Hoping the good folk on here can spare me a little time and some of their expert advice. As the title suggests, my questions are concerning the Ganz ZC-NH403P CCTV camera. I have just been given Three of the aforementioned cameras, they're all used and are all in external weatherproof cases containing transformers. Whilst the cases themselves are suffering from the effects of years of being weather beaten, the camera's themselves look to be in good condition. I realise that these camera's are far from being the newest thing out there, but as I have come by them for free, I thought I might be able to make use of them. (Thats where you guys come in !!!) My questions are, what would be the cheapest / most cost effective way of using these Three cameras at my home ?. What other equipment / kit would I need to get the camera's up and running ?. Could I run them from a PC with a video card and software, and if so which card / software would offer the best balance between cost and quality ?. How would they need to be wired up / connected ?. I've installed several burglar alarm systems over the years but have never, apart from a simple PC video card system, (Tiny 12V plug and play cameras) been involved with CCTV / any of this type of camera. Your help and advice would be much appreciated.
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