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  1. Display is ok James. I dont know why a proper keypad wasnt fitted on install. The original company was well known for corner cutting...
  2. I've never been a fan of this particular panel mainly because its mounted in a right awkward place that requires contortion skills to work on.. I've checked the wiring, nothing a miss, did power cycle the unit but still a fault. I did tell customer that a new unit wasnt out of the question, this thing is old, the clock memory fails on it after being set.
  3. Got the manual from the SRI disc but the starburst descriptors dont list this particular fault code... it's a wierd one..
  4. I've got an old 808 with a fault that will not clear. The LCD star burst display reads: PAS B H or PA5 B H as it's a star burst display its difficult to read. Any ideas as all ccts are ok... It fails test on existing eng mode.
  5. The panel cycling through tamper 1-4 shows a fault on the global tamper cct not every zone, its just how its displayed. Check for short between AUX and a zone or tamper.
  6. Was it you Shaun from five star punched in the face and was subsequently charged for said offence in the mid 90's? I remember it being in the evening news, probably something to do with running too many devices off an 8 core....
  7. Zones 1-8 are labelled AZ1 through AZ8 screen printed on the PCB. Left to right on a plastic, top to bottom if its metal, assuming the panel is mounted correctly. All zones are fully programable thogh 'Program zones...?'
  8. 1) This is Gardtec, there is no logic I'm afraid, the zones are allocated manually by which detector is assigned to what zone. 2) On the 595 the wireless bus connector is underneath the pcb (gardtec logic again) if its a plastic 595 take the cover off and wait, the pcb is bound to fall off its mounts within seconds. If its metal try and look under the PCB.
  9. Wireless receiver 1 zones: 91-98 Wireless receiver 2 zones: 171-178 On board zones 1-8 Zex 1: 21-28 Zex 2: 31-38 Zex 3: 41-48 etc... Gardtec makes its own rules and doesn't give normal instructions out, you either have to have grown up on them or have a bit of a backwards mind sometimes. 595 is not a beginners panel, premier would be easier to get your head around.
  10. Deff not made anymore, i have a few systems out there with them, when they go its upgrade time. Be lucky to find any knocking about i reckon other than old stock. Deff not made anymore, i have a few systems out there with them, when they go its upgrade time. Be lucky to find any knocking about i reckon other than old stock.
  11. ACE is long gone, G-TAG is a differentg keypad. Nobody will supply a G-TAG RKP, fit and program tags for £45 I'm also a bit confused as to what RKP you have, LCD 7 segment? Its usually one or the other.
  12. Or this one, shouldn't be a problem at work....
  13. Program another user code as area 1. Presume 'User 1' is the master code which sets all areas. In effect you would have 3 user codes on the system.
  14. What i meant is there is sometimes an issue using no claims from a van on a car, the other way round is ok.
  15. How did you get on moving your insurance from a van back to a car? Any issues?
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