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  1. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I'll take a look at the Pyronix Enforcer system. Whereabouts in London are you, Al Yeti?
  2. Thanks SWB - that looks perfect! So one other question for you: I notice that some here don't think too much of the Yale system. Why is that? It is really a rubbish system? Or is it that it's DIY rather than professionally installed? So what system would you recommend? Here's what I think I need.. DIY Install Fully wireless Keypad with at least 3 x 4-digit codes Video PIRs External and internal sounders Extendable with smoke detector, extra PIRs etc
  3. Thanks, Mr Happy. T hat's very helpful. Can you suggest an authentic-looking box into which I could put the gubbins?
  4. Yes, that is my question. Can anyone help please?
  5. Does anyone know if you can use another manufacturer's external siren with a Yale Smart wireless system? The site is a listed building in a conservation area and we'd like something a little more discreet! (I've submitted this question to Yale, but so far no response) Thanks, Tim
  6. Al-yeti: Are you familiar with this system? Do you visit in NW London?
  7. Have reset and entered the engineer code. Display flashes '6' with tamper LED lit. Nothing I enter seems to help!
  8. Just replaced the battery but cannot reset the system. The display is flashing '6' and the Tamper LED is flashing. I cannot find this error condition in the manual and wonder if anyone can help? (Zone 6 is not used on this system and the ant-tamper terminals are bridged, so I don't think that's the problem)
  9. Yes, flat grey buttons. Here's what happens: Power on - Immediately the internal sounder goes off Enter customer code - Display shows 'U' and the sounder now just beeps every 3 seconds Press Reset - Display now shows 'E' Enter Engineer Code - Display shows '6' and the Tamper LED lights. Beeping stops. That's as far as I can get. On my system Zone 6 is unused and the alarm and anti-tamper terminals are bridged. So I don't think the problem is a tamper at zone 6. One other thing - the battery was almost flat - down to 3 volts. Reading another earlier post, that may cause a problem? Anyway, all thoughts welcome!
  10. Hi All, Wondering if anyone can help. I've just powered up my Optima Plus system after having to re-fix the control unit to the wall. It's been powered off for several months but it seems to have remembered my codes. I'm having trouble getting it back in service and need some help with a mysterious error code. Any help - or even a visit if you're not far from London - would be great. Thanks, Tim
  11. One more time: Is anyone interested in maintaining this Optima 2 Plus system in London NW3? I appreciate that this is an old system, but it is reliable and I have the manuals and engineer code. The insurance company requires that it be on a maintainace contract, otherwise I wouln't bother. So I need a friendly, flexible company that will do the routine inspections.
  12. Hi All, I have an Optima 2 Plus system that is working satisfactorily. I cuurently have a maintenance / monitoring contract with ADT. I am looking for an alternative maintainer / monitoring service who covers London NW3. Thanks Tim
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