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  1. Lighting circuits are fraught with interference, fluorescents, chokes etc. not good practice.
  2. How is business?
  3. If you have the code some may not warrant it.
  4. Yes if you sign a disclaimer for liability purposes.
  5. Hello and welcome
  6. Yes I've done computers, ordered an induction hob for a German couple I know who's English is poor, I also changed their fax machine language to German for them Loads and loads the more I think The gardening was an old dear who answered the door with her watering can in her hand with the greeting of "I'll get the kettle on, you water the plant pots."
  7. I've done lots of things whilst on a PPM, (fnar) from watering plants to checking oil levels and changing batteries in clocks. In fact I'm calling in to see an ex customer, now friend of 25 years tomorrow because he can't work his Sat Nav in his new car.
  8. Che3rs big ears, I have pt 1 & 2 somewhere but doubt I'll ever need them.
  9. Not heard that for years, I did TV and video servicing c&g (224?) used to work in a great old retro shop near Pontefract. I met the owners son @ college and have been best friends since. His grandad started the shop selling and repairing bikes then went on to recharging and selling batteries and progressed to a really busy indi TV, video and hi fi Shop. It's still there (2 shops) but he stopped the electrical side 20 years or so ago. They now sell pet foods in one and gardening gear in the other. Zzzzzz
  10. I once caught a STD from a PAL
  11. Hello and welcome, I also started out in the TV & Video servicing world but changed due to a back problem.
  12. My eyes are OK but they haven't got better with age. Don't you still look at letterboxes and think 'that looks a nice one' ? Neither is a likening for Tom Jones.
  13. I still look and have noticed lots of new ones round here a) illuminated gash and b) with too much information on them including phone numbers and websites etc. Yes, we know you're a security company, it's a fucking alarm box. There's a couple I genuinely can't read, the writing is so small.
  14. I agree with Mike...