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  1. Yup, lots of variables, lots of choices dependant on the company.
  2. Hello

    Read the rules please and stop spamming
  3. Ts2500

    Replace the battery?
  4. Karizma control panel blank....

    I was just about to offer some sterling advice, ah well, never mind.
  5. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    What was your criteria for choosing them?
  6. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    @Maria Gill is this the same company who installed the system originally?
  7. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    It could but Maria said her son was on site?
  8. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    I can see why you are miffed with the comments, but I'd take some comfort over the fact they never changed your main battery, there are some unscrupulous companies/individuals who would have taken advantage and said it needed changing. In fact some others would also wildly put it was all down to the mains issue thinking the builders insurance would foot the bill. I've read thousands of engineers reports for billing purposes and that reads to me as thought it was wrote after some specific discussion around the cause, in fact I'd wager it was written after the engineer felt pissed over something. Again, just ime of course.
  9. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    Life's too short imo, raise a complaint with with the company cc'ing any associated inspectorate and engage a new company to maintain the system going forward then move on. I note your location, is the company a national one?
  10. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    As above, if the panel was dead the detectors may have been polling (looking for it so to speak) this would tie in with all needing new batteries, but also on the back of this having a wireless system without a service contract is not a great idea imo
  11. Paragon Plus

    Just make sure it matches up with the others.
  12. You've had it less than 12m and have been having issues for a while and that's good?
  13. Paragon Plus

    Of course not, do as I say, not as I do...
  14. Scott, if it's less than 12m as you say call them out under warranty, problem sorted. I guess you are in IT, do you not provide contracts to your clients?