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  1. Thinking of Subbing?

    PASMA is for towers, not w@h.
  2. Hello all

    No, we have biscuits, if you want cookies you are in the wrong country.
  3. Hello all

    You need to back off a bit PJ, bit needy...
  4. Hello all

    Chicken Kievs? Has your watch stopped... In 1984?
  5. Hello all

    Yeah yeah
  6. Hello all

    Hello, apply for trade.
  7. Is there not a small local garage space you could rent to save the hassle?
  8. Printer recommendations please

    Have you morphed into a pigeon?
  9. Printer recommendations please

    Never said what the budget was, I might have to lower it to get one... I did a 'printer' search and came up with this too. lol Never knew that, thanks
  10. Printer recommendations please

    No, but light office. I have the Dell 1660 (my second one) and it's been faultless, gets little use now the kids are both at uni. I need copy and ideally email function, we currently scan to a communal user box I too avoid Lexmark, not sure why and perhaps I'm being unfair but I associate them with rip off inks and cheap printers from the past. Will have a look thanks
  11. Looking for an all in one laser unit: Colour Networked Duplex Reasonable cost pp Decent size paper trays A3 good but not a deal breaker Reasonable size although space isn't an issue Suggestions & ones to avoid appreciated Thanks
  12. Alarm - FULL MOT?

    From memory didn't these have a reader in the rkp?