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  1. Could you add it on to your home system?
  2. New alarm system

  3. Texecom Premier Elite - Cut Cable :(

  4. New alarm system

    Also depends on the location of your property and what surrounds it, bearing in mind it's rare anyone will bat an eyelid on hearing an alarm nowadays.
  5. ERA Invincible

    Texecom also offer excellent DIY support...
  6. subby; ltd or sole trader

    We're all servants to water, we just don't realise.
  7. subby; ltd or sole trader

    Whereas Al is an R sole trader
  8. subby; ltd or sole trader

    Good point, well put.
  9. subby; ltd or sole trader

    boils my piss hearing chavs talk like gangsters
  10. ERA Invincible

    I doubt anyone on here will have used it. Fancy website but I doubt it will be comparable to a mainstream wireless system. Looks Yale'esque and I doubt 2 seconds is enough to disable any part of the kit but I'd imagine it's one way wireless in any case. Personally I'd spend your money elsewhere.
  11. Texecom Premier Elite - Cut Cable :(

    Safest way is to enter engineer mode and disconnect the cable fully from the panel end, take a clear photo of the connections first to make connecting back up easier.
  12. subby; ltd or sole trader

    King's Cross, whoring myself.
  13. subby; ltd or sole trader

    I was in London on Wednesday, I didn't hear many.
  14. subby; ltd or sole trader

    Is their such a thing in London nowadays?