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  1. Aaahhhh , makes sense if they already sub there firmware work out to texe
  2. Come on man , not good queen's English , just having fun old boy , jolly good
  3. What sort of issues on software.and firmware?
  4. That's weird man On hkc , if the system working on app, customer would get a notification "engineer here" If system is set you can't access, if system unset you still get that notification , even with engineer access always you get internal bells locally and remotely until you press a key So customer would hear something Codes can't be viewed though
  5. You just trying to do my head in , admit it
  6. Reading what the op is saying again, he can use his system , just not on the app He wants control over the app , which won't happen no matter what he does So needs new installer Plenty of installers on the enforcer etc so should be no problem op
  7. No you can use system but not the app , atleast with hkc that is the case If it's what your saying with pyronix, must be more to it aswell , op blagger perhaps
  8. Basically get another installer , first year is free I think but you have to pay for this service , he will reset codes which is required if engineer access is not available Job done Or don't pay anything and leave it how it is
  9. Just loop each zone , and the tamper is it looped or you wired through the zones?
  10. Why do you have a cable pair and resistors connected in keypad?
  11. But it's not what he saying , now it seems you don't know how to wire contact? What's happens if you place resistor across keypad terminals? What happens if you connect cable remove contact and put resistor across pair going to keypad ? What's keypad say then , as then you can follow order of fault finding if you can't test cable directly or have a meter Unless it's something to do with how you have mapped the zones
  12. Needs to get server out of his bedroom
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