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  1. Does anyone have an old blue shorrock for sale for about 20 to 30 quid?
  2. Ive already got one in very mint condition. Thanks anyway though.
  3. Oh i know, cant help it:)
  4. You'd find SCBs in chubbs, AFAs, brocks and all that and you'd find SABs in thorns, Abels, modern alarms, etc.
  5. I thought SCBs were the ones that had the voltage going directly to the bell box and when the alarm sets off, the hold off is cut sounding the bell using its own battery and SABs were the ones that had the trigger voltage?
  6. Hmmmmmm no but i might just give it a try
  7. Im guessing there was an especially made sab module that would go with the panel?
  8. Ill probably just run the tamper switch directly to the panel then put the hold off where it needs to go, then put the trig on the B terminal.
  9. The problem is the HO is not negative its positive
  10. Well because it looks pretty cool in my eyes and ive always wanted an early electronic display sort of panel in my collection of ye olde burglar alarms.
  11. Probably right, the sab i'm using is an MAS sabmaster module and ive tried wiring it up but it just blows a fuse in the panel.
  12. Anyone out there know how to wire up a bell box sab to a omega 5 panel?
  13. Its got a cream horn siren inside and a cover tamper, some of the later ones had a mylar cone speaker on the mounting bracket facing downwards.
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