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  1. 997 downloads of that catalogue?
  2. Pretty standard by the sound of it
  3. I think they used to use IR beams with their alarms.
  4. Does anyone know what a radiovisor panel would have looked like?
  5. Is that a high security modern box?
  6. Yeah, something like that.
  7. Eveready i think it was, cover is a bit small to house a few flag cells so probably anything they could find.
  8. Wouldn't of used a resistor as it used a dry cell battery. Probably right about the large relay.
  9. I think it was the internal bell box that housed the relays for the alarm system and the battery for the SCB module.
  10. Has any ever taken one of down? I would like to know because mine came as a dummy box, it would have used gent of leicester tangent bell and a big battery but SCB wise, i have no clue.
  11. I think the microswitchs are known as cherry, thorn used to use.
  12. It's certainly done well for an early 2000s sounder
  13. Looks like a nice sounder, got a bell box?
  14. Ive just tested the anti drill terminals on an old ADT and you have to bridge it in order to activate the siren, so would a pressure mat do?
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