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  1. How large is that panel? I should be getting a telecom security box soon and if the panel isn't too large then i might look for one on ebay.
  2. does anyone know which screw terminal is the tamper return?
  3. Ive seen something like that before. It was painted over though.
  4. Does anyone know the original colour of a Combat Alarms box?
  5. Well its got surface mount components on it so obviously 2000s but i wasnt too sure wether it was early or late 2000s. I should have been more specific.
  6. Thanks very much, its got a green LED but its dim to be a comfort. Tried putting two more green LEDs in the lens put still too dim.
  7. Date on it is f***ked. Looks a bit of rain water got in and ruin the date.
  8. Anyone know how old these sounders are?
  9. I think they used to use IR beams with their alarms.
  10. Does anyone know what a radiovisor panel would have looked like?
  11. Is that a high security modern box?
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