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  1. Jack b

    Franken alarm panel wiring help

    I've got the panel bulb working and the buzzer for exit timer working. The bulb only lights up if you've put something in the bell terminals. I can't get the circuit fault to extinguish. I've tried making loops but that didn't work.
  2. I need help on wiring this panel so that the circuit fault bulb turns off and I can set the panel.
  3. Jack b

    Kerry springs rely a bell

    In all seriousness what do kerry springs even look like? The reason I'm asking is because I've made a panel for the Rely-A-Bell I picked up and It needs some way of sounding the alarm through the panel. I know door contacts work but I need something a bit more authentic.
  4. Jack b

    Kerry springs rely a bell

    How would I hook it up to a panel?
  5. Does anyone know what a kerry spring is and how to make one?
  6. Jack b

    Securicor alarms

    The thing at the top is a pygmy bulb
  7. Jack b

    Securicor alarms

    Does anyone know whats inside a securicor alarms?
  8. I bought this rely a bell and while ago and I've wanted to make a panel for. I know how to make the coffin panel from the 50s rely a bell system but not the 60s rely a bell system. If anyone has info on the 60s or 70s rely a bell coffin panels or picture then notify me.
  9. Jack b

    Elmdene bell box wiring help

    It's probably the solder joints on the board.
  10. Jack b

    Oldest Panel

    My first panel was a Selmar Burglar Alarm from 1975. The bell box was hammered black and only had a synachrome bell inside. The panel was hammered black and a circuit test button with a green incandescent lamp under the button. Next to the button there's a key switch with a red lamp under it. Round the side of the control unit was a flick switch and next to it was a xenon lamp. It was very simple only having two relays , mains and a micro switch.
  11. Jack b

    Oldest Panel

    I used to have one of those panels. It was 6 zone instead of 4 zone.
  12. Jack b

    Regalsafe bell box

    What's a iirc speaker? A mylar cone speaker or something like that
  13. Jack b

    Regalsafe bell box

    Does it have the same guts as the bentley classic sounder?
  14. Jack b

    Regalsafe bell box

    What sab module does it have?

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