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  1. Jack b

    Aritech AS293

    Ill just stick one in anyway, i think it'll look nice.
  2. Jack b

    Aritech AS293

    Has anyone ever seen an aritech AS293 with a comfort LED?
  3. Jack b

    Franken F104/4 alarm panel wiring

    End of the line batterys i think there called Here i go again....
  4. Jack b

    ADE Optima 2 Plus

    Absolutely love the optima 2 plus although its a bit of a pain.
  5. Jack b

    Franken F104/4 alarm panel wiring

    I sorted it out. Turns out you need a 12v battery at the end of the loop.
  6. Jack b

    aritech du 230

    Mind you this is obsolete so its protecting days are numbered.
  7. Jack b

    aritech du 230

    Oh good, works well i hope?
  8. Jack b

    aritech du 230

    Can you take closer pictures of the wiring diagram please and i might be able to help
  9. Jack b

    Oldest Panel

    Is that an afa and a banham in the background?
  10. Does anyone know how to wire this panel?
  11. Jack b

    Franken alarm panel wiring help

    I've got the panel bulb working and the buzzer for exit timer working. The bulb only lights up if you've put something in the bell terminals. I can't get the circuit fault to extinguish. I've tried making loops but that didn't work.
  12. I need help on wiring this panel so that the circuit fault bulb turns off and I can set the panel.
  13. Jack b

    Kerry springs rely a bell

    In all seriousness what do kerry springs even look like? The reason I'm asking is because I've made a panel for the Rely-A-Bell I picked up and It needs some way of sounding the alarm through the panel. I know door contacts work but I need something a bit more authentic.
  14. Jack b

    Kerry springs rely a bell

    How would I hook it up to a panel?
  15. Does anyone know what a kerry spring is and how to make one?

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