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  1. For a pro choice you have the following options: 2N Helios, Mobotix, TCS. For something cheap and DIY there is a project on kickstarter, i can find the link if needed.
  2. I am very interested for this.
  3. Agreed on the above but I always try to convince all customers to go for a mexapixel system. If no and it is going to be analog then we at least try to go for a full D1 DVR. We dont succeed always though since some people just want "cameras" and the cheapest price so then we go for the lower analog range equipment from the Dahua range. Something important that I am going to do very soon is to setup in our office demo systems so that the customers can see and compare cameras - I think this way we might be able to push more megapixel systems.
  4. James, no worries, thank you for your prompt reply. If you would like to call me or call our office, please pm me or see the details I sent by email.
  5. Hi again, how long does it usually take for someone to become a trade member? I have sent all the required information I beileve... I am really interested to participate and contribute in the trade sections ...
  6. So jb-eye, do you think the current wired panels (Matrix and PCX) and the KX detectors are a good choice? Compared to other brands?
  7. Matthew, this was from a general search here that resulted to several threads. Serach for Pyronix, Castle or Enforcer and you will find them. We have installed a few PCX and Matrix systems ourselves and we have had no problems so far but to be honest personally I have no epxerience with other brands so I cannot compare. The Enforcer wireless has also good reccomendations here.
  8. I am bit confused by this thread - I was of the opinion that Pyronix is one of the best UK brands. From everything I have read most installers are really happy with Pyronix/Castle panels. Is this not correct?
  9. These are some options that I know of that can help on this: 1) Use a rackmount chassis for individual baluns. Muxlab sells one but it is not cheap and probably only suits Muxlab baluns. I might have a picture of this. 2) Use a multiport rackmount balun transceiver. Best option. 3) Using rack wiring laces you can do a "custom" version of 1). We do this as well, I will find pictures.
  10. The real p... for me. Wiring, racks and panels pictures from our work.... This one got a Cedia and a magazine award for the rack:
  11. I wil try and find pictures of our GUI when we integrate with our security panels and CCTV systems. The intruder system integration is very interesting, you can do nice things using floorplans but also actions from PIRs and so on.
  12. Some pictures from our custom user interface (GUI). We use this on wall and table wired touch panels, wireless ones, iPads, androids, e.t.c These actually are a bit old, we are constantly working on this and try to improve the graphics and the ease of use.
  13. No worries, I am always calm now...With the things happening here we really have to be calm otherwise we will go crazy - not that we haven't anyway... Another project, quite elaborate automation:
  14. I did not post them for promotion. I have not listed the company I work for and we are based in Cyprus anyway so not many possible customers from these forums... I was going to post more, let me know if you guys would like this or not.
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