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  1. I know what you mean, a tool box would be a good idea, but I can't just make one and expect to sell it. What is your tool box missing that you could do with? If I can find a problem with a product fix it, I can have a much better chance of someone investing. E.g. Gabs goes to Dragon's Den, he has to convince the savages sat in front of him his product is worth selling, a product the same as 1000s of others on the market. However, if he can show that he has found a problem and fixed it he will more likely get money for a factory and an injection moulding machine... Then MrHappy will buy it because he is happy a problem he identified has been solved. Is there anything that poses a problem in your work-related life you could do with being solved?
  2. Ha ha just seeing what it takes to get into it... I'm quite an entrepreneurial person. Just thought because I have knowledge of this industry I might have a better chance of getting going, even something small at first. I could design a quality bell box for example
  3. Cound create a central lighting control unit? People interested in that sort of stuff?
  4. I understand that, and they are a bigger market. What would you suggest? Literally just after ideas at this point
  5. I guess that's true, I was after any ideas though, like what do you guys/girls/other feel you could do with at work, or something that would be a good idea. I was thinking of designing a PSU, that can power many different things, from LED lights to extra alarm accessories. I know the likes of Google are trying to get into the market, but would you rather install some weird Google alarm, or some hard wired equipment from a British company?
  6. Thought this would be a good place to ask: are there any gaps in the security market, to do with anything? Panels? Bell Boxes? sounders? I understand when starting a business (ideally manufacturing) I need to identify where there is a gap and build on how it can be solved. Any ideas are good, I thought this would be a good place to ask because there are many people here with a great knowledge of the security business and how it is changing. Any help/suggestions are really appreciated.
  7. Gabs


  8. Yeah, I am guessing that they were injection moulded. I wonder if CQR still have the tooling for them? Probs cost a lot to make/have made, with them being so big. Maybe that Odyssey was. on a South-Facing wall, so therefore it would have had a lot more sun than one on a North-Facing Wall
  9. Did the manufacturers not make an effort to cover them with a rust-proof paint? Rather than a standard paint? If I vacuum formed my own cover for a CQR Multibox, I would worry that it would end up bulging and flaking away @al-yeti @james.wilson Red one at the top is Polycarb I think bit the bottom one lost all of its colour and is bulging out at the sides polypropylene, lots more polypropylene around me, all flaking apart
  10. Isn't it the Polypropylene ones that flake apart? And the Polycarbonate ones that stay looking good and sturdy?
  11. Do you think people would buy it/be interested? Just a standard speaker like an extension style speaker? I know of an amplifier circuit and would be able to find some sort of sound generation IC out there.
  12. Would have thought it was because they are more distinctive like the Piezo, I could have a go at designing something that looks modern and slim yet has a bell, like a EuroBell, just been thinking of manufacturing processes that could be used to make such a bell box..
  13. Seen a few of them. Don't know why they were made so big, since it is all slim electronics. Do you still think there is any market for bell boxes that use real bells?
  14. Looks interesting, I think I have seen them before Look like this? Did it still work when you took it down?
  15. ADE Sold to Novar and in turn to Honeywell? Funny how Honeywell own them, yet the newest Accentas still say ADE on them. I would be interested to get my oscilloscope on that Avanti and compare the serial data to an Accentas. I bet they would be the same or similar. So, GSPK make the boards, I wonder if they are also involved in the circuit design? Or thaw as done by whoever previously worked at ADE and left when they were sold?
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