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  1. You are crazy! Any of those wires could be Live, building could be unstable, or fall down. What do your parents think about you sleeping in an abandoned building?
  2. Leaving the house at all could potentially aid the spread of the virus... Not seen them before, can see why they discontinued it though. Whouldn't want that on my house, it doesn't look very nice. Although it is interesting.
  3. Yes, I am quite interested in these boxes, I nearly bought another on eBay, but that what do I do with them when I have them? They sit in a cupboard collecting dust, although they are an interesting piece of history, so recognisable. Even a lot of eBay listings mention them as being 'Like ADT' or 'The same as ADT' probably one of my favourite boxes, along with the Rapier. Wouldn't say no to a white one, just to match my current one.
  4. Interesting, either way the new one looks terrible, in comparison. Then again, customers do not care. I have the Mk II version, with a metal backplate and an Elmdene PCB mounted to it, dated 1992. I'd imagine that was made in the UK, but at the end of the day, I guess it is more economically viable to make them in China. I am surprised that there is no manufacturer mentioned on the moulding for the cover though. I can seee how they had a Eurobell in mind when designing this cover, shame that's not made today
  5. Thought so, I have an Elmdene one, recently the current user of these boxes has changed the moulding, so the Strobe comes half way up the side now. Don't know what was wrong with the older design
  6. Was it Scantronic who originally made those Hexagon bells for Modern?
  7. Yeah, although I never had the instructions for it, not ever connected it up. Interesting box and old logo. That's just me no particular reason for them
  8. This might be of some interest... Viper Vibration Sensor. 1986 is the date, so it is 34 years old, well the PCB design is. Shares the same case as the V-Foam
  9. Gabs


    With Instructions On How To Change The Code
  10. Gabs


    Early DIY Keypad Design. Mk2 version will have a PCB.
  11. Gabs


    Early DIY Keypad Design. Mk2 version will have a PCB.
  12. I know what you mean, a tool box would be a good idea, but I can't just make one and expect to sell it. What is your tool box missing that you could do with? If I can find a problem with a product fix it, I can have a much better chance of someone investing. E.g. Gabs goes to Dragon's Den, he has to convince the savages sat in front of him his product is worth selling, a product the same as 1000s of others on the market. However, if he can show that he has found a problem and fixed it he will more likely get money for a factory and an injection moulding machine... Then MrHappy will buy it beca
  13. Ha ha just seeing what it takes to get into it... I'm quite an entrepreneurial person. Just thought because I have knowledge of this industry I might have a better chance of getting going, even something small at first. I could design a quality bell box for example
  14. Cound create a central lighting control unit? People interested in that sort of stuff?
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