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  1. whistle

    On call

    Tbh we get about 1 out of hours call out a month.
  2. whistle

    On call

    Why is it that every time I cover weekend call out due to holidays etc, I seem to get a phone call off a mate I haven’t seen for years asking if I am going out for a pint tonight. The way it goes I suppose.
  3. whistle

    Galaxy High Resistance

    The cqr ones we have problems with have links you cut for the desired resistance. we now use knight plastic contacts YEND 74 for 99% of our jobs.
  4. whistle

    Galaxy High Resistance

    We have had loads of problems with the grade 3 cqr contacts going hi res over a number of years. just today I went to one and replaced it for this reason, the 200 mile round trip wasn’t what I needed this afternoon. This was on a galaxy 96 not that it makes any difference.
  5. whistle

    Subby - employed

    Putting it like that that I might join you.
  6. whistle

    LCD display blank

    Rats have chewed through our green bin at home to get to the food scraps inside.
  7. whistle

    Monitoring built into Eaton i-On platform

    Dose anyone still fit this stuff??
  8. whistle

    Milestone VMS

    Yes, spent the last 5 years installaing, maintaining and adding to a 200+ camera site using enterprise then corporate. Very good and very expensive.
  9. whistle

    Hikvision Password reset... AGAIN!

    Never had this problem, all ours come from dynamic and we have had few hundred of them. we did have a 32 channel machine die when we upgraded the firmware on the commissioning day.
  10. whistle

    Getting sub contractors

    We addressed it and commissioned it and to my surprise it is all good. Will deffo use again when needed.
  11. whistle

    Getting sub contractors

    We used a couple of subbies recently on a fire job on a high school. To be honest they have done a 1st class job and at reasonable rates. Far better than my last experience OX.
  12. whistle


    I will have 2 aerials and a double socket while your at it.
  13. whistle


    Working for free by the looks of things.
  14. whistle


    Cheap as chips
  15. whistle

    What panel is this ?

    We still have a couple of these out there still working and serviced every year.

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