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  1. We give an hour for an hour, tbh with UDL we hardly ever go out during the night.
  2. Had exactly the same thing many times. Once a customer was convinced it’s was the alarm and insisted we attend site to fix. I advised that we would charge for the visit. On arrival I found an old carbon monoxide detector down the back of a sideboard in the lounge, I was on site less than a minute. they kicked off big time when they got the bill and canceled there contract, they did pay though. good riddance nob heads.
  3. You could botch it and achieve what you need with 1 mains rated relay about £10.00
  4. Programmed a GD48 with 26 circuits this week from the keypad in 1/2 hour including various outputs and UDL Dualcom.
  5. Buy cheap, buy twice. We agreed to fit cctv at the directors house of one our customers, we don’t do low end domestics. He had a system fitted 12 months ago by the local Facebook gang on the cheap. Now wonder it had stopped working.
  6. We have had a few of the new switch mode power supplies fail over the last couple of years. causing no end of problems.
  7. We twist the spare pair and take readings off that, never been pulled for it.
  8. £500.00 for it all, you will need a small van to pick it all up.
  9. Let me look what we have and get back to you. i know for starters we have the following 2 x DM sprites 16ch DM keyboards analog ptzs analogue cameras loads of keypads 24 port baluns x 3 vista smart tell x 4 loads of old panels and spare PCBs i could do with getting rid of the lot.
  10. I came across a large box of keypads last week while looking for something in stores. some are 15 years old and brand new never been fitted, all sorts of stuff.
  11. Regularly get asked for NACOS and redcare.
  12. Are you sure it’s not just asking for grade 4 signing?
  13. I remember meeting up with a good few of you lot at the high fliers cafe at Birmingham Airport for breakfast before ifsec once or twice about 12 years ago.
  14. Quoted for a couple of these yesterday. Has anyone supplied and fitted the calibration box for them, it’s about £1.5k
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