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  1. The biscuits are basically a chip, not an rfid device, distance isn't a problem. Obviously these days the requirements are different, alarm and confirmation isn't a problem, masking is.
  2. I disagree Mr H, We have quite a few systems that we have migrated from the original Menvier etc, That are now on Texecom ID. I loved it to be honest, I really don't understand why the concept hasn't continued.
  3. Glad you employ decent engineers Peter Seriously though a scope can be sooo useful.
  4. Or just buy a system that has been fully tested by the manufacturers, and does the job, just saying!. Unless it's Texecom, then the engineers are the guinea pigs, lol #Adrian#John
  5. As above, fitted Aico 350's, 414's and then smokes and co's, with radio bases and or relay bases, the 414 fired two Tunstall roms which were hooked up to the warden call, thus signalling fire or carbon monoxide, this would impact on what emergency services, etc would be notified if no reply from the property.
  6. Get you Peter , Welcome Maxumo, is that colloquial slang for Jones or Davies by any chance?, lol.
  7. 'Until', that's the operative word chap
  8. Duff battery due to lack of routine maintenance etc has probably knackered the charging circuit and the pcb, it's had a good innings though!-more luck than anything else I would hazard a guess.
  9. Yep, had to change all the ip addresses to clients (school) requirements, then just connected back into server rack for Host pc to detect as normal via configuration utility. As I say, I've got to sort the McAfee problem, but I was pulling my hair out, uninstalled/reinstalled net2 software, tried different ip range, etc etc, by chance I disabled av and firewall and found the firewall problem, not a happy bunny, took me the best part of half a day to fathom out what was causing the problem.
  10. Try disabling your firewall, I had the same problem. McAfee said Paxton had full access, but until I disabled it it would just take an age to do anything, not ideal, but I ain't had a chance to sort the firewall bit yet, so I just hook up to my doors with a switch directly to the lappy.
  11. Huh!, I don't understand your reply Al, power piggy backed to sounder hold off, spare cores used for the remainder of connections to bell, strobe etc.
  12. 16 ohms is basically a short, but open is fecked!.
  13. Check volume settings in engineer utils, if that's ok then check the resistance of the speaker, funnily enough it should around 16 ohms, if it's open circuit then you have a duff speaker.
  14. The intruder/CCTV installers obviously didn't take heed of the warning sign
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