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  1. Sorry but we don't give out factory default information, it's against our rules.
  2. al: Take a look at the security guy on YouTube, you'll see some of Logans collection.
  3. Do your head in ?, You been at the winegums again ?. I told you before, they're too strong for you
  4. Exactly Al, which is why I told him to go to Pyronix. They've got a list of registered installers.
  5. I don't think Pyronix have cheated anyone, it was the responsibility of your Installer to make you aware of the fact that after the first year you have to pay a fee to continue using the service. A fact your Installer would have been all too aware of. Pyronix are a business like any other and there to make profit, not to give services away for free. Did you ever question your Installer about ongoing fee's ?.
  6. Sorry, forgot to mention: The PA terminals between the zone 8 and tamp terminals, needs to be linked as well.
  7. Try contacting Pyronix @ www.pyronix.com, they should be able to advise you and point you in the direction of your nearest registered Installer.
  8. Your welcome. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask and we'll do our best to help.
  9. When supplied, all 8 zones and the tamper connections should be linked out with a small silver wire. So the terminals of zone 1 would have a link, same for zone 2 etc. Make sure that these are all in place. If you connected the PIR to zone 1 remove the wires & fit a link in their place, do the same with the tamper connections. Now close the lid and try to set the system, if it sets now then you have a problem with the wiring. If the panel won't set like this, you may have a faulty panel. Unusual for ADE.
  10. Wonder if the OP managed to get this sorted.
  11. That would explain things, the server was still sleeping. Was a bit early I suppose @ 6.10 a.m
  12. Hi James: Thanks for the reply, yep I can get in now. Glad things are back to normal, i was having withdrawal symptoms .
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