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  1. Agreed there's lots of tat being imported in all areas, especially anything Electronic. Personally I think the importers are lowlife, preying on the uninformed & unsuspecting public & very often knowingly selling badly made & dangerous equipment.
  2. Me: I'm blaming the Chinese & the morons that imported this **** .
  3. Just a thought for the OP: Maybe the problem is that the existing detectors aren't compatible with the new alarm.
  4. Can't do much unless the OP comes back with more info.
  5. Can't with that sentiment & I hate response alarms.
  6. Can't find them listed on the bay mate & Amazon don't know if they'll ever have them back in stock, it's as you said very cheap and comes from China. Doubt there will be any backup provided, another case of you really do get what you pay for.
  7. Unfortunately it appears to be a system with one way signalling, which can unfortunately give you lots of false alarm problems. Did you realise that the the alarm can be silenced at the touch of one button ?. This is clearly explained on Amazon for all to see, so all Billy the burglar has to do is walk in & press the button and can then walk around your property at will.
  8. Remove the 2 alarm wires from each PIR circuit at the panel end, place a multimeter set to continuity across the 2 wires, make sure no one is moving near the PIR to trigger it. With the PIR powered, you should get a tone or very low resistance. Now get someone to walk in front of the PIR and the meter should show high resistance or open circuit, if it doesn't then you have a fault in the wiring or PIR. If the above is ok then you need to look at the panel.
  9. And I'll pull the trigger for you . You've gotta stop this norman: I keep liking what you write & agreeing with you , now that will never do will it ?.
  10. Should have bought a better telescopic sight .
  11. I think you were a really good friend to be so willing to help him out like that & I'm really jealous that I didn't have any friends with neighbours like that . At that age, all my mates seemed to have nosey old biddies as neighbours .
  12. Bet you kept your mind on the job after that Lol.
  13. Nothing unusual there, a lot of the Fly by night installers only used 4 core cable so never any tamper loops. Seen double sided tape, Velcro, No nails & even Blue tac used. Anything to save time when they're trying to install 2 or 3 systems a day.
  14. Shame all women don't look that good at 60.
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