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  1. Do you realise that the last post in this topic is 4 years old ?. If you do a Google search, the manual is listed in several places.
  2. Take the cover to a good local car body shop, they should be able to spray it to any colour you want. I've done this in the past when a customer insisted on a cover that blended with a stone wall, have to say it turned out pretty well.
  3. But the Yale wireless system won't drive a normal sounder unless I missed something.
  4. Way i read the OP is that they wanted to use a different manufacturers external sounder with the Yale system, might be totally wrong though .
  5. Seriously doubtful to be honest but I think your asking in the wrong place, none of us would actually install Yale alarms and certainly not on a listed building.
  6. Thank you, thought maybe I'd missed a change in forum rules.
  7. Hi: Unfortunately we don't provide Engineer / Technical manuals, it's against forum rules.
  8. Specialist


    Totally agree with you.
  9. Stick to the day job Al, comedy isn't your forte. Ok, now that's funny
  10. Sorry maybe I'm being obtuse here, but I still don't get it. My comment was written exactly as I wanted it, so don't really understand why you felt the need to change it or what the point of your comment was ?.
  11. Specialist


    Pity that he doesn't use some of his money for a psychologist to help work out his issues. And he'd still come out with higher intelligence & better attitude than this idiot.
  12. Why what was wrong with my comment ?.
  13. Specialist


    Hmm, we only have his word for the fact that he's well off. Personally I still think he failed at getting into the alarm industry and that's where the stinking attitude towards us comes from. It's nice to hear there are still some honest people around, sadly they seem to be getting fewer by the year.
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