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  1. Specialist


    Hi & welcome.
  2. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Hi SWB: It's going to be down to his budget a lot and knowing him, it won't be large. At least with the panel and kit I was going to spec with an ACT1313 thrown in for good measure, he should be well covered and have peaceful nights.
  3. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Thanks for that, will give the Pyronix wireless stuff a look.
  4. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Have to be honest, if it had been my choice there wouldn't have been a cheap tat wireless system fitted in the first place. It's a small takeaway and during working hours the front and back doors are open constantly, so roughly 10 hours a day. You can imagine how well it goes through batteries, the other thing with the Prime is that the detector cases are really brittle and the securing tabs snap off easily.
  5. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Hi James: Sorry for the late reply, I missed your post. It's probably going to be replaced with a Castle Euro mini panel, Pyronix detectors & external sounder. It's a nice panel and so far I've never had any problems with them.
  6. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Well the LED street lighting outside this property has been reconnected for 4 days now and each night when the light is on, they have at least 1 false alarm normally 2 or 3. So out it comes, to be replaced with a nice wired alarm.
  7. Specialist

    Just Re-emerged

    Oh Gawd, I'm back to being a Chimp . Fault finding was always my favourite part of the job rather than installation and I loved being on callout, go on tell me I'm weird . I don't sleep that much either anymore, last night was about 4 hours & night before 2 and a bit. Hope your young one is ok.
  8. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Oh dear lord no, wouldn't touch another 1 with a bargepole. It's a mates alarm that he bought as a kit, then realised he couldn't fit it. So roped me in for the price of a Chinese takeaway. To be fair apart from eating batteries, it's worked ok for just over 2 years. No mate: My normal kit would be DSC, Gardtec, Pyronix & Texecom.
  9. Specialist

    Just Re-emerged

    Hey al: You having an early start this morning or a late finish from yesterday ? i.e On call ?
  10. Specialist

    Premier Elite 64 W

    Welcome. Speak to your supplier about the missing parts, they should hopefully give you replacements.
  11. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Yes mate, they apparently pulled the fuse / breaker in the street lamp outside to see if the lamp was causing interference. Whatever they did it worked, since then he's had no falsies. Dreading it being made live again tomorrow, but if it starts up again then we'll know for sure and the bloody prime is getting ripped out.
  12. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Hey al: The damned thing drove me crazy, he spoke to the local council & they had the fuse pulled on that one light. So far no more F/A's, they're re - fitting it again Friday so we'll see what happens.
  13. Specialist

    LED streetlights affecting radio alarm system

    Good topic, having the same sort of problem with a friend's Infinite prime system recently. It's been fine for over 2 years but since the local street lighting has been changed to LED, has suffered from Random false alarms overnight whether set or unset and the street lighting is on. There's a light about 3m from his front door & the external sounder, log will show front door activation or external sounder tamper randomly. The contact has been changed just in case & nothing wrong with the sounder tamper.
  14. Specialist

    Just Re-emerged

    Hey: I just went from being a monkey to a gorilla with no evolution in between, cool . So when did we start getting called gorillas ? seems I've missed a lot, mind you I've been called a lot worse.
  15. Specialist

    Just Re-emerged

    Yay, I'm not a Dinosaur any more I think. Don't mind being a monkey, that's what my youngest calls me when I wind her up.

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