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Found 9 results

  1. Hi a client has contacted me saying that they powered down their house to do some work and now the alarm keypad has button lights but nothing is working on it now LEDs and no noise from the keypad. Has the fuses gone?
  2. Hi, I have an Accenta 8 alarm that was installed by the previous house owners. We haven't used the alarm in years and recently when we had a couple of power cuts the alarm sounded (it wasn't set to be on). When the power returned the alarm stoped but the keypad isn't operating properly - their is light behind the number keys but neither the 'power' nor the 'day' leds are lit up. I have read around this (and other) forums to try to work out what to do and it sounds like it may be that the battery in the main box is faulty and could possibly have damaged other parts of the system? The alarm hasn't been serviced in many years. One thing I have read to try is to 'power down and back up' the system to see if the power / day leds light again. Is this something worth trying? If so, do I have to get into the alarm box or can I just turn off the power from our RCD / fuse box to the alarm and wait a while then turn it back on? If I want to replace the battery what do I need to do? Presumably turn off the power (again at the RCD / fuse box?) and open the main alarm box? I assume that will set off the tamper alarm? How do I silence that alarm if the keypad isn't working? Sorry if these are daft questions! The basic point is, the alarm sounds during a power cut (even though it's unset) and the keypad doesn't work so it can't be silenced. The keypad isn't showing the day / power leds lit even when mains power is restored. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I think our neighbours are getting a little fed up with the alarm going off during power cuts! Many thanks, Martin
  3. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED Would anyone be able to help me in finding out how a keypad talks to the main panel, I have an oscilloscope asd I have connected it to the 'Comms' wire, when the Accenta keypad is connected to the panel. This wire is at a constant 5 volts, with dips in this voltage when a button is pressed, or the panel needs to send the keypad information. This first image shows the data line between the panel and keypad when 1 has been pressed, these dips in the 5 volt signal were created by the keypad, for the panel to recognise. The above image shows what happens when the 'PROG' key is pressed. The highlighted in red waveform is the keypad sending the Prog signal to the panel, the one in green is the panel responding to the keypad telling it to light up all LEDs. What I do not understand is how the keypad can create a dip in the 5v line if the panel is constantly giving out 5v, same with the panel, how can it then create a drop in the voltage in the data line, if the keypad is constantly giving out 5v. The only way I thought it could be done was the panel shorts out the keypads data line, and the same with the keypad, it shorts out the 5v of the keypad to create 0v in the 2 way data line. Just wondering if this is correct? If anyone knows. I have tried the sound line, however it doesn't carry any data, just 'beeps' and alarm tones.
  4. Hi All, I hope that somebody can help me. The house we bought about 3 months ago has a G3 alarm system fitted in the understairs cupboard with an Accenta keypad in the hallway. Everything has been working fine so far but for the last few days when we put in the 4 digit code to set the alarm as we leave to go out I've noticed that the beeping (approximately every second) doesn't actually stop and when we return several hours later I can still hear it whilst I am stood outside. I have noticed that when I input the code before I leave the zone 1 led illuminates, I don't honestly know if this used to happen when the alarm was behaving normally or if this is part of the problem of the alarm not arming. I am a complete novice at this as I have never had a house with a burglar alarm before. Any tips/advice on finding a cure would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi I have an Optima/Accenta and in the last few days the alarm has just started going off for now reason (at midnight but at 3am yesterday). i have 8 zones and the panel reads like this after it has been reset 12345678 TP F0000000 00 Would really appreciate some help and advice.
  6. I have Accenta 6, never had a problem, then the other night around midnight the outside alarm went off even though it wasn't set, half asleep I entered our code a couple of times then realised I put the correct code in and it stopped but the attack light was on and the keypad wasn't working, but we had the red power and the green day light working. We had everything tested and battery extra seem ok, buttons started working except a few of them, we took it apart cleaned the back of the buttons which the ones not working was black, put it back together the alarm went off but now the keypad has not power or no day light lit, is there something we should do to reactivate the keypad, or what should we test, my sons just qualified sparky but never dealt with alarms. Cant find anywhere a replacement can we just change the keypad for a newer version but not sure what is compatible, I've tried to ring for assistance but keep being put through to Spain or somewhere abroad. If someone could help or advise us it would be appreciated.
  7. After removing an old PIR from an Accenta G4, I carelessly left the 13v and 0v wires touching each other for a day or so. I only noticed when I later did a walk test, and all the zones with powered sensors (PIRs, Vipers) were showing as open. I've now separated them, but I still don't seem to be getting the 13v supply to the powered sensors. From the manual, it looks like there are fuses protecting the battery, speaker, siren/strobe and RKP supplies. There's no mention of the sensor suppky being fused, and the 4 fuses on the board look intact. I've ordered some replacement fuses, more out of hope than really believing that will fix it. Does anyone know what might be the problem or solution? Have I just fried that 13v supply? Thanks
  8. Hi I have an Accenta G4 panel connected up to the yellow ADT bellbox, system is about 9 months old and has works perfectly up to now. Now find that the bellbox does not sound or strobe even when testing through the alrm test feature on the panel. No wiring has been changed since first install. Any ideas what the problem could be??? Any expert advice would be very appreciated. Thankyou Steve
  9. Hi, I have moved into a house with a wired alarm system with 3 PIRs, radio panic button, and bellbox connected to a Bentley Alpha V2/4 panel with a keyswitch to set and unset the alarm. Does anyone have any service information on the Bentley or any useful wiring diagram? Any information on servicing the system also required. I am reasonably proficient with electrical/electronics and am thinking of maintaining this system myself rather than continuing the maintenance contract at £125 per annum as that seems rather a lot for an old system, and a complete new system with telephone dialler is not much more. If I do get a problem with the system, would I be better off just replacing the old panel with a new 'wired' board? I am wondering whether the Accenta Mini G4 Alarm Panel + LCD Keypad - 8SP399A would be a suitable replacement and would it be a straightforward swap? or should I just go wireless with something like the Yale HSA6400 and replace everything? I think I would prefer to stay 'wired' as the wiring is all there and I imagine this is generally more reliable than wireless and less hassle as I would not need to be continually changing batteries. Any advice appreciated as security alarms are a new DIY area for me.
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