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  1. Both of them and my motorbike, how is that relevant though?! Oh wait a minute, was that an attempt at sarcasm..... What's to service on an alarm system, considering been working every night without fail for 20 years until power cut other week there....
  2. Hi, had attached unit for 20 years working well, power cut recently and when power returned alarm set off and unable to switch off with code?! Anyone have access to a user manual please for this model Challenger 5.
  3. Not been serviced, never had too, worked splendidly for all these years. Has had just 2 battery changes and the current one is dead, but since power cut last week once power came on it set off, code not working to turn off....
  4. Hi, have old Challenger 5 home alarm system in house, worked a treat last 20 years, power cut the other day and it's went haywire?! Code no longer works and it just sets itself off... Trying to get user manual if at all possible pls??
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