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  1. Evening James, not sure it would get much interest as there doesn't seem to be many engineers... may any be a plan tho in case there are people who want to discuss items..
  2. Thanks PSE, our engineers are able to do the wiring but none are trained in the geometry or welding and I just need to find someone in Sussex who wants weekend work... so hard to find people...
  3. Hi, i know now it's not purely security but I am struggling to find any automatic gate engineers, does anyone know of a forum similar to this for automatic gates or does anyone know anybody that needs extra work for automatic gates? We only have bits and pieces but my so called engineer seems more interested in his new female friend than work.. tha ks in advance..
  4. Well thanks for all the help guys.. glad to see everyone is so helpful.. merry Christmas all
  5. if you want too im sure you could yes.. the door controller is only 24v but hey.. if you hold on to a near by 230v socket with wet hands u may do!!
  6. the fault bypass i was going to use was a tampered keyswitch..
  7. they dont want to have anything to do with the shutter side.. all they want to do is turn the alarm on and know the door is isolated... i was going to use a relay to break the common live that goes to the remote.. the remote has three wires.. Common live, up and down..... either the common live or the up... maybe the up... that way it can still come down... hmmm... so many options..
  8. ummm..... lets say a 12m high x 15m wide cold warehouse with a few cars.... cars that dont want to get stolen....i was thinking the Pyronix KX15DTAM??
  9. i must admit i always do Live too... i had a gate engineer moan at me today so automatically said neutral... but yes it would be a live break..
  10. cool..... thanks for that... any suggestions for PIRs that are going in a cold Warehouse by the way?? all waterproof but no heating grade 3
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