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  1. No good won't start with it all disconect
  2. Ok will do see what happens thanks I let you know
  3. So new battery fitted and still the same Same faults Also with the power off you can't do a start with just the battery doesn't seem to do anything at all. So looks like it's the panel So question the V10 is the layout much the same on the panel ?
  4. From there website . It's good bit of software.
  5. well i have a battery tester and have tested it like i said and its ok No wonder people dont use professionals as there all as arrogant as you. as i said i have all the tools just wanted some advice as not fully up to speed on alarms as i work on 800v Porsche Taycans
  6. ok lol well im a High Voltage vehicle tech so know how to measure current and voltage so thats not a problem. So do you know what voltage should be coming out the PSU ? also when you disconnect the battery the alarm sounds which it didnt do before but if you turn power off it shuts down with no battery back up .
  7. ??? how can it be ok then if it has a fault because of low power ?
  8. as i have checked the battery. drop test etc powers other stuff ok as well for got to add the control panel also says the psu power is below 10.38volts
  9. Hello so have had a euro46 for last 3 years installed by my self all been fine then all of a sudden got faults fault is Battery fault , PSU fault , Low volts, battery critical so i measure volts on psu thats 20v AC and battery is 13.4 volts so there all good so not sure why its gone faulty screen shots of UDL software attached got no idea where to go now strange thing is the UDL software isnt showing the volts or current any help is good thanks very much
  10. so have had a pyronix euro 46 for over a year now the push notifications have been ok not always 100% but now stopped completely im on andriod , no idea why this has stopped anyone else had this mark
  11. Now that is a good point right there. Never thought of it that way . And that has changed my mind now. 240v detector it is then
  12. Thanks both. I will have a look at the texe and the Menvier sensors. I put it by the bed rooms rather than bathroom/kitchen end Thanks
  13. Fitted my alarm , now want to fit a smoke/heat sensor What's people views on them it will be in a hallway of a bungalow so what's best smoke or hear sensor and any recommendations of make. Thanks Mark
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