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  1. Sometimes you have to play the long game
  2. Same chip as redcare and digi chips iirc
  3. Am I missing something? If the power is coming from the loft space, why cant you put the panel in the loft, or are you not using a remote keypad?
  4. No problemo, you are lucky they didnt wire 5 detectors off of 1 8core
  5. Root access= phone administrator=needs to be allowed by user, so only affects ****tards. Thinking about it though, there are a lot of ****tard engineers
  6. Beldon is the recomended, cat5 is ok though. Given a choice I would use Beldon
  7. You need to ask your possible installers how much they are going to charge you per month for the Securecomm service, there are different prices for different levels and if over wifi or gsm.
  8. I've installed all 3, all have had some problems in 1 way or another. Personally I would go Texecom or HKC, I do think the Texecom is more user friendly and their App is free with no monthly charge, there is a monthly charge for the HKC App.
  9. Stick with the premier, add an ip module or wifi module and away you go. Do you know what version software you have?
  10. breff


    I assume the you have entered the no-ip details in your EE routers ddns section and not the tp link nano If it doesnt have one then you can run an updater program on a pc/laptop, it's called Homing Beacon
  11. As petrolhead said, get a cable router and spoof the mac to the same as your nic
  12. Works well, can be set up to email as well
  13. On most panels I know, why do the leds only light up in walk test? This alone is proof that the detectors have received an instruction from the panel.
  14. I seem to remember that there is a year date on the pcb, the year date determines what software can be put in. I know that v8 needed more memory to cope with extra functions/ more log events There you go, spot on PSE
  15. You will only be able to take a v3 panel to v7, v8 boards had an extra nvm chip
  16. If you're using coax to 485 converters the address must be set to 001 on the camera
  17. Most pelco I've used you have to set preset 95, not call it.
  18. Piece of pi55, do NOT use multiple areas, assign all zones to area A then use the part omit options, tell it what zones you want off in what part set.
  19. breff

    Access Points

    I run 3 routers, 2 with dhcp turned off and not using the wan port, all with same ssid and password and all with fixed but different channels. Oh and static ip addresses outside of the dhcp pool.
  20. Reprogram as double pole/eol and try that
  21. How have you wired them as Normally closed? Needs to be across the 2 outer terminals of the 4. If wired double pole it needs to be set to double pole/eol
  22. No problem, just make sure they are walk tested when in final positions. A walk test puts them back into the system properly after a downpower.
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