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  1. Morning, are you still a plan partner? I work for an electrical company and have a job in West London that needs some work on. Very minimal. We have relocated some devices that need decommissioning on the local PC as they do not read the cards since the controllers have been powered down and back up again

    1. Wozza83


      Recommissioning even!

    2. NotHeardofThat1


      Good morning.

      Yes we are, as it happens I've just arrived in west London to sit in a cupboard for the rest of the day to wire up 12 doors 3 plan panels. :rolleyes:

      Leave me your contact details and we'll get it sorted.

  2. NotHeardofThat1

    PLAN (xPlan) Approved Contractor

    Shame I didn't see this earlier, we're PLAN partners with many sites run on PLAN. Drop me a message if required
  3. NotHeardofThat1

    Texecom Veritas 8 system strange fault.

    Hunter27 is there a small green sticker on the main panel PCB showing "V1.00" ?
  4. NotHeardofThat1

    Telecom elite 48-w install

    Do you know why are PIRs set to auto by default? Now reading this I can't see any reason to ever have anything on Auto. On hybrid, does the panel arm the device as soon as the system is set? With no down time while set? I assume on auto, once it's had its down time it's armed, ready for instant trigger?
  5. NotHeardofThat1

    Flashing Output

    I've RTFM..... that's why I'm here. 1 - Use Pulse Period 1 When activated, the output will remain on for the duration of the ‘Pulse Period 1’ timer (see page 63 for details). 2 - Use Pulse Period 2 When activated, the output will remain on for the duration of the ‘Pulse Period 2’ timer (see page 63 for details). 3 - Use Pulse Period 3 When activated, the output will remain on for the duration of the ‘Pulse Period 3’ timer (see page 63 for details). As above, pulse is a hold on timer, then stays restored
  6. NotHeardofThat1

    Flashing Output

    Set as intruder with R on, timers set to min 0 sec max 2 sec, nothing happens
  7. NotHeardofThat1

    Flashing Output

    Quick question, premier panel, I want to make an output flash on intruder. I know it's possible I just can't figure it out what combination of type and attribute it is..
  8. NotHeardofThat1

    Texecom Premier Elite 12 Part Set Question

    As above you would want the ground hall way PIR on in the part set and to start entry2 timer. Default attributes for guard access will set it as part entry anyway.
  9. Welcome! And @ James, this isn't me by the way lol
  10. NotHeardofThat1

    Dodgy Clients

    We've got no kingpins, just victims lol.. Spotted one of our clients on BBC Documentary talking about his missing diamonds from the Hatton garden raid
  11. NotHeardofThat1

    Texecom Comwifi

    Comwifi is not reliable enough to have it monitored for drop outs. Go monitor hardware and turn off ATS faults. Or like above, turn off notifications, get a gsm com on com port 2 with virgin sim unlimited texts £5 a month. You'll still get a notification if power goes out/your router drops out. You'll probably find Sms commands to be enough for your remote control needs too. Just a suggestion )
  12. NotHeardofThat1

    Chinese Wifi Inspection Camera

    ..every time I post a thread it ends up with, well. Butt talk
  13. NotHeardofThat1

    Chinese Wifi Inspection Camera

    For that odd cable run that you're so close but you just can't hook it.. Anybody tried one of these? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=271949223669&globalID=EBAY-GB Probably wouldn't use it too much but can see how it would help. We have a Milwaukee one but the picture quality is awful and it's about 18mm thick so it never really got used. This is only 8.5mm...
  14. NotHeardofThat1

    Texecom Premier Elite 48 Com2400

    Bruce did you get 2400 to text out? If not On keypad, All in UDL/digi options: Comport setup- com2400 should be selected on the port or onboard. Setup modules- set pri sms centre to 07785499993. Make sure if you need a 9 prefix to dial out on your landline phone, it goes in front of SMS centre number. Digi options- ensure You have E and A on. Program digi- arc1- sms messaging- primary is your first mobile number- reporting options make sure at least Test calls is on( C ) Now go to make test call- press zero- display should eventually show SMS sent. If that doesn't work Make sure you have 50v on com2400 and you can dial out. You might want to use different SMS centre but that's what I use. I think it's Vodafone.m Hope this helps. Like the others said, comip/wifi is much better, or even gsm com
  15. NotHeardofThat1

    Wireless: Visonic Or Pyronix?


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