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  1. Just checked back and saw these replies, thanks for the suggestions gentlemen. it’s a Dimension 48 panel. The “clip” is definitely still there and yes as mentioned there was a white, cardboard or plastic strip wedged under the clip with “please remove before use”. Very similar to the plastic strip you have to pull out of the battery compartment of modern remote controls that have these batteries in them. I’m away from the property for a while but as soon as I get back I’ll get the battery out and both check underneath it and check it’s voltage.
  2. Presumably if I take it out with the main battery connected I shouldn’t lose any data! I’ll have a look, looks like a bugger yo get out though…
  3. Definitely not eBay, absolutely legit authorised dealer. Lol at the not just round and flat!
  4. Sorry, missed your replies. The panel is brand spanking so I’ve never had to change the battery. Do they arrive flat sometimes from new? (insert Monty Python halibut joke here) Reprogrammed the whole panel which was good practice. Ethernet module recognised and comme at 100%. Programmed the IP address at the keypad but it shows up in the router as no matter what I do. Got SelfMon in anticipation and it was…free??! How’s that then?
  5. Ethernet module connected, power on and boom, internal siren sounds and none of my updated codes work Any chance of a pointer in case it’s possible to get my programming back? I’d love to know why it doesn’t stay in the EPROM, there is a backup battery.
  6. I know that by the book you should power off and remove the battery leads. When I did this before though I lost all the programmed info (Dimension panel) ans had to do it all again which was a pain obviously. If I’m careful not to cross wires, how much of a no-no is it adding an Ethernet module with the battery still connected? Otherwise what would be the cause of the loss of programming info? (card aerator removed from backup battery)
  7. That is very interesting! Maybe some sort of conflict going on then
  8. The browser works when connected to the LAN though? But I get your point, the lack of an image only does suggest the lack of a plugin...
  9. App on the phone works fine both on LAN and on data only. Internet browser on phone: can login and navigate through menus but no camera images. The is the case for both LAN and data connections. Browser interface on Macbook works fine on LAN using Safari, Chrome and Firefox but when connecting externally (through phone) I can only navigate menus-no camera images. Now you might think that this is because of the phone connection but when I try to connect to my 2 systems in Francec by connect the Mac to to WIFI here, I can also only just login to the web interface and browse menus-there are no camera images. ETA sorry! When I say connecting "through phone" I mean using the data hotspot on the phone to connect the laptop to the internet ETA again: The phone app works when connecting externally (data) and when on the LAN. Phone internet browser won't work for either (perhaps this is normal?) and laptop only works when on the LAN
  10. Sorry, I wasn’t clear at all in my first post: I was trying connect through an internet browser window on my phone and managed to login and surf through all the menus but couldn’t get any images to come up. Using the Hik-Connect app on the phone all works fine. Using the laptop (Mac) is fine on the LAN but if I connect through the phone using data, same problem-all the text comes through but no images.
  11. OK in the Hikconnect app I just forced the device address to my Dyndns host name and now that works in the app but still no images on the computer (which is a Mac BTW so need to ask someone to try a pc)
  12. Ok I haven't managed to connect with a pc yet (need to ask a friend) but I remember that I tried connecting to the same system in France and got exactly the same problem. I have just tried and can confirm that entering the external IP of the French property gets me to the admin login which I can then do and I can select the different pages but get no camera images. Weird! The difference with the French system though is that I can connect using the Hikconnect app on my mobile which I can't do for the UK system on data only
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