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  1. Thanks for the suggestions (and Mr Happy's inimitable input ;-)). I'll be able to get a tester on it tomorrow and see what it says. Cheers Nova for the heads up on the cards.
  2. Hello everyone, Hope you're getting along ok in these difficult times. I've been getting what seems to me to be an odd PSU fault for the last week (G244 with 2 x powered RIOs). In the unset state the keypad will randomly go into the alert state with the dreaded beep. On inputing the master code the screen shows the following fault: AC Fail PSU 103 which I assumed to be the PSU on the second RIO unit (103=3rd PSU after main panel?) but now not so sure. On opening all 3 panels all would appear to be fine inside with the red LED in the RIO units f
  3. How important is it to fit a varistor between the contacts of the maglock then?
  4. Neither A nor B but somewhere in between. I'm surprised you didn't see it especially coming back into Timsbury from Tunley, it's clearly visible to the right. It's just off the top of your map in the middle about 300 yards North East of Wall Mead Farm. Love that study-thanks for the link. As statistically significant as forgetting your umbrella when it rains it would seem! Just remembered there's a big old house in Timsbury with cameras all over it and on turrets with a very nifty looking access control system at the driveway entrance (actually I posted some photos o
  5. Swear under my breath all the time Scratch my balls when the patient isn’t looking have been know to have a cuppa on my desk in my GP room (not implant room!).
  6. It seems to me to be a complimentary combination. It's funny how working on the human body (examination, diagnosis, treatment plan and then treatment) is strangely identical to working on all sorts of other non-living stuff, same process, same diagnosis and "treatment plan" and clinical treatment. It must be a good feeling when the people around you feel safe in the knowledge that you have this knowledge. About being autonomous, I strongly believe that experience is a huge factor in ability to deal with medical emergencies and that's what you have. I haven't ever had a real med
  7. Never thought of that, it does a bit doesn't it? Actually got quite into In the night Garden since my daughter was born, strangely relaxing
  8. Close, one tree hill, Timsbury just up the road from Radstock. Spent my youth round there moseying about in the countryside between band practices in Midsomer Norton and Priston village hall. Those are good customers to have I reckon, the place has changed so much over the last 25 years, hardly recognise it, so much money has come down from London although the city centre itself has become one big coffee shop it would seem. Part time paramedic and installer sounds...different, I like it!. Sounds a bit like a bloke who played in rock bands until his early 20s and then
  9. That's way further back than 2013! I'm liking the work garb though, I now have a strange image of Fred Dibnah in Leiderhozen up a ladder fitting cams...
  10. lol Ah Radstock, center of the universe! I hadn't noticed your Somerset reference DD. Joking aside, I still spend most of my time in France and the one thing I always yearn for is the Somerset countryside. You may recognise this:
  11. Good god no, the blood congeals and gets stuck in the grooves. I go for this look rather, the leather cleans up nicely: https://images.app.goo.gl/31BgpkNBGpRNJsVs7 What do security installers go for these days, something like suede with elbow pads I imagine?
  12. lol What the biker ones or the white ones we all wear?
  13. Describes my assistant to a T Don't know about the domed head though Now going to decide whether to put it through the door or get an armature housing or even tap a hole as just found out there's a reinforcing plate in the door on the inside. But there's a more important problem. All credit to you blokes for what you do-this is not easy and I've been buggering around with it for most of the day and I've got literally nothing done. Unfortunately due to the size of the transom, I'm in a no-man's land whereby I can't directly mount the magnet as the line of holes on the
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