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  1. Got it. I reckon then, all things considered, IP signalling only is more than adequate for this property. As you suggest, any higher need for security should logically be taken care of on a pro level to be worth anything. I’ll finish looking at that Euro280 and then make the choice between that and the Dimension.
  2. Putain, mais je le crois pas! T’es un vrai en plus lol Oui je suis dans le coin de Bath et son compagne mais je passe plus de temp en France quand même. Et toi t’es où? Ça fait bizarre un Francais dans le secirité Anglais quand même!
  3. Dis donc, mais qu’est ce que tu fous ici sur ce forum de installateurs Rosbifs??!! T’es dingue ou quoi?
  4. Is that your hourly rate? Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out, I like their PIRs FWIW Well I'll certainly get Selfmon, without wanting to flatter you, you really seem to know your stuff so I can only imaging it's a great app. I'll check out the GT40 then. If it's ok to discuss, what are your thoughts on the reliability of using IP for alarm notifications vs GSM? They use IP for ARCs with backup I guess.
  5. Of course you had, I imagine the answer came as a bit of a relief
  6. Forgot about this. In the end the bloody thing just started behaving itself, guess the multimeter gave it a scare
  7. Thought I'd tag on to this thread. Need to fit a panel to a place, pretty standard, nothing fancy, few PIRs and a couple of door/window contacts but want to be able to check alerts/log and activate/deactivate remotely. Only just found out about GX Remote (must be way out of touch!) and Galaxy Guys SelfMon (weird name but sounds good!) which can be used with Dimension and flex. Flex seems more suited to "home" use and has the option of a GSM module. Dimension doesn't have the GSM module (strange as the G2 44+ has/had it) but has a lovely metal box and as mentioned above a chunky 2.5A transformer compared to 1A in the Flex. Both have the ethernet option of course. Is an ethernet notification considered as reliable as an SMS notification? I'd prefer the Dimension just for the metal case to be honest. Also is GX remote still a bit flakey?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions (and Mr Happy's inimitable input ;-)). I'll be able to get a tester on it tomorrow and see what it says. Cheers Nova for the heads up on the cards.
  9. Hello everyone, Hope you're getting along ok in these difficult times. I've been getting what seems to me to be an odd PSU fault for the last week (G244 with 2 x powered RIOs). In the unset state the keypad will randomly go into the alert state with the dreaded beep. On inputing the master code the screen shows the following fault: AC Fail PSU 103 which I assumed to be the PSU on the second RIO unit (103=3rd PSU after main panel?) but now not so sure. On opening all 3 panels all would appear to be fine inside with the red LED in the RIO units flashing at the correct rate. I installed the main panel back in 2011 which has been flawless and the 2 RIOs early this year and they've both been fine too. Any ideas from the Galaxy experts here? Many thanks, Richard
  10. How important is it to fit a varistor between the contacts of the maglock then?
  11. Neither A nor B but somewhere in between. I'm surprised you didn't see it especially coming back into Timsbury from Tunley, it's clearly visible to the right. It's just off the top of your map in the middle about 300 yards North East of Wall Mead Farm. Love that study-thanks for the link. As statistically significant as forgetting your umbrella when it rains it would seem! Just remembered there's a big old house in Timsbury with cameras all over it and on turrets with a very nifty looking access control system at the driveway entrance (actually I posted some photos of it on here years ago). Johnny Depp either owns it or owned it. Now that would be a great contract to have. Presumably client confidentiality (like patient confidentiality) forbids anyone from speaking about it though.
  12. Swear under my breath all the time Scratch my balls when the patient isn’t looking have been know to have a cuppa on my desk in my GP room (not implant room!).
  13. It seems to me to be a complimentary combination. It's funny how working on the human body (examination, diagnosis, treatment plan and then treatment) is strangely identical to working on all sorts of other non-living stuff, same process, same diagnosis and "treatment plan" and clinical treatment. It must be a good feeling when the people around you feel safe in the knowledge that you have this knowledge. About being autonomous, I strongly believe that experience is a huge factor in ability to deal with medical emergencies and that's what you have. I haven't ever had a real medical emergency in the practice yet (just the odd vaso-vagal syncope) and hopefully never will. We're supposed to be able to deal with the basics but without the experience I'm not sure we'd be up to much, much better to leave it to you blokes! I stopped worrying about not being a rock star in my 30s probably even though I'd been a dentist for some time. It was a bit of a sad realisation at first but now I consider myself frankly lucky to not have pursued that avenue professionally. I like my job even if it's extremely stressful at times and I can play music whenever and with whatever I like now so it's win-win. My folks always struggled financially and I realised that by being a musician I would had exactly the same problems, in fact probably worse, than they did. Of course if you're one of the lucky few then you're made but it's a hell of a risk. Did you notice the hill when you went to Timsbury? Normally you can see it from miles around. I'd say they're much better than no floss at all but as the water jet can't be that strong (or people would probably injure themselves and sue) I reckon actual flossing or interdental brushes if you have bigger gaps, is best. So definitely get one if you don't use floss or ID brushes. I read a study once where they'd calculated that when you add up the surface area between your teeth it came to 40% of the total surface area of all your teeth. So someone not cleaning between their teeth (manual or electric brush won't do it) is missing almost half of them in effect.
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