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  1. Thanks to those that had the time to reply to my original question. So seems like I should save myself some unnecessary wasted time and expense and stick with the Premier 24, and perhaps look into adding a com-ip module (but I would first need someone to put the module into a premier 48 control panel to program it). I think I'll keep exploring this topic to see what other possible options could be. It does amaze me that there are not more 'smart' alarm systems on the market, combining secure web based technology with best in class hard wired control panels / configurations, at an affordable price .... surly a massive gap in the market?! I don't like anything that's wireless (be it wireless sensors or a wifi module), its still very unreliable and in my opinion easily exploited, so I would steer away from that, but a hardwired system with encrypted web / VPN access would get me excited!
  2. Hi everyone Would really appreciate your advice. I have a Texecom premier 24 installed at home, which has served me very well, but was a pain to install 5 years ago when I put it in. I have a bunch of IR and magnetic sensors all wired up around the house with the standard keypad etc. So I now fancy an upgrade, I would like to minimize additional wiring and reuse all exiting wired sensors, so the question is what should I upgrade to (Texecom or other), and what would be required to do your recommended upgrade? Would love to have a system that can be configured with a decent PC interface, and one that is able to send me e-mail notifications etc.. something using up to date technology that will be relatively future proof (as much as these things can be). Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply with your suggestions. BR JayKay
  3. Sorry - how would I find that out? I've not done anything fancy, simply set-up the system as it came out of the box, and only changed passwords etc. Otherwise values would all be default ones (including those for the bells).
  4. Hi - thanks for the suggestion, but there is no delay, its aleady 000. I really am a bit miffed by this. Is there an option anywhere to disable the external bell for the part arm? Perhaps thats what needs changing (if there is such a thing?
  5. Thank you for the advice, its much appreciated. When you say the speaker terminals, which ones do you mean? Are there speaker terminals in the control unit, or are you refering to the little speaker in the keypad? Also, how would I then get the smoke detectors (both configured as 1 zone) to activate that speaker terminal? (sorry for asklng more questions!)
  6. Thanks for posting all the various comments and opinions. There are many reasons why I want to arm / disarm / monitor my system over the web. Working away from home a fair bit, I like to keep an remote eye on mi casa. I have remote access to my CCTV, I have remote access to switch lights on and off and play music through the home system if needs be... all via my phone / laptop wherever I am in the world. Sure, some might say that’s not going to prevent a burglary, of help me sort out the mess after one, but it all helps me sleep a bit better when I'm not there physically. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to fully automate the house, but to get an e-mail (copied to local friends or family) about what part of my alarm has been activated and at what time, should be possible. My neighbours have a set of keys, but I don’t want them having the alarm details and have to train them on how to use it ... so to be able to disarm and arm remotely would help there. I just feel (from my own research) that the solutions in this particular sector (domestic security) are archaic and the entire sector has been massively slow to move on. The technology is there right now, and available at a very low cost! As long as you can do some very basic wiring for a few sensors / PIR’s etc, you should be able to buy a nice simple (but robust) back end solution to plug them all into.... plug-n-play (seriously!).... web interface to configure your entire set-up with a graphical front end, all complying to highest internet security standards ... It can all be done today. I thought someone on this forum was going to tell me it had already been done. (if not – there certainly has to be a big gap in the market for someone savvy enough).
  7. Hi I have a Texecom Premier 24 fitted with 2 smoke detectors, when the detectors activate they set of the alarm inside the keypad, so not very effective as a hazard warning! I already have 2 external bells fitted for the main alarm, does anyone know if I can fit an indoor siren just for the smoke alarm? And which compatible one would you recommend? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Hi all I currently have a self installed Texecom Premier 24 house alarm fitted and working well. However, does anyone know if there is a good application / plug-in that I can integrate with my system to allow me to control it (activate / deactivate / monitor) over the internet? I have a comm module fitted that allows me to connect into the main control unit, but I've never used it (no cables or software), but from what I've read its pretty much just a programming interface and nothing more. I dont want an sms from the alarm, I'd like an e-mail with the details if its been activated while I am away. Surely with the way technology had moved on over the past 10 years companies like Texecom should be encouraging web connectivity / intergation of their systems. Sorry for the part rant, but anyone got a solution or opinion?
  9. Hello all I installed my wired Texecom Premier 24 last year, and since decided to use the feature that allows me to set the alarm when going to bed. So all has gone well so far, except when the alarm is activated the outside bells & strobes dont sound, the only sound I get is from the keypad / panel. I've been googling and going through the Install manual for the past few hours and given up looking for the answer the hard way! So the question is, when I Part Arm my system, how do I get it to sound the bell outside? (By the way everything works perfectly when it is fully armed, all bells & lights). Thanks in advance for anyone who stops and replies with advice. (my next stop is the Texacom support line).
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