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  1. Mf1999

    menvier m12 and psu question

    well he pretty much left after the alarm went off, and of course it's broken it's an old panic button lol the key is long lost and i have to remove the cover to reset it also i replaced the psu and the system is working again and being complicated and awkward like i am i wired the fault output from the new psu into the panel and set it up as a technical alarm just so i know if anything happens again
  2. Mf1999

    menvier m12 and psu question

    i don't think i have i haven't been messing around with it for years, i know the expander card works or at least some of it does because i had someone try to kick in my front door today and i had to push the panic button which worked fine so this seems to be a mystery, i have ordered a new power supply so lets see if this fixes it
  3. Mf1999

    menvier m12 and psu question

    the expander is plugged onto the molex pins on the board and thats what i really don't understand as it has been tripped before from cooking and stuff and has sounded the alarm but i really don't understand why it hasn't tripped this time, unless for some reason it has sent a spike through the system and cooked the detectors and expander card?
  4. Mf1999

    menvier m12 and psu question

    hi just an update, i opened up the psu today and although nothing visually looked wrong upon closer inspection i noticed battery acid under the battery and when i removed the battery i saw it had leaked all over the leads, the back of the psu and itself. i then measured the voltages and the battery was 0.04v so very dead and i had no output from the transformer or from the output of the board then i measured the voltage of the cabled going into the terminal block and i got the correct 230v so i believe the transformer has failed and not knowing what else that could have damaged i will be ordering a new psu. many thanks for your help
  5. Mf1999

    menvier m12 and psu question

    thats what i thought, but i've had no alarm conditions or anything and as far as i know the alarm still works fine. i don't believe a psu and a zone exander card could fail like this at the same time it just doesn't make sense to me
  6. Mf1999

    menvier m12 and psu question

    could be......but it's all been working fine for about 5-6 years and it's only today i noticed the psu was dead, i would have just thought for safetly the smoke detectors would default to opening the relay upon power loss
  7. hi all, i have a system of menvier m12 smoke detectors connected to my alarm system and powered seperately by an elmdene 1amp psu and this has been working fine until today when i noticed the psu had no lights on and none of the detectors were flashing which i find unusual as surely if the psu failed the alarm relay in each detector would open and set off the system which would then show me the fault? i'm not sure what has happened as i don't have time to look into it until the weekend so does anyone know what the issue might be? don't worry i am using battery powered detectors until then thanks in advance
  8. Mf1999

    quick psu question

    thanks for the reply, yeah i realise sound bombs aren't the best but i just want to use it up so it's just not sitting there, and yes i do have a spare bell box which i could use. as i have purchased the psu would it be possible to connect the sab module directly to the psu except for the tamper and bell/strobe trigger which obviously need connecting to the panel. and i haven't done proper tests but from working out from the devices it's about 950ma if everything is going off and every detector is triggered and keypads in use and i believe my panel has a 1250ma psu i think not 100% on that it's old and could do with upgrading anyway. thanks again
  9. hi all, i am wanting to connect an additional bell box and sound bomb to my system which is already near full capacity, now i know i will need an additional external 12v psu which i will purchase however i realise for the sound bomb (just neg and pos trigger) i will need some kind of relay to connect on the negative trigger cable and wire to the bell output on the panel, now the question i have is what kind of relay is the correct one to purchase for this task? or is there any alternatives to a relay such as using a different trigger method or wiring off the sab module of the new additional bell box? any advice is much appreciated thanks in advance
  10. Mf1999

    Scantronic Bugs

    Haha yeah that's true but I meant like software bugs
  11. Mf1999

    Scantronic Bugs

    Hi I was just wondering what bugs did the 9100,9200,9600 and 9800 have in them Thanks in advance
  12. Mf1999

    Scanny 9500

    Hi Does anyone know where I could get a 9500 from as I would really like one? Thanks
  13. Mf1999

    Old Alarm Equipment

    Haha yeah I know but do I like to collect old equipment because I find it very interesting
  14. Mf1999

    Opinions On Scantronic 9600

    Thanks for all the replies I do like the panel I know it's old, also what happens when it goes into battery fault?

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