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  1. Oh yes! Never seen a remote keypad from a CPA6 before! Thanks
  2. Hi, Once upon a time... http://groups.msn.com/UKSecurityPanels/old...els.msnw?Page=1 I'm just wondering if anyone has tracked down a site which used to be at the above address. Yes, this is a long shot and it's obvious that it no longer exists, but it brought back many memories of old panels that I used to work on, such as Scanny's, CPA6, Sunthorne keyswitch panel, and some other vintage panels that are no longer around (or on the net). For reasons I won't go into, I need a photo of a Sunthorne and CPA6!! There are some photos on TSI, but no-where ne
  3. Field Service Engineer EVOLUTION (ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS) LTD IS RECRUITING Evolution have been installing and maintaining high level electronic security systems for over 10 years. Being one of only six companies approved to Enterprise level for CCure and Lenel installations and maintenance, we can offer a role that will see your knowledge grow to the highest level within the security business through manufacturer training and on site experience. To apply please send your CV to xxxxx FIELD SERVICE ENGINEER We are currently looking to recruit a full time field
  4. Just wondering as never seen this model before.
  5. This is on one of our sites in Italy. Anyone seen this model before?
  6. SUNTHORNES!! (made in Aldershot I think) Yes, used to service loads of them in the late 80's and 90's. I remember the BELL TEST button, which was really just a Normally Closed button that removed the power to the external sounder! No bell timer, had to fit a seperate PCB inside panel to time the bell to 20 minutes. The cybertone sounder drilled into the front of the panel which gave you three tones. A continuous whine when you tried to set the system with a zone in fault, a wheeee-wheeee-wheeee for setting and unsetting and a lower faster tone for alarm. You couldn't set any of the zone
  7. Aw, go on... (quoted for some of these a while ago, never actually fitted any though, interested in your story!)
  8. I once went to Rainham railway station to return the customer's repaired VCR (this was a few years ago!). After a lot of convincing and the customer examining my ID card, the customer allowed me in to take our service spare out, and to refit their original repaired VCR. Nice easy job for once. A few weeks later, I was turning off the M25 somewhere North East of London. I noticed a sign saying "Rainham" which was noone near where I went a few weeks ago. Found out there were TWO RAINHAMS! ...one in Essex and one in Kent! There was a 50/50 change whether I had gone to the right job - of co
  9. Wow! I bought one of these off maplin when I was young (bedroom project!). If I remember, you had to turn the panel back on (with zones omitted) for the PAB/tamper (the PAB and tamper were not 24hours?). Here it is... http://groups.msn.com/UKSecurityPanels/old...amp;PhotoID=445
  10. OK, here is a true story, it's not a security related reply but it does fit nicely into this thread!! Someone told me about this: A mate had a porno video and someone (NOT ME!!) asked him to copy it for him. The problem is he did not have 2 video recorders to do a tape-to-tape, so he set up his camcorder and recorded the TV screen with his camcorder. He then played the camcorder into the VCR to make a second copy. He then (at a later date) gave the copy back to his mate. Upon playback, obviously the quality wasn't perfect as it was a recording of the TV screen. There was also a bit of i
  11. Oh yeah, I forgot about the photos! Was installing this alarm in a pub in Reading. It was discusting upstairs in the flat... Plates laying around that had not been moved for days with dried baked beans and other remains on them, mugs of undrunk tea with a thick "skin" on them (if you moved the mug, the contents didn't move!). The whole upstairs was horrible to work in. The carpets.....vaccum cleaner? what vaccum cleaner? Well, in the airing cupboard myself and a mate were moving some bedsheets from the shelves so we could clip a cable in there. From one of the shelves, a couple of photo
  12. Ok, I'm installing an endstation in an airing cupboard and I need to clear some stuff out so I can drill at ease without worrying about dust damaging anything. Normally, I would either ask the customer to empty it, or if it was just a few shirts I would put them on the nearest bed. I agreed the position of the endstation with the customer to be in the airing cupboard. There was a 13amp socket backing onto it that would be perfect to wire the spur into. Problem is, when I opened the airing cupboard there was a whole pile of underwear on the shelf. So, instead of embarrassing the customer w
  13. A long time ago, I was doing a maintenance on an older intruder alarm in a farm house in the middle of nowhere. They had a master blaster style siren outside on the front of the house (it was a black unit running directly from 240vac, with a relay inside the loft driven from the bell output). It was as loud, if not louder than a conventional master blaster. I was doing the maintenance on the sunthorne panel (remember these? keyswitch operated, various push buttons including a bell test that was actually a N/C push button that dis'd the voltage to the OS bell. Most of the LED's from the MP
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