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  1. Oh yes! Never seen a remote keypad from a CPA6 before! Thanks
  2. Hi, Once upon a time... http://groups.msn.com/UKSecurityPanels/old...els.msnw?Page=1 I'm just wondering if anyone has tracked down a site which used to be at the above address. Yes, this is a long shot and it's obvious that it no longer exists, but it brought back many memories of old panels that I used to work on, such as Scanny's, CPA6, Sunthorne keyswitch panel, and some other vintage panels that are no longer around (or on the net). For reasons I won't go into, I need a photo of a Sunthorne and CPA6!! There are some photos on TSI, but no-where near as many that were on that site and not the ones I'm after. Wish I saved them!! Many thanks, Matt
  3. Matt Ward

    Honeywell RSS

  4. Field Service Engineer EVOLUTION (ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS) LTD IS RECRUITING Evolution have been installing and maintaining high level electronic security systems for over 10 years. Being one of only six companies approved to Enterprise level for CCure and Lenel installations and maintenance, we can offer a role that will see your knowledge grow to the highest level within the security business through manufacturer training and on site experience. To apply please send your CV to xxxxx FIELD SERVICE ENGINEER We are currently looking to recruit a full time field engineer to maintain and repair electronic security systems at customer sites. This role will provide coverage in the South East predominantly but with a growing client base throughout the UK and Europe, you will have the opportunity to travel. An ideal role for an experienced person with up to date NACOSS knowledge who has ambition to develop their career within our growing business and the ability to learn new products and skills. The role: Service, maintain & repair Access Control, CCTV and Intruder alarm systems. This role will require joining an ‘on-call rota’, currently around one week in five. There will also be the need for flexibility regarding out of hours working and occasional weekend it required, although this will be minimal when not ‘on-call’. Full product training will naturally be provided where there is no previous experience. Requirements for applicants: Previous experience in an electronic security systems service type role to NACOSS standards is required. Given the sensitive nature of some properties and sites you will be attending, full security clearance will be required to the top level, these will be obtained by us but the successful applicant must have a background which allows granting of these. You will be naturally hard working, results focused, and enthusiastic. Must be smart and well presented to represent our company well when in face to face meetings. Must have a full and valid driving license, a company vehicle will be provided along with specialist tools. We have company pension and health care schemes. Knowledge or experiences of any or all of the following products would be a benefit: CCure800/9000 Lenel Onguard/Enterprise Grosvenor Sateon/Janus Tyco Kantech/HDVR/Videoedge Geutebruck CCTV Recorders Galaxy/Menvier/Europlex IDS IP CCTV Networks Microsoft or Cisco Certification Salary GBP 20000 - 28000 Annual Salary Career Level Required Experienced (Non-Manager) Experience Required 2+ years Education Required Job Type Permanent Job Status Full Time
  5. Just wondering as never seen this model before.
  6. Matt Ward

    "Never seen before" external PIR

    This is on one of our sites in Italy. Anyone seen this model before?
  7. Matt Ward

    Old Shorrock 1500

    SUNTHORNES!! (made in Aldershot I think) Yes, used to service loads of them in the late 80's and 90's. I remember the BELL TEST button, which was really just a Normally Closed button that removed the power to the external sounder! No bell timer, had to fit a seperate PCB inside panel to time the bell to 20 minutes. The cybertone sounder drilled into the front of the panel which gave you three tones. A continuous whine when you tried to set the system with a zone in fault, a wheeee-wheeee-wheeee for setting and unsetting and a lower faster tone for alarm. You couldn't set any of the zones (with exception of Exit/Entry zone) as "entry route", instead we fitted relays inside the panel which was connected into the E/E sounder to short out the relevant zones during Entry and Exit time. The zone cards, each of which had a Green LED for "ON" (not isolated), Yellow for "Zone in alarm" and Red as a memory after an alarm activation. The really old ones,the isolate button on the front panel used to toggle the Green LED off and on, but it was updated so that the Green LED would come back on when the keyswitch was turned back to off. On the front was a keyswitch and a large piece of darkened plastic where you could see the LEDs of all the zone cards. There was also an expansion board where you could fit loads of zone boards and have up to about 30 zones. There was one of these fitted in Jabro Cash and Carry in Luton (is it still there? this is about 20 years ago now!!) before it was updated to a 9500! Wish I had a photo of the panel! (I don't know why, just memories I guess!) Matt (not from Vidionics anymore like my username says)
  8. Matt Ward

    Master Blasters

    Aw, go on... (quoted for some of these a while ago, never actually fitted any though, interested in your story!)
  9. I'm getting a bit confused with parts! At our company, we fit Galaxy or Texecom as standard and I've never fitted a Risco panel before (ADI don't stock them either, apparently Risco sell direct which means I need to set up and account!) From what I've found out, the cheapest panel that works with the external reader is the 490X panel. I believe the external reader is connected to the keypad (it cannot be wired directly into the panel). To save money, I'd rather not have prox on the keypad. What bits do I need to order? Thanks for all your responses! Matt
  10. This looks like the badger! (as one of my colleages would say) Thanks for your input! I'd be interested about this also.
  11. Thanks for your advise, I may stick with a Texecom, or do you have any experience with this: http://www.guardall.com/resources/download...et_-_200808.pdf There is a simple keypad here with prox reader
  12. I could install Texecom, apart from the programming menu structure (takes a bit of getting used to!) I think it's a great panel. I just didn't want to confuse her with anything, so the simpler the better. It is an option, but just wondering if there is anything else that I should be considering. Looks a bit too cheapo (like Wickes/Maplin panels). Being in the trade, would like to put something in that is an improvement to her current panel without spending too much. She currently has a pyronix panel with 7-seg LED not working! (Has horrible icons on the keys!). Need separate reader or keypad anyway - the end station under a watertank in the airing cupboard.
  13. Hi, I need to change an old lady's alarm panel, because she keeps getting confused and forgetting the code AND how to use it. As a company we use Texecom, but I didn't really want a prox 'KEYPAD' - I don't want her to get confused by the LCD screen or the keys. I ideally want a prox reader, like the Galaxy MAX reader, or this: http://www.pyronix.com/php/web/whatsNew.php ...the PCX-PROX/INT I usually install Pyronix on private jobs, but I hear that other engineers don't like them, so I'm not sure if to go with Pyronix. So in summary: Separate 'simple' proximity reader without keys - the simpler the better. It must have some way of showing when the system is set or unset, by an LED (no LCD screens) because she cannot read them! Simple part set simple operation: Present tag, go upstairs = landing PIR is automatically isolated - no pressing keys to select part set. I think Galaxy G2 panels did this, it was called 'simple set' or something. Cheap domestic style panel. The lady doesn't want to spend much, so Galaxy is out of the question! Any ideas? Any help would be excellent! Matt Confidence Vidionics
  14. Matt Ward

    OOPs wrong house

    I once went to Rainham railway station to return the customer's repaired VCR (this was a few years ago!). After a lot of convincing and the customer examining my ID card, the customer allowed me in to take our service spare out, and to refit their original repaired VCR. Nice easy job for once. A few weeks later, I was turning off the M25 somewhere North East of London. I noticed a sign saying "Rainham" which was noone near where I went a few weeks ago. Found out there were TWO RAINHAMS! ...one in Essex and one in Kent! There was a 50/50 change whether I had gone to the right job - of course I had gone to the wrong place! It wasn't even one of our sites! Problem was, the customer's actual VCR had now been placed in another site as a service spare. Had to sort it out - find the customer's original VCR, return it with a red face and go to the current Rainham station!! Matt
  15. Matt Ward

    'plug' Override For External Lighting

    One of the engineers on a previous company I worked for went to a callout to fix a vicon dome which was up a pole. The mains fuse had blown, and continued to blow everytime the fuse was replaced. He ended up shorting out the fuse with some strands from a flex core because, quote "the dome will only draw the current that it needs". When the spur was switched on this time it didn't blow. Only thing was the dome at the top of the pole was now smoking heavily! I don't know what the problem was in the end, but we obviously had to buy a new dome! Matt

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