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  1. Hi guys. I've just moved house and the above system is installed in the house. I need to swap some detectors for pet friendly ones but I do not have the admin code( I know that shouldn't be an issue for this). Is the system worth saving or should I just rip out the main box and throw in a new one that I am familiar with. As if I have any issues I really don't want to have to call the alarm company who installed it out and pay for their services. as I haven't the knowledge of the panel to flatten and reprogram I'm thinking of replacement but if people rate he panel then I may just leave it until it breaks and replace it with a texecom or Galaxy panel then.
  2. Ah right. I assumed that the monitoring station would use another system rather than an anti code reset. If that is all it is then it's simple. Is this the same for Galaxy panels then?
  3. just had a goood look through wintex and cant seem to find anything that looks right
  4. so what you guys are saying is that there is simply a setting in the settings on both the galaxy and texecom panels to which will work with the units that sit on the data line. but for the older types with the digicom pin inputs i am assumint this would be more difficult than this?
  5. hi guys, one thing the company I work for is looking to add into all existing systems to cut down on the number of out of hours phone calls is to allow remote reset by the alarm monitoring station. We use mostly telecom and Galaxy panels and mostly emizons and dual coms for reporting. Any information about any additional wiring and settings required would be good as my alarm system experience is limited and this is something I have never had to do previously. Thanks Chris
  6. i may be wrong but i thought you should be able to set and regardless of the zone programming you should be able to walk in front off any zone on exit and as long as you are out of the building and the zone has cleared by the timer end then the system should set. obviously on re-entry any zone that will become active before you get to the keypad will need to on guard access. I would attempt to arm the system, and then when it arm fails it will tell you which zone failed. check that the zone or zones in question are working as you would expect and giving the right resistance readings. the keypad tone ill change when you activate a pir when walking out but then it should still set once you leave the building.
  7. i would go with the texecom personally having installed both the texecom for me would be the easier to set up for the DIY installer. whichever you go for though. People on here will be able to give you any guidence you need to sort out any niggles
  8. Many thanks. the first of many typo's to keep everyone guessing. Love the custom header too a nice touch
  9. in the past to stop residents from doing this i have installed the screamer cases around the break glasses(the ones with the 9v battery so as soon as you start to open the lift it makes a horrendous noise! and if you have a second relay in the break glass i have also wired in a little 12v buzzer inside the break glass so if it is ever pressed every resident that walks past knows what it is. Give everyone a reset Key along with their door keys when they move in and they system then the system is looked after by the occupants on the whole. Just sell more reset keys to the building owner as required. If it is accidental pressing of the break glass though normally just a little plastic cover will do the trick.
  10. its probably not me your looking for but hi all the same. Apparently although i can install alarms, cctv, access control, automatic doors etc etc i cant seem to type my own name. I would muchly appreciate a moderator changing my username to chrisburgin glad i have managed to let everyone know i'm a tit and get that out of the way nice and early! setting the bar super low for myself here! Anyway... Hi
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