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  1. im desperate for work mate, theres **** all round here
  2. I meant as in cables and connections to crimp!
  3. I know what you were trying to do, so why mess about and give trick comments we're all here to help and advise each other!
  4. I think I might go for that tbh, will the image be better on the esp in terms of recording does it come with all the cables etc?, and yes I understand its a budget system but just want to install the best system I can within the price range and required resolution
  5. thats his budget though can't go any higher thats why im asking, what are them esp kits like from security warehouse
  6. £150 a day labor, look I just want some advise tbh the guy says what he wants hes the client I can only advise id want to put a hikvision in tbh
  7. Hi Been asked to install a CCTV system for a client max budget is around £400. Now he's spotted a swann system in maplins for £340 and says he'd like that but if I could find anything better then get that, but he said he wants it to be at least 720p recording and image. I'm not to keen on using a swann system but having difficulty find another system that users that particular spec or better for the same price. Any1 got any ideas on something other than a swann kit?
  8. the oly otherplace I can put it that's practicle is in the entry exit route, then it means theres 30 seconds for someone to pull it off the wall also its further away from the telephone connection, plus if they break that then it wont call out
  9. so it's ok then?, or should i try push them to put it elsewhere? I mean in my eyes it wouldn't cause any problems in practice does anything else you plug into a kitchen socket and leave have any troubles?
  10. Hi Just woundering if its ok to install a control panel within a kitchen area the fused spur would be mounted at cieling height from a cieling rose connected to the lighting for the house which is located within the loft space!. The panel would be very clear of the surfaces within the kitchen but at an acceble height on the wall adjacent to the living room. Also it's away from the cooker and any sources of steam like a kettle!. It will be placed within a closed kitchen cabinet in the future would this be acceptable its's just in terms of the security and what the client wants it'd be the best place to install. I understand that since 2013 kitchens were taken off from part P as special locations would this till be ok?
  11. Hi, After inspecting the wiring from a previous installation I've noticed that the person who installed the wiring originally has used an 8 core cable to supply two detectors, and connect the global tamper in series which to me seems acceptable, but they have also spured the 12V supplies from one detector to anther. Would this be acceptable if I left it as it is?, as each zone will still be independent from one another?, just to be honest I've never really come across many cases like this and if it was me I would use a 6 core cable for each detector!
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