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  1. Thanks all, I think I'm just complicating matters. I didn't have any clue initially and these were the systems proposed by the installers, so I'd hope they have experience with them. And I can see why some people would go got aesthetics or ease of use, while others would prioritise money - it's all subjective. I'm really grateful, though, you've been v helpful and given me a lot to think about!
  2. Or Visonic or Honeywell (I shouldn't have started looking again!)
  3. Thanks everyone, it's really helpful to get your views. I also meant to ask if you'd recommend anything else instead. I began looking at other posts and am now wondering about Siemens. (...or should I not bother and just make decision between Texecom and HKC.)
  4. I didn't realise there was a monthly charge - how much is that? And why isn't it mentioned on the App Store, or is it charged separately by HKC? I was already surprised by the £5.99 app charge, esp when other apps are free....
  5. Yup - by quite a bit... but when I asked about the app, the quote went up so it wasn't far off the others (esp as that installer has the highest maintenance fees) which is why it's probably between the HKC and Texecom.
  6. Thanks, that's what I've done but I'd honestly be happy with all three of the installers and the costs aren't wildly different (even taking maintenance etc into account). I'm more concerned with the cost of problems caused by unreliable systems. Or recommendations from people who use these.
  7. Thanks, but I don't really know how to tell the difference between installers, tbh. I've looked for local firms who are NSI or SSAIB approved, and other than checking their website, looking for reviews and questioning the guy who comes to quote, I'm not really sure what I can do. I've liked most of them, they've spec'd it the same, been clear in their answers and provided quotes with breakdowns. Which has led me back to kit... Also, I'd rather get the opinions of people who've actually installed/used these things rather than trust my own instincts... )
  8. Thanks, has it been reliable then? I'd just about decided on HKC then got distracted by Texecom. Have you used that?
  9. Hi all I'm loving this forum and would really appreciate your advice. I've been looking at wireless, 2-way, professionally installed alarms with the option to control remotely via app (for 4-bed house). Price isn't as important to me as reliability, so I'd really like your opinion on which of the following is likely to cause the fewest headaches (because of part failure, app failure, false alarms etc): - HKC 1070 - Pyronix Enforcer HomeControl+ - Texecom Premier All the reps have seemed fairly decent and knowledgeable, so I don't feel particularly strongly about any of the c
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