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  1. a

    and this does not include airing cupboards
  2. Try Google, you'll be surprised!
  3. What would happen if a joint elsewhere in the property leaks, just asking
  4. Bet they don't get much insurance work.
  5. You just don't know what you are missing
  6. re Secom and their red lamp, it's NOT a strobe, it operates when a 'confirmed' signal is sent to the ARC
  7. A battery operated Acorn control panel made in Cornwall c.1972, from an OLD garden shed, still worked
  8. It is an offence not to say who the driver of the vehicle was, surprised it did not go direct to your employers (or have I got this wrong and you are self-employed?
  9. can you tell me how reinstate factory codes on a concept6  i am a retired alarm engineer 


    1. magpye


      Sorry Harry, I have never used this panel so can't help with confidence but I think I might have a manual at home. I will let you know this evening when I'm home.


  10. Where's the alarm then?
  11. ..... especially if they work for the company I work for and the manual does not come in the box. Why on earth should we be expected to find the manual ourselves and print it out? Short rant, but valid.
  12. Twin Point to Point beams, next size up for the length required. Example, need 50mtr use beam that covers 100mtr, get the idea? and what ever you use, spend a good length of time lining them up, screwing them on the wall and powering them up to find that they work, phew! is NOT the way. Then, you could connect them to your DIY alarm. I've got a pair in a similar situation, NEVER, a false alarm, they do only work early warning buzzers, never false alarmed. They must be 20yrs+ old, used in two properties, still going strong. Make sure all is waterproofed.
  13. 44yrs this year !
  14. France, USA & Israel tel nos, suggest the above will be easier and cheaper.
  15. Cb - NOT C6 - Control panel tamper