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  1. Galaxy Keypads

    Well, I've been an alarm engineer for as long as I can remember and what has been suggested, especially the first answer is the way to go. J, what do you think should be done then? Please put me and hundreds of others right then.
  2. MattS, your first picture is the control panel, what did you think it was?
  3. Magnetic Contacts Sticking on Un-Opened Windows

    I know one company in the South East who makes reeds that are used in the alarm trade
  4. veritas 8 problem

    Sensors have been sealed against your 'bugs' for years now, I would be very surprised if that's it . Not a problem these days.
  5. Pyronix Enforcer internal sounder

    I have always hated this keypad, it's the ugliest I've ever seen in my life. Would not have one of these systems ever, ugh!
  6. Ademco accord xpc help

    Hope you've got deep pockets
  7. Optima stopped working

    and this does not include airing cupboards
  8. Chubb Guardall Px500

    Try Google, you'll be surprised!
  9. Rental property monitoring

    What would happen if a joint elsewhere in the property leaks, just asking
  10. Advanced technology alarm systems

    Bet they don't get much insurance work.
  11. Resistance reading on each zone

    You just don't know what you are missing
  12. Why strobes are wired independent

    re Secom and their red lamp, it's NOT a strobe, it operates when a 'confirmed' signal is sent to the ARC
  13. A battery operated Acorn control panel made in Cornwall c.1972, from an OLD garden shed, still worked