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  1. It is just a 16 ohm extension speaker, not sure there was a make, fitted hundreds, just a standard supply from GGS or AA wholesalers
  2. Hi, Has anyone come across a company online security products ? They seem to list items for sale, but show the wrong / different item / photo, or send a different item. So the first photo, PSU is what is advertised, the second is what you get, they say they do the same job. I guess a mini does the same as a fiesta but not the same! The next listed as a sounder, but a speaker is sent. PA button as white plastic but a stainless steel one is sent, they explained I might have to remove the white film to turn it into a white plastic one. Be grateful for any feedba
  3. Hi, Just as an update, I wondered if the inner core colour of alarm cable was a standard, having used the same for 40 years, so I asked the BSI. The reply was odd, they say Germany use all white inner cores for security! There is no colour coding for the inner cores The rip cord colour specifies the cable Type i.e. Type 1, 2 or 3." but did not say the colours to what grade. Has anyone got a copy of BS4737 ? what does that say about cables? BS4737-3.30 New Security Cable Standards
  4. Cheers guys, much appreciated, the rubbish cable I bought was nearly five pounds per hundred metres more than the CQR cable. I have still not managed to find out if there is a BS 4737 standard colour for alarm cable cores, but have written to BSI.
  5. Thanks all, the cable was not bought on cost, and was normal price. As a now retired engineer most security wholesalers will only supply a reg company, and I live in a rural location now so going to a trade counter not an easy option. The company have stated today there are no standard colours for alarm cable, yet for over 40 years have only ever seen red, black, yellow, blue, green, white, brown, Orange. I also use mainly 8c cables. Anyone suggest a wholesaler who does not need a reg installer, account or can supply by post?
  6. recently purchased some 100m alarm cable reels, in 4, 6 and 6 core. Has anyone had problems with cables recently? the quality is so poor, the outer insulation will not strip easily, and the inner cores are so fine, that when you manage to strip them, the conductor is so fine it will not push into an open connector on a panel or even connector strip. To add insult to injury the colours are way off, some had no yellow, but grey/white, the green so dark it looks like black, I told the supplier but said no one else has commented. I know I am getting older! What cable does an
  7. Cheers, Yes they were fun, Detectors were a lot bigger then, and less reliable!!
  8. The Old Metal Shorrock boxes were around in the 70s, they had a Yale lock on them for access, (all the same key) with a Friedland Bell inside, and a G1470 12v battery (I think) for the SAB module, they were metalic blue, later ones were just navy blue, then a lighter blue. They were very strong, inside with a metal bar over the bell which the lock operated into. Sadly they were rust buckets, so never lasted long, so doubt any are around now, unless fitted in a sheltered position.
  9. Still using my old faithful BIF Titan twin impact cable tacker I guess from around 1975-1980s, cannot get the BIF staples now so used the Rapid 28/10 and what others I can get hold of these days. Usually found if it miss fired it was the wrong staple. Often stripped mine down to maintain it. Always found it fine on 4,6,8 core cables as longs as you take care.
  10. What happy memories!! with A&G, AES, and Graham Lowe,were they from Oldham? I grew up using a basic panel we called the 41a and 43a they were a very well finished box with a quality lid (magnetic strip on) the 41a was a shunt lock and the 43a had a basic EE timer, indicators were green clear, red fault, yellow call engineer, (extra red lamp for the 43a) Yale key barrel, and a bell test button, does anyone else recall these, in two tone grey. They came via Shorrok I think.
  11. Started in the early 70s doing alarms, lots of tube and wire frames!! painted bell boxes, self recorded tapes for auto dialers, dry batteries even in the SAB, some great panels at that time all key operated, no codes, so read with interest when others talk about the old Shorrok panels and mod 88 units, G Lowe, A&G, AES, Castle, Racel, GGS, to name a few.
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