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Found 12 results

  1. I’ve moved into a new house that has a visonic 33 panel and remote keypad , key fobs tags and the app . I want to make my front & back doors chime . I know you can turn chime on & off at keypad using the No 8, but I’m assuming the relevant sensors need to be programmed. nb . I have been left with installer code as I assume I’ll need to enter that mode . I’ve looked on line at the installer manual , but would like some step by step IDIOT PROOF help so I don’t mess up the whole thing . thanking you in advance
  2. Hi. First time posting and I have two questions I would like to ask First off, I need to replace a PIR in our home and would like to carry out the replacement myself. The problem is that I don't know exactly what alarm system I have (its at least 20yrs old) and would appreciate any help to identify it. I believe its a 800L as the circuit board layout looks exactly the same. I've attached a picture of my current board and would really appreciate it if someone could confirm if I'm correct. What I'm also not sure about is the function of the transformer in the bottom left and the switch below it. If anyone could give me a clue, again it would be appreciated. The second part is that I would really like to re-program the unit as the alarm exit/entry beep isnt loud enough and it sounds for too long when I exit. I've tested the engineering code given in the manual above, but it doesnt work. Would I be correct in thinking that I then need to short the pins at the top of the board identified by the "Memory Default. Link 2" text to reset it? If I do this, I'm assuming I would need to re-program the whole system from scratch. Is this very difficult or hard to follow? I'm not an alarm guy, but I am technical in nature so don't have an issue approaching the problem. TIA Matt PS I'm also considering upgrading the panel to something more modern which would be able to notify me of any alarms via the internet or mobile network. Any suggestions that I could drop in?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site so hope I'm posting in the right place!? I have a Texecom premier elite 24 alarm installed by a friend, who works for a security company, but is unreliable and isn't getting back to me with the questions I need answering. long story short is the alarm texts me for events, I really want it to call me instead, what comms module or speech dialler do I need? Hope this makes sense and I look forward to your help. Oliver.
  4. Hello, I`m new in this site and I´m here to ask to this comunity that I have a problem with a Optima Compact G3 396. I'm teenager and my landlord doesn't remember the code and he says that he doesn´t want repair the alarm, he says just switch off, but the case that I need the alarm because I´m going to leave in a few weeks and I have got many things inside. The problem is when I switch on the alarm in the central electricity panel, it's start to sound very louder outside and inside, i´ve tried to press reset twice withing 5 sec. nothing happened, I´ve tried put ###DEFAULT CODE### as well, but nothing... I need reset this alarm, but I don´t want spend nothing... I´ve looking for engineer but they are very expensive (£65). just power light on no tamper, no attack, no day. Thank you
  5. Hello, I'm new to the site and CCTV. I have just purchased a Swann DVR4-4400 with two cameras plus i purchased 1 extra camera. Problem 1- I purchased a standalone outdoor microphone from Maplin UK wich connects via the camera power cord splitter and plugged audio phono into back of DVR. Sound was fine but after a short while it seems to die, it hum's a little then crackles and dies. If i try again later it will work again for a short while...What could be happening?Problem 2- It has 720P resolution but only offers 4 days continuous recording unless i lower resolution to 960H then i would get the 30 days i was promised by the salesman! (feel a bit miss led). Anyway, When i lower the resolution to 960H and it reboots it then suffers video loss and i can't seem to get it to work on 960H if i require 30+ recording, It will only work when i put it back to 720P, Any ideas what i may be doing wrong?, cheers.
  6. Hi Guys, I currently have a 6 year old, wired, Nexus 8 intruder alarm. The PIR in our kitchen was damaged by painters the other day so I am going to have to replace it. My wife's friend works for an intruder alarm company and gave her a Honeywell DT7550UK2 Dual Tec sensor. Was just wondering how I should wire it in? I have attached a photo of the current sensor PCB and the new dual-tech one. All help appreciate guys. Best Wishes, Matthew Attached is a photo of the new sensor!
  7. Hi everyone, I live in a rented house fitted with an Optima Compact G3 alarm. We've never used the alarm since living here and weren't supplied with a code by the landlord. Until now all the lights on the alarm have been green. This evening we had a power cut which has caused the alarm to change. We were out when the power cut happened so don't know if it made a sound, but the outside box is flashing and the display now has red lights next to 'Tamper' and 'Power' (see photo). We did consider pressing the reset button but were reluctant to this this incase this caused the alarm to go off, which we don't want to happen as we wouldn't know how to stop it! Is there a simple solution to getting this sorted without getting our landlord involved. Sorry if this seems like a silly question, it's our first house and we're not really sure what to do Any help and advice greatly appreciated! Thanks, Amy Also the buttons in the photo aren't that clear (the say Chime, Omit, Reset, Programme, Set)
  8. Hello Wishing you all a happy Friday. Can admin please point me in the direction of the rules for the forums please? Thank you Rachel
  9. Right I have a job which has been installed and working perfectly or for 2 years, then six weeks ago it started to go wrong. The job has a Scantronic 65en installed 3x rkps all wired on network 1, Next to the control panel there is a msnode address 2 wired on network 2, There is also an mspsu address 1 wired on network 2 fitted about 50m away, All detection devices are wired 2k/4k As I said the job was working fine, then I started getting random tamper faults on the devices wired on the mspsu so zones 2011 to 2018, no standard tamper faults on any of these zones, all zones are wired on individual cables, checked for ac induction on the mspsu found 10v induced fitted a act fitler and got it down to 0.2v also fitted one on the control unit aswell as that was at 7v induced. Job was ok for 2 days then again random tampers on a mixture of zones from 2011 to 2018. So I changed the mspsu. Again ok for a weekish, then same again. So fitted a stand alone 12v psu and a msnode (commoned up the negatives) ok again for awhile, then again same faults, control unit got changed and programmed from scratch and not upload to the cu incase there was some bug there. Been ok for 2 weeks and again same problem. All cable runs are ran surface and away from all higher voltage cables, I installed the job was know where they have been ran and was able to check them easily But I'm running out of ideas any help would be much appreciated
  10. Hi guys, new to this forum so just like to say hello to anyone thats reading.... a few years ago a friend of mine gave me a veritas 8 alarm panel, I was just talking about wiring my shed upto my current alarm system or putting a simple little one with a loud siren in just for the shed, shortly after he brought be a veritas 8 USED along with a (if i remember correctly) citdel belbox, with a engineers manual and codes, I set it all up and it was working for 18month or so however recently I have moved house so iv taken it with me, iv now come to wire it up to my garage, its all programmed now tested and works fine with the internal sounder, however I did loose track of my bell box that I previously had, now I do have some 12v 150ma 115db sirens kicking about , how would I go about wiring one of these up to the panel? Thanks in advance Craig
  11. Hi all, i have a veritas 8 compact installed proffesionally by the previous owner,we have had the house at least 5 years .it works fine, apart from when the alarm is active, it sometimes goes off .i check the pirs thats activated to no avail, it will probably do the same thing a couple of weeks later but this time it will be different pir's can any one help please.ive checked the sensors for spiders etc sometimes when we have been out when its done it i usually presume its cats or somthing? when its happened when we are a sleep i usually come down stairs expecting the worst i check things out where its activated again no clues. i then usually re set it and go back to bed. i can provide more info if required kind regards christian
  12. Hi im new on here been installing cctv equipment for a few tears now , recently installed a swann dvr 8-1200 (cusomers choice ) dvr is working fine connected to network but every now and again router keeps disabling firewall options wich stops it viewing through iphone and net . customer is useing a belkin wireless g router when u go on router settings its unenabled its self ! click enable and its fine for a few days . Just wondering if any 1 else has come across this problem Thanks
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