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  1. Hi all, hoping for some recommendation on which Scantronic parts I should go for. I’m currently in the process of renovating a 1 bed flat and whilst I have floors open and walls not yet plastered. I want to lay cables for an alarm system, I think I would like to have a hybrid wired system so I have the the options to add additional wireless sensors at a later stage if required, Scantronic has been recommended, I will also be adding a couple of external poe cameras, QVIS viper have also been recommended but open to any suggestions, might also look at adding a Konncected panel later if there is benefit. So I would really appreciate if someone could advise on what Scantronic alarm I should go for, I think I just need 3motion sensors, for the living room, bedroom and hall, then maybe some window sensors, not sure if wired/wireless are best. I would like the control panel to be quite modern looking also. Many thanks in advance!!!
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a Visonic PowerMaster 33 G2 alarm system installed at home without any expander. I also have Elmdene 7422-G3F external siren (ADT branded). I would like to use it with my alarm system. I have two questions: - What expander would I have to buy for my alarm - How do I wire the external siren to my alarm system I attached a photo of the siren. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi All I have just purchased one of those Yale IA220 kits https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273144001997?ul_noapp=true I know, I know ....I would have been better off with a Pyronix or something a bit more beefy! but we are struggling with the old cash-ola. I have fitted alarms in the past ...but i am NOT a professional ...so I have only done it for myself. Currently we have an old Gardiner one ...It was great ...20 years ago ...but it turned its toes up last year and so I opted for an easy fit one ...as some of the sensors are also knacked and the PIR's are a bit tatty ... So I am going to give this a whirl at weekend ..problem is the bell box ...I am COOL with everything else being wireless. But the current box is in a god-awful position and and yo have to go up a ladder and then lay on your belly on a dormer roof to get to it. Leave it on ..I thought ..but as its rusty and grubby the wife wants it off ...but as we have had the house painted and stuff several times where it is looks like a completely different render and so i want to fix the yale box on the top of this c**p. Problem is ... 1. I dont want to have to nip up every few years and change the batteries (as i am not getting any younger) 2. The gardiner used to have a "comfort LED" ..i think they are called and i was hoping to fit one in this yale box too As the 6 wire cable is 100% fine and is going to the new panel location...is there any way i can fit something downstairs in or near the alrm panel box that will power the box and give me a simple LED ....without using batteries that are dangerous to reach ? any advice is appreciate Paul
  4. Wondering if anyone can confirm what these sensors are? There are wired to our security lights but not sure if they are motion sensors or dusk/dawn sensors. Can an anyone help?
  5. Hi all, I bit the bullet today and decided to try and repair/set up my mums alarm which has been powered down and nonworking for some time. I’ll try and state all the steps I’ve made- then it’ll help with any advice you all might offer. Please excuse my lack of knowledge and experience, I’m quite the newbie. Currently at my mums house whilst she’s away hoping to sort this for her as a surprise for when she’s home. (I believe her alarm is an sl8 ade/accenta sl compact but I’ll attach photos for confirmation) SO! after having power drop out to the keypad some time ago I checked the panel box and found the PCB was bent and cracked from being not being clipped into its slot properly back in installation back in 2000! When I pushed on the board power was temporarily and intermittently restored (wiring to the pcb was fine) so I deemed a new pcb might be worth a shot. I swapped over all the wiring and powered up. (See first two pics for the model) immediately both the internal keypad chime and exterior alarm sounded. When seeing the keypad , only the far light led (power) was lit up - all keys made a sound when pressed. (Pic of keypad attached) So, where do I go from here? My next step I assume would be to reset the panel box- enter engineer mode- set new code for alarm system and yay! Problem is I don’t know how to do this! I think from a google search the system is an sl8 compact, but it could be a g3, it’s a bit confusing! Any VERY basic step by step instruction would be much appreciated! The PCB is in the loft- so I’m sprinting downstairs to the hallway each time to check things! many thankyous.
  6. As a title, what are the technologies of alarm sensors that can detect movement through walls? From what I know are only those who use microwave technology up to 10 Ghz. Any indication in this regard is welcome.
  7. Hi. First time posting and I have two questions I would like to ask First off, I need to replace a PIR in our home and would like to carry out the replacement myself. The problem is that I don't know exactly what alarm system I have (its at least 20yrs old) and would appreciate any help to identify it. I believe its a 800L as the circuit board layout looks exactly the same. I've attached a picture of my current board and would really appreciate it if someone could confirm if I'm correct. What I'm also not sure about is the function of the transformer in the bottom left and the switch below it. If anyone could give me a clue, again it would be appreciated. The second part is that I would really like to re-program the unit as the alarm exit/entry beep isnt loud enough and it sounds for too long when I exit. I've tested the engineering code given in the manual above, but it doesnt work. Would I be correct in thinking that I then need to short the pins at the top of the board identified by the "Memory Default. Link 2" text to reset it? If I do this, I'm assuming I would need to re-program the whole system from scratch. Is this very difficult or hard to follow? I'm not an alarm guy, but I am technical in nature so don't have an issue approaching the problem. TIA Matt PS I'm also considering upgrading the panel to something more modern which would be able to notify me of any alarms via the internet or mobile network. Any suggestions that I could drop in?
  8. marc8


  9. Hi all, I hope you can help me, I have the above alarm system that I had to install a new bellbox on. When powering up the main unit it lost its settings, I have recovered the system using the factory default engineer code, however I now need to program the four preset arming options And I dont have a guide on how to do it, the manuals I have found online are all for older versions of the keypad. the keypad i have can be found here http://alarmwise.co.uk/special_offer_sterling10.html
  10. Hello Everybody, I'm hoping you can help me with what is (hopefully) a relatively simple fix; I upgraded the firmware on my premier elite 24 panel from 2.(something i cant rememeber) to 3.2. Since doing so when i press the area button on my control pad in the hall the system goes to part arm 2, The system is set into 2 areas; Area A = Ground Floor and Garage Area B = First Floor The control pad in the hall is set to Area A&B but I havent got the "use keypad areas" box checked in wintex, I tried it and it made no difference. The second control pad is in the second floor landing, This is set to area a only, the idea being that I set the alarm from the second floor pad at bed time and we can roam the first and second floors (no sensors on second floor) and then either dis arm from second floor in the morning or go down stairs and the hallway sensor will start the entry timer. The Parts arms are as follows; Part arm 1 - Doors and Garage Part Arm 2 - Bedtime - Seperate to only activing area A from second floor pad Part Arm 3 - Garage Only So before i updated the firmware it all worked beutifully, I press area in the hallway when leaving the house and the whole house was armed, and i pressed area on the second floor pad at night and only the grond floor and garage was armed. Like i say though, when i press area on the ground floor pad now it automatically goe's to part arm 2. I even change the configurations on part arm 2 so it was the garage only setting and part 3 was the bedtime incase something in the zone settings was confliciting but it made no difference, even with the garage as part 2 when i press area it still auto's to part 2. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
  11. Hey guys an gals! I'm a security installer in the north west, having some trouble with the lightsys panel and the fire alarm aspect, using an apollo smoke, end of line, the zone is programmed as a "fire" and is not in tamper, yet when I trigger it it isn't triggering the alarm, I thought this is wired correctly but it mustn't be? It has got power and lights up but doesn't trigger the alarm. any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks people.
  12. I have Accenta 6, never had a problem, then the other night around midnight the outside alarm went off even though it wasn't set, half asleep I entered our code a couple of times then realised I put the correct code in and it stopped but the attack light was on and the keypad wasn't working, but we had the red power and the green day light working. We had everything tested and battery extra seem ok, buttons started working except a few of them, we took it apart cleaned the back of the buttons which the ones not working was black, put it back together the alarm went off but now the keypad has not power or no day light lit, is there something we should do to reactivate the keypad, or what should we test, my sons just qualified sparky but never dealt with alarms. Cant find anywhere a replacement can we just change the keypad for a newer version but not sure what is compatible, I've tried to ring for assistance but keep being put through to Spain or somewhere abroad. If someone could help or advise us it would be appreciated.
  13. Good Day, I Installed an Texecom Premier elite alarm system and I would like to know how long an 12 Volt 18Ah will last if the power went off. And should a 50va 16Volt Transformer be enough Here is my alarm specs. 13X PIR Detectors 6X Door Switches 9X Panic Buttons 8X Fire Detectors 3X Dual Beam outdoor beams 2X LCD Keypads 1X RF ADT communicator 1X GSM Communicator 1X 30watt Siren 2X Sound Bombs 1X Remote Reciever. Thanks alot
  14. We moved into our house about 6 years ago and there was an ADT alarm fitted. We chose not to continue using them, mainly as the salesman was so sleazy it put us off. The alarm has mostly been working fine since then, but now it has started going off randomly. I contacted the local alarm and lock company in the high street, but they said they couldn't do anything unless the alarm had been engineer unlocked. I contacted ADT about getting this done and they said I would have to pay £250 for them to unlock it (which seems extortionate and I am reluctant to do). Can anyone give me advice on what my potential next steps could be? Is there anyway to unlock it without paying ADT? (I know you can't give out engineer codes over the internet, for obvious reasons. But is it considered okay to pay a non-ADT person to come and unlock the alarm?) Is it feasible to rip out the old alarm without unlocking it and just installing a new one? Is that very expensive to do? Would I have to do that myself or could I pay someone to do that even if it isn't unlocked? Any help gratefully appreciated, or even just pointers on better places to look for answers. Thanks Ed
  15. Hello, I`m new in this site and I´m here to ask to this comunity that I have a problem with a Optima Compact G3 396. I'm teenager and my landlord doesn't remember the code and he says that he doesn´t want repair the alarm, he says just switch off, but the case that I need the alarm because I´m going to leave in a few weeks and I have got many things inside. The problem is when I switch on the alarm in the central electricity panel, it's start to sound very louder outside and inside, i´ve tried to press reset twice withing 5 sec. nothing happened, I´ve tried put ###DEFAULT CODE### as well, but nothing... I need reset this alarm, but I don´t want spend nothing... I´ve looking for engineer but they are very expensive (£65). just power light on no tamper, no attack, no day. Thank you
  16. Hi all, Another issue with my alarm. On searching on the forum, I understand that a TRBL POWER fault on the DA system Abacus is due to a faulty battery. Just wondering if I remove the cover to find out what battery to get, will all hell break lose? I've not reset the system or set it as I fear the internal sounder will just go off for hours. I just moved into this property and been left with no manuals etc. I have no engineer codes either, just the master code. I'm assuming that if I undo the cover on the box, a tamper fault will register. Do I just switch the battery and reset the system with the master code? Or is this a job for the professionals? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance, Titch
  17. Hi all, I'm very new to working on intruder alarms, this being my 3rd. I modified an existing Veritas 8 system by adding a PIR and a door contact. The alarm when in walk test mode is making two very short chirps at intervals of about 2 seconds. This isn't the normal chirps it makes when the Zone two device activates in walk test mode, but much shorter chirps. There are no lit tampers, and no lit faults. When it is chirping for zone activations, the shorter chirps are absent. Is the panel just reminding me it's in walk test mode, or is there some other unspecified (in the manual) problem I should be investigating. I'd be grateful for your assistance.
  18. Hey guys, I've been searching for a burglar alarm for our house for a while and then I came home yesterday after a 2 week holiday and the missus has gone mad and purchased from a friend, lol. It's a Texecom Elite 24 Wired Kit. Other than slightly damaged packaging, the alarm is new and comes with a Control Panel, Keypad, COM2400 Communicator, 3 Compact IRs, 5 keyfobs, Odyssey 1E External Sounder, 8 Core Alarm Cable, 7.0ah 12v Back Up Battery, Anti Masking Dual Technology PIR Burglar Alarm Surface Contact Her friend had bought this about a month ago to install in his property, but decided against installing as it and ended up purchasing a Visonic powermaster 33 as he wanted a wireless setup to avoid damaging the floor tiles. Anyway I'm now stuck with this and don't have a clue where to start from, so I joined this forum. I do have some knowledge about alarms, but usually they are well-known like yale or response. Could anyone help me with this? Before I install the cable wiring, I want to try out the alarm as it is. Once I feel I'm competent enough, I will then move to installing it properly.
  19. Hello,I've currently got no alarm at our property and were hoping someone could give me a few recommendations for a DIY HARD-WIRED system that I could install myself. My original budget was approx £500, however I've had an unexpected flood damage to the property, costing me hundreds of pounds, so unfortunately my budget is now no more than £350.I know it's much less, but I'd rather have some security system, than nothing at all as I'm going on a pre-booked holiday within the next 3 weeks.If possible, I'd like to have:- GSM UPGRADEABLE MODERN Much appreciate your help.
  20. Exciting new opportunity to join a fast growing, leading Surrey based NSI Gold company, with 25 years’ experience installing and maintaining Intruder, Access control, and CCTV systems across a wide variety of contracts, from domestic and commercial premises, to major council and Police premises. We are looking for motivated individuals to join our fast growing installation and service teams.Successful applicants will have a passion for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. They will carry out a variety of activities on behalf of Admiral Security Systems, including the planned and reactive maintenance as well as installation of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm systems. Applicants should ideally be Surrey based but this is not an essential criteria. Experience in the installation and maintenance of Intruder, access control and CCTV preferable. Full time positions available for installation and service engineers. Subcontractors will also be considered. To find out more please send your CV with a covering note to:
  21. Just a little something I made to show that it is important to set an alarm
  22. Who makes the bell boxes for Banham and the companies owned by Banham, like TARA Alarms and Capstan?
  23. Hi All, I'm really hoping you can help me out. I've recently moved into a property and i've set the intruder alarm off. It's been going off for the past 4 hours! I believe i've done this by cutting through a telephone extension wire that had something plugged into it The alarm control panel is an Optima XL backlighting microprocesser and the front of the alarm is currently showing a green light next to the word day and a red light next to the word power (See image) I do not know the code for the alarm, but I'm trying to get a hold of it is anyone able to help me out stopping this?
  24. Hello everybody! I have a question for anybody who knows about the Risco Novagard 4 bell box. I've seen them on houses with 2 red flashing LEDs they all seem to be working correctly but the one on our house doesn't have any LEDs flashing at all. It is connected to a Pyronix Paragon Plus alarm panel which is working fine and the alarm gets used. I have no Idea how old it is but I'm guessing mid 90s because of the colour of the bell box and the type of panel. As far as I know since we moved to our house in 2002 it has never had any LEDs flashing then ether. Here is a link to the picture:http://www.riscogroup.com/uk/sites/default/files/GT%20Products_NovaGard%204%20Cover%20WhWh.jpg Any help would be much appreciated on solving the mystery of the bell box. Gabs
  25. We are NSI-Gold Fire and Security systems installers based in South West London [everything else edited - job advert]
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