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  1. Someone will pay for that keypad membrane on ebay. The ABS plastic has more flex around the keypad, So where the hammer is embedded is probably its Achilles heel.
  2. You have to be careful when stowing those batteries. I have to confess I've had to bail out a couple of times and toss stuff onto the street. (The van gets pretty untidy. Especially late on Friday afternoons when I start to lose all sense of reason).
  3. I'm on 2 weeks holiday. So maybe someone else will be handed that hot potato. (It will be my first job when I return for sure). I am at this moment renewing the voltage regulator and electrolytic capacitors on an old issue_i V2.1 Castle meridian panel which is for a PJ I have lined up this week. Replacing an old issue_G V1.1 which has a failed processor. I am not sure if the NVM can be swapped between these units. But I'll need to program it up before I go. I just want to throw it, in grab the cash and run. Working on the bench is preferable on a cold day like today - Better t
  4. Regarding trolling. Harass, criticize, or antagonize (someone) especially by provocatively disparaging or mocking public statements, postings, or acts. So.: "Btw educate yourself on what a troll is". That is sarcasm. Should I go through all of your 8069 posts and see how many times you have trolled and how many times you gave any practical advice. I imagine the latter will come out at about 2%... I didn't fact check my comment so consider it banter. I apologise if that offended you.
  5. I shall definitely not stop the alarm functioning in any way whatsoever. I just want to one man test the fire alarm and if it can tell me contamination status of the detectors. The thing has been maintained by the professionals up to the last visit 8 weeks ago. Both fire batteries failed on my tester. One of the intruder batteries was dried up and the other 7ah tested 0.8Ah. I found out 4 intruder detectors not programmed on and maybe not connected and a door contact not working at all even though an engineer said they fixed it. So I'm really doubting the fire alarm install. Tro
  6. You could say I got stitched up by one of our sales guys to take over a bunch of stuff that I'm not familiar with. Besides - Why would I come to this site if I knew everything about every security product on the planet? I've been in this game since I was 24, thats 30 years. Everything I knew back then is obsolete, everything 5 years ago is obsolete. I need to learn new stuff all the time else my brain will atrophy and my worth to my boss will diminish. Sigh.. I just got all excited that someone has replied and find it's just a Troll.
  7. I still need to access this fire panel that I'm not familiar with. ****** (massive self edit). Please help me. XOXO
  8. I sent a pdf of my 'dodgy' cheap laminated ID badge to the place where I think I should apply. Do I really have to send a picture of my dick to Peter James? Is that some sort of hazing thing?
  9. Tomorrow I have been instructed to take over one of these things in Streatham. It was almost certainly installed by ADT. I'm not familiar with this panel. Kentec, Notifier and Ctec I'm ok with. Managed to find a manual for the beast online and thumbing through it there is mention of codes to access through the menus - But no mention of whatever the default of these codes are. I will need to at least do some sort of walk test. Does anyone know what I will come up against? I dont want to look sad just standing in front of the panel for an hour and afterwards saying; "w
  10. OK. The original post was almost totally lacking in any detail. Like going to the doctor and saying; "Something's wrong with me Doc. It hurts somewhere" and that's it.
  11. If it makes lots of noise on power up it will be the Hard disk. If the hard disk does not spin up it will possibly be that the power supply is not giving enough power. Does the power light flicker on the external power supply or on the front of the unit? (if the mains supply goes directly in the back of the unit). If you can access the menu's after booting up - Just look in the log. I'm not familiar with the Alien - But all these things log faults and alarms...etc.
  12. Pastel themed wiring scheme - That's art.
  13. Gosh - People are really following this forum.. Wallo world.
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