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  1. Removing the gateway module previously fault caused a line fault. I'm not familiar with the 2500 at all past testing the alarm at service. I doubt the line fault is returned back from the dualcom either. The gateway board is supposed to be an ethernet adapter but is probably causing the existing line fault. I want to remove it and I'm asking where in the menu's I can find the flag to stop the endstation looking for it.
  2. Hmmm... I wonder if that Digi still works. Dial capture may work. Will still need a manual to do that. I have a Gradeshift interface board - But the dualcom is 20 metres away in the attic to get signal.
  3. Ahh. Working out from description is hard i know. I took pictures for you.
  4. The truth is i'm whipped by the company i work for - So spending hours on site messing about with something that was installed in 2000 is not really healthy for me. I thought I would research the panel before i went back to site like a professional. But I reallised that amongst the 100's of manuals I have accumulated over the last 30 years in this industry I don't have a Castle 2500 installation and wiring manual. I Need to resolve it though.
  5. What I posted is certainly not a riddle but looks clear as mud my problem. I need a manual. Apologies. I thought it was totally unambiguous.
  6. You got it al-yeti. I need to lose the junk stuck on the board and configure the 4 outputs (close, zone omit, int and conf), to the dualcom and return a line fault to the panel via an input or zone with a bisquit.. The digi is just sat on the top doing nothing. The DCIF was sending pins - not anymore. Just ripping it of I'm left with a fault. I tried taking it of a few years back, it needed telling it's not there. But now it is probably my problem.. Though not necessarily.. Thats why i'm asking deep thought.
  7. I have a customer with a Castle 2500 which has recently developed a line fault. It has a DC 58 modem which has not had a phone line attached for years. This is sat on a Castle gateway PCB which goes off to a DCIF board, the outputs of this go up into the attic where a Dualcom sits. The alarm is not communicating and the Dualcom is functioning ok. As there are several keypads and this is quite a large alarm, (all I.D) I would like to keep it running as long as it will. (So as there are 4 outputs on the 2500 endstation I want to utilise these). The thing is the thing does no
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