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  1. Unfortunately for me I always like to get to the bottom of things and end up taking things apart to find out how they tick. Not always advantageous. Force of habit in my case.
  2. Yes , true it was a dummy but I have fitted an elmdene external siren . Believe you are quite right on the batteries.
  3. Servicing, meaning batteries on sirens, back up battery on panel And making sure it works . Functions on panic buttons and pir's i check all of this periodically. Back up batteries are changed once a year.
  4. I never had a contract. It was under contract by the previous owners.
  5. had this system since I moved here and that was 2004
  6. I've always replaced the batteries myself. Electrical engineer by trade but as I didn't fit this I don't know the engineer codes also I cant get into programming modes. I've tried everything in the user manual omitting zones and test. Also powered down the system many times. Would be interested to know how to crash the system.
  7. There is nothing in the user manual which relates to programming I don't know how to get int the programming mode.
  8. Yes, does seem that way. Is there no other way of re-programming the panel then with the engineer code?
  9. I tested it using the test sequence on the keypad, user code then (5) and then the system allows you to individually activate each pir by movement and it chimes twice when it picks you up the relevant zone number also flashes on the keypad. I also changed the pir's round on zone's 7 and 8 The new pir circuit which I installed works fine on zone 7 but the original zone 7 which I swopped over won't work on zone 8
  10. So I would need to re-program the panel but I don't have an engineers's code for it. The panel was fitted by ADT. It was here when we moved in. Any way round this.
  11. I recently added another pir to the panel on zone 8. Although the test function acknowledges the pir works it isn't activating the alarm. It wasn't previously used and originally had a resistor across it which I have removed. I have changed over zones 7,8 and to test the pir and wired into zone 7 it works fine and activates the alarm. but zone 8 is still not activating the alarm. Any idea what the cause may be.
  12. So zone 1 is programmed as a key switch and activates closed circuit or open circuit?
  13. Hi, thanks for your help. I hav'nt looked closely at the wiring from the reader but I would guess it will have a 12V supply it goes across Zone 1 and will also have a switch line going back to the panel to activate it. If it's working as a simple switch the only programming would be learning and accepting the key fobs . I would like to understand how it activates the panel and also does it use the zone as a kind of tamper ?? Cheers
  14. Yes, I may do so but trying to hold out for a while. To be honest I have had no problem with the panel I have expanded it to almost full capacity now I am now just trying to get round this issue but I may well upgrade in the next couple of years or so.

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