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  1. Hi Thanks for that info. I'll give the hyperlink option a go as the passcode didn't work Thanks again Paul
  2. Hi Camullins Thanks alot for that. I'll give it a go Paul
  3. Hi Could anyone help with a querry I have. My new client has a DM Sprite 2 16 channel dvr. The old service provider has left no info and I need to access the engineers menu. I've been given one engineering code but that one doesn't work. Rather than sending the unit back to DM would anyone please suggest any alternative codes I could use please Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated Thanks
  4. Hi Any joy on info regarding VCL Maxcom8 from anyone? Paul
  5. Thanks for that. I'll apply for Trade membership today as I'm in the security industry but believe I have to have at least 5 post in the general forum so if I post a couple more I should be eligiable Thanks again Paul Hi Also has anyone got any VCL Maxcom8 info as I've got a 8way unit and keypad I want to sell but I'm struggling to find out any info on the equipment. Is there a buying and selling section in TSI rather than selling through eBay for example? Thanks Paul
  6. Thats great. Much appriciated. Just to confirm would the code xxxx always be the master engineering code on power up? Paul
  7. Hi Hope someone may be able to help me. I've recently decommissioned a Chubb Px 500 alaam panel from a site and was hoping someone may know how to reset the panel back to default or may know an engineering master code so I can use it on another site.Any manuals or shortcuts would be much appriciated Hope someone out there can help Thanks Pau
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