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  1. Clear 11 hours rest before starting work the next day.
  2. Howdo, Been a while since I have frequented these pages...have I missed much?! I am looking for work overseas, either EU (not getting into the whole debate!) or further afield ideally contract. Any recommendations for sites/agencies to visit? Anyone had any experiences good or bad?? Feel free to share! Thank you people!
  3. Second that. No point complicating things as previous.
  4. Personally, I have now stopped doing any Fire with a sleeping risk now... rarely find a compliant install and have found most owners are looking at the bottom line for compliance. Seen some real gash over the last few year, 1 zone covering 9 flats on 4 floors to no services for 12 years plus... work on the opinion now that if the owner has that little respect for fire safety I am not interested. So, on that cheery note... Dont quote it with out a walk around of each site, open some panels have a look at whats what, check the paperwork on site to see what order its in....cover you **** or risk getting it ****** when you drop the soap!
  5. Residential Home - Higher Risk? If so I would say stick to quarterly if it has been defined by a FRA. Do you have much experience with fire?
  6. Missing Kiss of, prob due to poor line condition or installer has set the system up incorrectly. Dues it happen on every signal?
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