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  1. I also agree, but just so that I don't mess up the whole lot, how can I backup the current settings on wintex? Also do you need to know the layout or what I want from each sensor?
  2. Thank you MrHappy, sorry but this has made no difference.
  3. Okay, so I followed Mark's instructions and edited & saved the settings in wintex. I scanned the fob. It asks do u want to arm? I chose part-arm It asks suite A or B I chose A It now wants me to exit the front door in order to activate the alarm But I'm trying to set it up so that I can activate it at night, i.e. front door needs to remain closed.
  4. Datadiffusion, I never said that I have a God-given right. All I'm asking for is only one person to tell me which settings to enable/disable on wintex. I don't mind posting the screen shots again, just in case I've missed or made a change that I'm unaware of and for someone to check and tell me if what I'm doing wrong. FYI, I've already backed up the alarm settings and tried a changing settings, but have had no luck.
  5. @mark auto QA - Thank you, I will give these settings a try and let you know how I get on. @al-yeti - If manuals were as easy as you think, I don't think there would be a need for forums like these as a lot of people would be able to resolve issues without assistance. I have been as pro-active as possible by providing screenshots and as much info as possible. Some people have certainly tried to help me, to which I'm very grateful, but I've got mixed up with the settings along the way. @secureiam - Thank you very much. It seems your the only person who understands wha
  6. @datadiffusion - Phew! You got me worried as I thought you were serious mate @Jim Randle - Thanks Jim. The problem I have is that I've now got mixed up with the settings that I've already been told by sixwheeledbeast and mrhappy, so I'm not sure what to leave on and what not to. I'd be ever so grateful if someone could maybe get the screenshots I've already posted and draw with arrows, what to leave on and off?
  7. I'm ever so sorry dataffusion, I only bumped the thread, because I didn't receive any response to my previous replies.
  8. Thank you sixwheeledbeast. On prev page, where I've posted the Area3 screenshot, it already is Timed Exit. Also you say you wouldn't use the Area Arm suites, but this is now becoming confusing, because I'm not sure which options need to be enabled/disabled as I've got two different advises.. Could I please ask u a big favour? Using all the screenshots that I've posted, could you please draw or at least clearly explain PER screenshot what you want me to change, enable or disable.
  9. Thank you Mrhappy. As you can see, I've updated it and now when I arm the alarm and press the "PART" button on the keypad. Normally I would get the choice menu which would allow me to choose Bed alarm 1, but now I get the choice of Suite01.ArmArea A. After choosing this, there is no timer countdown at all. Instead I have to open and close the front door to activate the alarm.
  10. Mrhappy and Sixwheeledbeast - I'm really sorry guys, but you'll have to be very specific for a dummy like me. What screenshot are each of you referring to and what options do I need to enable/disable? Thanks again
  11. I think it's easier if I posted screenshots for you to check. Please let me know if you can spot any mistakes. Thank you.
  12. Thanks sixwheelbeast and al-yeti. I followed your instructions to the dot. It still doesn't work. I've even disabled the auto function on the missus phone to see if this would resolve the issue, but it doesn't. FYI, when I scan the prox fob, I then choose BED ARM 1. The alarm is then wanting me to open and close the exit door, so that it assumes the user has walked out of the house. I do this and once it's armed, as soon as I walk past the Hallway sensor, it triggers off. I don't even get to the landing.
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