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  1. Isn't the V4 software mandatory for the new app when that gets released?
  2. ....and we have a third update, I'm sure your all sat on the edge of your seats waiting for this - after going through the panel with Texecom, and reverting back to the standard port and adjusting the gateway to end 000, instead of .255. All is working on the app remotely. Relieved is an understatement as well as being slightly annoyed with myself that something so simple could remedy. Whilst on the call i asked about the firmware issue and got a small tip about the heartbeat light going out once the board has been reset properly - indicating it was ready to receive the update, and also about making sure the plug is inserted the correct way around on the panel! The panel plug doesn't have anything to ensure it cannot be inserted upside down - what felt like the natural position was infact wrong. I now have V3 on the panel Now I hope this V4 and new app isn't too far behind Massive thanks to Rob at Texecom tech support for all his and his colleagues help. I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped me out on here - I have a feeling you know this already, but i really could not have got this far without you all - special thanks to SWB, James, Al and Data (sorry if I've missed anyone). I don't want this to sound condescending, but i really have a new found respect for alarm engineers - i started out this job thinking how hard can it be having fitted what i now know, basic alarms previously! I am fully aware that i have only touched the surface of what you guys do but seriously - HUGE respect is due - especially given the additional complexities that are being added all the time, it must be extremely difficult staying on top of it all then rocking up at someones house knowing exactly what you are doing. I hope this thread goes some way to helping others on future installations - at the very least it may stop someone asking a silly question Tim
  3. Looking into this further via several really interesting blogs https://gw0udm.wordpress.com/category/texecom/page/2/ - it appears that my lead may well be 100% compatible - before i try to knock up a similar TTL-FTDI module-cable - I am going to try again on a different laptop. Do the easiest things first.... Fingers crossed..... I've also had a tiny bit of success with the remote access. Using the NoIP port checker i discovered my port was open from the outside and that upon using their configurator, I managed to get remote access! however only once....i then tried again several times and it wouln't connect again. Ran config on NoIP again and again i got it working once. I've since tried a different port to no great effect... stumped! Tried resetting the SKY router to factory settings then reloading the backup file - nothing....It works as I've connected my DVR via Ethernet this weekend and port forward that, with success. So next will be to take a couple of hours off from the day job and call Texecom to hopefully go through it with a fine tooth comb.
  4. Thanks Data - The FTDI adaptor will probably be the way to go cost wise - thanks for that James - yep, bought an ebay cable which has done the trick so far
  5. Nope - I've read several forum posts that suggest third party leads do work if using FTDI chips.
  6. I am using the CDH-0001 with a lead which has so far worked when plugged directly into the panel. All this off my laptop...
  7. Thanks chaps - I've done everything to the letter. I'm now wondering if my lead with it being none gen is FTDI chipped - figure it must be but it's still an unknown
  8. Am i right in saying you cannot flash the new firmware via the Texecom flash board to a 24W? I have read it on a previous post but there appears to be the firmware available on the upload selection.... I am also getting an error message saying the board isn't communicating properly - despite having followed the instructions to the letter and having updated my drivers
  9. How would i check that? I've just changed the IP - no difference. When i do a test call and go through Wintex or the app on the LAN, COM1 switches to online and i get full control.... when i turn wifi off the phone, com1 still goes to online but the dot remains pink.... it's talking to it but refusing to send data, so the problem must be with the alarm. I'm doing all this on the remote panel which shouldn't matter should it? What about UDL options? I have M&D ticked - tried without and no difference
  10. I'm not sure where this encryption menu is? I've looked through most of the settings, read the installation manual... I can't see where to admit this information? Even the third party app doesn't ask for this info. As an aside, I have carried out some testing today to ensure the part alarms work. All good... I found that I get phone remote notifications when the alarm is set, and when certain instances happen. I have also found that the internal siren won't reset easily without the engineer code when exiting without closing the door within the allowed time.. therefore creating an exit fault stopping the alarm from setting. Must be a tick box somewhere to resolve?
  11. The upload is only 0.6/7 atm, so perhaps that's a potential issue? The app may require more bandwidth perhaps. I've checked the router and they definitely got into my system.... There's no where for the encryption code unfortunately
  12. I've deleted and downloaded the app again..... And been looking for any other settings in any of the sub menus that would give a clue. Also switched to fibre just in case.... I am getting 15meg though so highly doubtful that's linked
  13. The UDL is 100% correct. They also said the usernumber and password were not needed, you only need that for the smart key. They also said I didn't need the encryption code, and to delete. I'm going to try changing the ip today and maybe the port
  14. So Texecom were able to remote in with my router details and the port, ip set for the alarm. They checked everything on the panel itself and it all looked OK.... Still can't get into it through the app or a third party app for Texecom systems. Either through ddns or the actual router IP. Looking at the router logs through my ddns, it is sending the information to the panel which is for some reason knocking it back. Could this be as simple as the area name on the app not matching?
  15. I've been through the manual twice looking for the menu to enter the encryption code. Stumped.... I'll give Tex a call later
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