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  1. For me on top of the above quote get a router flash DDWRT / openwrt / tomato onto it (to replace stock router firmware) and you can then run a RADUIS server on the router itself to authenticate WiFi - the rest of the custom firmware functions (QOS anyone?) are a bonus plus those custom firmware's are constantly updated so holes in the underlying Linux that runs most routers gets fixed pretty fast - compared to a lot of "prosumer" (HaHa!) routers that are lucky to be updated only annually by the manufacturer then after 2-3 years zero updates from manufacturer who tell you to buy a new router to plug a security hole the manufacturer won't fix - but with custom firmware there are so many updates if you actually want to take them all up you could wear out a flash memory chip!
  2. Fitted loads of Novaguard 4Q's - the battery is a 1.2 A/h 12 Volt and the four piezos run off only that internal battery - which used to be very handy - you wired it and set it up as a SAB but as it drew no bell current (only strobe current - the strobe later became an equally bright but low power consumption version later on) from the panel it was like an SCB - so you could fit more than one 4Q without any real current consumption issue from multiple bells needing auxiliary PSU's in the days of control panels having at most a 1 Amp PSU that was very useful for big multi bell systems - now there are a lot more panels with a 2 Amp PSU output and lots of fully monitored auxiliary PSU's so in that one narrow way the 4Q is no longer needed to avoid fitting Aux. PSU and the hassle (back then) of a second battery to monitor non-remotely. But ye-gods the 4Q is loud and reliable - as long as you change the battery - ideally every five years (fully charge the replacement battery first - the 4Q is not the place to overcome the sulphation of an old stored battery - its fine once the battery is in use on float charge) and remember that the masterblaster needs a 240 volt mains power connection - if that goes missing no masterblaster siren - but the 4Q runs off its internal battery no matter what! You can adjust the 4Q siren tone using a potentiometer next to the terminal block to achieve a nauseating toothache inducing racket - it's the kind of noise that reaches the parts that a masterblaster just can't quite reach! So of course the Loonies making decisions at Risco discontinued the Gardiner Technology 4Q a unique product - once Risco got British Gas to buy control panels from them it went straight to Risco's head. There is an Israel only Risco sounder that is even louder - something like 130dB RMS at 3 Meters (4Q was 123dB RMS at 1 Meter) but it looks nothing like a UK sounder and Risco won't bring it to the UK - the Israeli one is in one of my old Risco paper catalogues (if I come across it will scan it and upload - not promising have to find it first) if memory serves the Israeli one can be used with any panel but can also establish an intelligent link with a ProSys Bus to remotely monitor and test the battery and make current measurements etc. - like Risco's NovaguardActive link between multiple independently addressable and separately identifiable bells back to one panel for remote interrogation of battery status etc. (naturally Risco have cut that down as well to only two addressable bells on Nov.Active nowadays) but the Israel only one is on steroids compared to a UK Nov.Active - which I admit we do use if it is a Risco bell and panel. The Israeli one has two interesting features it uses a speaker (not a piezo) as its sounder and it has a radar field which you can adjust (or switch off altogether) so if anyone comes within about a meter of the Israeli one on the wall it goes off before it can be touched - an intriguing concept - a nightmare for nuisance alarms if mounted too accessibly but if carefully sited the radar field could be useful - of course Risco won't bring it to UK. Risco? With their attitude nowadays more like RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (Organized Crime Law in USA) but I digress....... There was a vertical type bell (non Risco) which had two giant piezos (about 5" across) that could produce something like 129dB (iirc) at 1 meter but that was only a peak measurement - (when we came across one it was nowhere near as loud as a 4Q) the 4Q, masterblaster and Israeli Risco one all had measurements quoted as RMS. Anyone else want to chime in with the most powerful bells / sirens? They are good free advertising for an alarm company!
  3. breff I am interested in the fault you had that needed you to increase the modem level (do you mean in a Texecom speech / text dialler or a COM2400?) - could you expand on that point in the forum or send me a PM about it.
  4. On a COM 2400 on a Premier 48 I have noted that the SMS centre numbers that are in the panel by default are not the ones shown in the manual - presumably Texecom in their infinite wisdom have changed this for a reason - I think I have read elsewhere in the forums something about Orange not working for this type of thing see if you can get it to go back to its original default number - you have set the (presumably Texecom) dialler to text as well as speech haven't you? You do not need to pay BT to send SMS text out of a phone line as it is just analouge modem data being sent to a SMS Service centre who then turn it into an SMS and fire it at the correct number. If you have ADSL you should have a filter as I guess you have tapped into A&B in the back of line box so are upstream of any other ADSL filters you have fitted - on the other hand the ADSL signal would stop at the exchange DSLAM/filter/splitter point where your phone line is split back into analogue voice signals and digital network data so in theory your ADSL interference could go no further to the SMS service centre so theoretically you would not need a filter unless the ADSL interference is stopping the dialler modem sending the text data as it keeps trying to listen for a clear line and is not starting sending its text message data as it does not think the line is clear? Unplug your ADSL modem then try again to see if it works on line with inactive ADSL service. The earth sounds fine. I personally would have gone for a COM2400 instead of a speech text dialler - costs less and tells you exactly which zone has activated - I know from experience that it is generally less than 30 seconds from the event to receiving the text message - but if it were my house and going for this type of comms. I would use a probably dialler as well but give priority to COM2400.
  5. Gardtec 800 & 595 both have Automatic part set - very simple - set final exit door to time + entry exit activate auto part set and in practice all that has to be done is type in the code and press the "Yes" button - if the final exit door is then opened and closed during the exit time the system will full set but if the door is not opened then the system will activate part set 1 automatically - simple.
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