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  1. Quoting customers for upgrading their panel to a euro app 46 on the system they have old interia contacts similar to my attachment the old panel was a hkc 1070 I've come across this before upgrading a hkc panel and the interia wouldn't work on the euro 46 so i replaced the interia as there was only 1 on the system. I don't want to if possible to replace all the interia contacts on this system as there's 8 in total is there anything i can do to make the interias work with the euro 46 ? airtech shock.pdf
  2. It's an old job with shock contacts is the document from pyronix not a good idea to use?
  3. just contacted pyronix they said eol on two devices will work 2 Contacts to 1 Zone 4k7_2k2.pdf
  4. the panel does have an option for n/c and tamper for each zone probably a better option?
  5. also James no keypads assigned etc do you mean keypad not numbered ?
  6. Hi Im just upgrading an old system with lots of shock contacts on the system and replacing with a euro 46 app panel having trouble with panel saying input/area mismatch, 1st time using the panel and looking through the manual cant see any reference to this, also im doubling up on zones 2 shocks at most as wiring is looped in areas so no other choice its a while since i used resistors should it be 4k7 at 1st contact then 4k7 2k2 at end contact
  7. Think I would rather stick with hard wiring myself especially with the distance involved
  8. Using a risco panel would wireless work at 100m?
  9. Looking some advise for the wiring of 4 sets of 100m perimeter double beams zones, they will have eol on each zone as well so will keep each set on its own zone. Just want to know whats the best and easiest way to wire them any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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