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  1. What’s everyone’s general rule on rest time after calls our? is there even regulation to go by in a health and safety aspect? ie if you’re on call during your normal week and get a call out at 1am and say bs k in bed at 3 am do people still go to there normal day shift at 8/9 am? and if they start later lose there hours pay?
  2. It’s more for guys on call or being sent to a fault at a property. it would be good to have a app that the engineer could just punch the address in and have all the propert info at hand which would have obviously been pre loaded onto the app
  3. Anyone use or can recommended a app that gives you site details? eg got 200 sites need to go to 1 station road go on a app type in (1 station road) and all the details of that address would be on there Ie- what fire panel what code what key if need. what access control ect ect ect any info that would help my engineers out. we spend hours looking in cupboards looking for psu’s ect. so just looking for something we could put the info on and then the engineer can just look up when due to visit site. thanks
  4. Afternoon chaps, I'm after a bit of advice for a galaxy 520 system The story goes... It's a current working system that we have recently been taken over. Problem was we have found that the bell box (SAB) has never been wired. So we called on site today run a cable to the panel which was close by in a cupboard. Went to wire to find that all 8 outputs (4x2) are already being used for the redcare. So my thoughts were to pinch two cores off the cable going to another rio (207) joint through and use op 1 and 2 from Rio (207) While Still taking the 12v and ov from main panel and also tamper. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work? Reason I ask...is because it didn't and I am currently scratching my head. The outputs of 1+2 of the Rio 207 were already programed as bell/strobe. Yet when wired all up I went to testing menu-outputs -bell -strobe and neither would trigger on a test. Any feed back would be great? Yes I understand that someone might find a easy solution buy I'm more a texecom kinda guy cheers guys and stay safe
  5. Can you fit a internal sounder to a Rio? I know you can with a texecom expander but not to familiar with galaxy panels Thanks
  6. What about panel default codes? Anyone know of a good link or a spreadsheet of various codes. Nothing worse getting a call out at 3am and coming across a random panel and not knowing code
  7. Best place to get a variety of different fire panel keys?
  8. Does anyone know what zone the evac key is under at default? Or where on the software to find this
  9. It was that and all sorted thanks to google knowledge of codes
  10. Does anyone know the engineer code Lb-3 for this panel ? Had a call out there with fire alarm activation which I reset with the level two password 22 as I opened panel up a connection was loose on the loop so also created open circuit. I popped it back in but fault is still present with message please re-initialize loop to clear fault.
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