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  1. What the best app for iPhone/iPad these days for the remote viewing? Ivms or Hikconnect?
  2. Hi, could anyone be able to point me in right direction? I have a Siemens system. which is programmed but I need a few cause and effects programmed in. I have all the software on lap top ext everything’s programmed but I just can’t find how to do cause and effect on a couple of devices.also have I/o units in faults which I’m sure is down to programming so fingers crossed someone out there can help? Im used to advanced and c-tec panels which I can program easily but this is like a whole new ball game thanks peepS
  3. Ive come across this a few times, tech support usually just say make sure you give it 15mims after setting system to test. i do find these kits ok though as a alternative to the wired system. What I do know though is don’t bother putting one in a conservatory , 3 times I’ve tried and 3 times I’ve been called back to move or generalyswitch off detector. Far to warm a environment!
  4. Absolutely worked a treat and first time! Thank you very much, saved me a load of time and far less stress thanks again
  5. I think I’m with you.. so will give it a go, basically it’s a 3 loop panel 80/100 devices used up in each loop, but the request is that one particular I/O unit which is in the boiler room is programmed in such a way that the relay does not change when the system goes into fire condition from all devices apart from two Devices which are the smoke and call point is in the same boiler room, when these are triggered the relay needs to trigger thanks
  6. Anyone got a idea on programming cause and affect on these panels? I’m new to them but basically I have a rather big premises with several I/O units with which one of the units I do not want to be triggered when the system goes into fire alarm state but only to be triggered when one certain call point or smoke is triggered. The I/0 unit is in same room as the call point and smoke any tips or help would be great that guys
  7. After a bit of fiddling and leaving the sounders run while I went round to see if every one them was actually going off, they just stoped ringing after around 30seconds and calm was restored! Fully tested afterwards and work as normal. very odd!
  8. Integrated! This is wry odd. Made up a mini loop attached one sounder on it’s fine! Attach any of the 4 other main loops on sounder go off! Mist as if they are conventional sounders but they are 100% not. its run for 3/4 weeks fine! Unless someone’s been in weekend and swapped then ha
  9. Hi all, got a 4 loop advanced panel. loops all ok. upload the device text with config tool, then suddenly loop powered sounds are going off, with nothing coming up on panel saying why or can’t silence them, and only way to stop them is to just take loop out. never come across this in 14 years, any ideas guys? Loop was fine before I done up load. I’ve since erased the configuration via panel, so no devices then on loop, but still as soon as I plug loop in...sounders go off!! Using Apollo gear with loop powered sounders only! They are the right sounders they are not conventional! As they’ve been working while I’ve tested call points before upload, im going back in for a fiddle but any suggests or anyone experiencing this would be a great help
  10. Accenta G3 engineers and user manual needed please? Ive just come across a house with the Accenta panel powered down, so I need the engineers manual to reset system as I don't have the codes either thanks
  11. Or six if you consider the 2 zones on the RKP as well
  12. I do have networking experiences from cctv setup and various other alarm prouducts, it's just my first 'com wifi' installation and was looking for handy tip as experience tells me sometimes these thing can turn out to be hours of unwanted fun
  13. Oh golly I'm adding one of these on a premier 24 elite panel on Monday, my first time! Any tips appreciated. Don't even know where to start on these things yet.
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