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  1. Just last week registered with ssaib, done 10 years for national company and a few locals. So much to do to get ready for inspection ect. Bit daunting esp with extra cost and a bit of a risk too. Hoping you guy will be able to help me out along the way
  2. my fist DVR i used was from ebay cost about 37 quid was in a well known maplin store for 199, 100FPS recording very simple,no CD,No motion detect and MPEG comp BUT been used 24 hours a day for 2.5 years and ................. you guess it no problems, infact ive paid 400 quid recently for a DVR thats a bit better spec with cd recorder MPEG4, and motion but with that i get 3 year warrenty. altho ive never used them are DS over price for what they, are anybody????
  3. never set up remote viewing on this dvr, will be soon just wondering if anyone has? and if all i need is a network point near DVR and patch lead? the IP thing get me as i dont know too much about that side of the internet, not sure about the whole static IP if that is needed? would like it nice and simple ron
  4. Ilkie i have read though the codes of conduct and they say same as you , but unsure if it should be documented (like on paper) or just agreed with customer what cameras are for what
  5. to install cctv as a busniss in none domestics do you need anythink else but to follow the cctv codes of practice ? .
  6. yes that x thing realy gets me, and also having to exit eng mode and save to nvm all inorder to save changes, when galaxy saves it as soon youve exited that menu. ive just got my self a rs232 lead from laptop to pcx but waiting to come across another one to try out prog via laptop. im hoping it will be better
  7. [sW4 SW3 SW2 SW1 Protocol Selected OFF OFF OFF OFF VCL (Factory default setting) OFF OFF OFF ON Pelco D OFF OFF ON OFF Pelco P OFF OFF ON ON Vicon OFF ON OFF OFF Molynx this is for a vcl gold/lite but my vc8e was address the same/ is it twisted pair or coax telementory?
  8. i had the same with a gal 2-20 and 44 didnt work when testing but only when actually setting
  9. Well i think thats answered my question? these panels must be rubbish
  10. Ive been waiting to ask other people on this forum about this for a long time but never got the chance till now. we have been installing these for a few months now G3 and G2. prob done about 6. Im used to galaxy 3-144 and 2-44 and may be im already stuck in my ways but i find the Pyronix HORRIBLE !!!, the programing i dont find engineer friendly and the customers have trouble with them. the Manuals are shockingly not acurate which caused many problems last week when i fitted external comms and found the manual gave the wrong colour code to what the output ribbon was. I would like to know if many are installing these and if its just me having problems with them? many thanks in advance ron
  11. im just a mer install engineer so cant apply anyway tho
  12. hi all just wondering if anyone has optained the galaxy gold software without paying megga money for it. I work for a large national company and as some of you may know its like getting blood out of a stone when it some to them paying out for some thing even if its going to make life easyer. Ive tryed getting it my self but i keep getting refered back to honeywell sales and they tell me to speak to my head office as it requires them to buy a lience for it and so on Any ideas??
  13. which is best A sony Super HAD 420 TV lines or Sony 480 TV lines both are day/night with 1/4 lense 27 x optical zoom let me know what you think guys thanks
  14. as to my thread , im resorting to making my own but would like something only as big as a box camera and not as standout-ish as some of them out there good luck tho will let you know if i come across any
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