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  1. Yeah. I went to install zem > zem address 0 > zem installed zem 8 (1) > location I left blank.
  2. Thanks for the reply Lwillis. I uninstalled the zem from address 1. Reinstalled to 0. Moved the dipswitch back to 0 and pressed the reset switch for more than 5 secs. However when I now go into diagnostic it gives me a blank screen for the inputs of zem0. Any idea why that might be the case?
  3. Thanks for the replies. And I completely understand where you're coming from. in terms of wiring I've used the deol line method with 2k2 and 4k7 resistors. In terms of programming the pirs and contacts are being picked up by the keypad under the diagnostics of the system for the expander. I've addressed the expander as 1 with the dip switch and 1 on the keypad. Resistances are being shown as 2.2 closed and 6.8 open for the inputs on both the main panel and expander. In terms of voltage to the expander it's showing 13.7v. I have a green flashing light on the expander which in the manual says it
  4. Hi guys. New to this forum. I've recently extended my house and fitted a new alarm system to with it. The security shop sold me a euro 46 with a zem8 expander module. I've fitted the alarm, programmed it and got it to the point of the walk test. It's recognising everything on the main panel but none of the pirs or door contacts on the expander. I've never fitted an alarm but I'm a gas fitter and electrician so didn't think it would be to difficult. Thanks.
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